Seasons greetings Age fans!

In addition to the first major update to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, we’ve also dropped a new mod for the game: the 2019 Winter Celebration!

As a thank you for joining us for our game’s journey thus far, we’ve added some festive touches to the game. Download the mod for free and enjoy:

  • Snow covered trees
  • Patches of snow on all non-water terrain
  • Piles of presents in place of forage/fruit bushes
  • Piles of presents underneath Town Centres
  • Icicles replace normal sized arrows
  • Candy canes replace spears from skirmishers and genitours
  • Presents replace Trebuchet projectiles
  • Snowballs replace cannonballs for bombard cannons, cannon galleons and bombard towers
  • Snowflakes replace projectiles for Mangonel/Onager/Siege units

The mod will be available for free download until we update the game in January (the exact date will be confirmed in the new year) but will then disappear. However, once you have the mod, you’ll be able to switch it on whenever you want a touch of festivity—no matter what time of year!

—The Age of Empires Team

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