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Age of Empires IV launches October 28th, available for Pre-order Now!

Hey Age Fans!

We’ve got a new series in the works for you all to enjoy, and you may have seen a glimpse of it in our livestream from Cologne. In this series we’ll be taking you back through the ages to learn more about the history behind the civilizations in Age of Empires!  Take a look for yourself, at Age Up! episode 1 “Shine on You Crazy Pyramid”!

If you would like to get that awesome Mountains of the Nile wallpaper for yourself you can go here, at the bottom in the wallpapers section.

And if you want to get some more insight into this Age Up! episode, read about the 1303 Crete earthquake that caused many of the polished casing stones of the Great Pyramid of Giza to fall away.

Keep an eye out for the next Age Up! episode soon!

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