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Seasons greetings Age fans!

In addition to the first major update to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, we’ve also dropped a new mod for the game: the 2019 Winter Celebration!

As a thank you for joining us for our game’s journey thus far, we’ve added some festive touches to the game. Download the mod for free and enjoy:

  • Snow covered trees
  • Patches of snow on all non-water terrain
  • Piles of presents in place of forage/fruit bushes
  • Piles of presents underneath Town Centres
  • Icicles replace normal sized arrows
  • Candy canes replace spears from skirmishers and genitours
  • Presents replace Trebuchet projectiles
  • Snowballs replace cannonballs for bombard cannons, cannon galleons and bombard towers
  • Snowflakes replace projectiles for Mangonel/Onager/Siege units

The mod will be available for free download until we update the game in January (the exact date will be confirmed in the new year) but will then disappear. However, once you have the mod, you’ll be able to switch it on whenever you want a touch of festivity—no matter what time of year!

—The Age of Empires Team

Winter Background 1920×1200 || Winter Background 1920×1080 || Winter Wallpaper 1920×1080||

Santa Profile Pic || Santa Head Profile Pic || Sleigh Profile Pic

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  • bustlingcar2226 December 30, 2019

    Hope there will be a Slavs-Campaign for once (Russians, Serbians, Poles etc.)!!!

  • albadiautunno December 26, 2019

    Is anyone else having the problem of not getting snow? 4 of us played online together with the mod turned on, and none of us got any snow. The trees were washed out, but not snowy. No snow on ground, no snow falling. Trebs shot presents though and there were presents on the ground.

  • heedfulfive7 December 25, 2019

    This is great but really you guys should have reskin monks as santa claus. Would have been hilarious.

    • albadiautunno December 26, 2019


  • clexane December 23, 2019

    I signed in with Steam and now the subscribe button is gone here...

  • firestorm December 22, 2019

    Its bugged, I click on the subscribe and it asks me to sign in but I am already, its a never ending cycle of getting nowhere

  • djraven911 December 20, 2019

    Thank you! First thing when i saw the new holiday menu, i wished i had a wallpaper like that, and now surprise, i got exactly that! U made my holidays so nice in my livingroom! Merry and big thanks, me soo happy :)

  • the-x-salesmen December 19, 2019

    Will this mod stop me from getting achievements?

    • downriverrat December 20, 2019

      I was using the mod and got Steam and Xbox chievo's, so you should be good to go.

  • fractal-fischer December 19, 2019

    I can't actually get to a download. Hitting subscribe just pops up a window asking me to sign in, even though I already am (using a Steam account). Am I missing something or did I manage to glitch it out somehow? Really looking forward to checking this out.

    • fractal-fischer December 19, 2019

      Turns out yes, I was missing something, and that something was remembering that you can just download mods from within the game in this version. Well that was easy.

  • downriverrat December 19, 2019

    Ok, stupid question time from somebody who has never used mods. I see it's downloaded and installed, but I've played a couple of games and haven't seen any of the effects from the Winter Celebration. In the "mods" tab "aoe_1259" is there with a red exclamation mark in the "On" column. I click on "enable all" and this doesn't change anything. Am I missing something? :D

    • downriverrat December 19, 2019

      Ok, please forgive my stupidity (and I hope somebody got a good laugh). After thinking that was a weird name for this mod I searched for 'winter' in the 'browse mods' tab and found the correct one, installed it and it's working fine. I must have inadvertently downloaded that other one when I was looking through the mods earlier. Please feel free to delete these posts! Thanks

    • downriverrat December 19, 2019

      Is 'aoe_1259' even the name of the Winter Celebration mod?!? lol

    • downriverrat December 19, 2019

      Ahh, I may have found the issue. Under the "My Mods" tab the 'aoe_1259' mod is there but under each of the 'file count' and 'size' columns there is a '0'. So apparently is isn't downloaded and installed. I'll try uninstalling the mod and reinstalling(?). Like I said, this is my first mod! :D

  • mrcrazyhuhn December 19, 2019

    Thank you and have some nice holidays :)

    btw - this link is wrong: Winter Background 1920×1200 - should be "" I think ...


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