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Age of Empires IV launches October 28th, available for Pre-order Now!

Welcome to another monumental week for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition! Not only are we kicking it off with a transport ship full of features and fixes, but we’re laying the groundwork for the first official expansion—Lords of the West—which introduces two new civilizations, three new campaigns, and expands the tools with which to build your empire!

Update 44725 lays the groundwork for the expansion with improvements to the stability and performance of the game—including fixes for the multiplayer performance setbacks following the November update—along with several new features, a new in-game event, and other challenges to improve your experience. Check out some of the highlights:

  • Join the New Year Celebration and unlock exclusive new icons and mods!
  • Owners of the Lords of the West expansion get early access to the two new civilizations in multiplayer: the Burgundians and Sicilians!
  • Numerous fixes to multiplayer performance and stability issues
  • The profanity filter now targets specific ##### words rather than the whole ***** sentence
  • Building blueprints can no longer be used to “scout” terrain that doesn’t have visibility
  • Five new maps: African Clearing, Amazon Tunnel, Atacama, Coastal Forest, Seize the Mountain
  • Unofficial mods are now disabled upon game update to prevent compatibility issues
  • AI and pathfinding improvements galore!
  • and more!

We’re hoping this helps kick 2021 off to a *great* start, and creates a solid foundation for not only the expansion, but everything we have in store for the year to come (so much good stuff). As always, this includes input from all of you—the community—so come say hello:

We look forward to joining you for the big launch tomorrow, and hope you enjoy everything today’s update brings to the game! ♥

—The Age of Empires Team


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Download on the MICROSOFT STORE

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Microsoft Store:

  • Open the Microsoft Store.
  • Click the [ ∙ ∙ ∙ ] symbol next to your profile picture.
  • Select Downloads and updates.
  • Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 44725

If you are unable to launch the game after downloading the update, make sure you add (or re-add) the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition client or folder as an exception to your firewall and antivirus program.

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Download on STEAM
Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Steam:

  • Open Steam.
  • Click on Library to see your games list.
  • Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  • [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the Download Now button to manually download the new update.
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 44725

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

♦     ♦     ♦

Please note that custom mods may not be compatible with the latest game update. If you are experiencing issues launching or playing the game after downloading the new build, try disabling your installed mods before trying again.

Still having trouble? Visit our support site!


While there are plenty of notable fixes and features to which to look forward in today’s build, here are some of the big highlights coming with this month’s update:

Join the New Year Celebration!

🥳 January 25 – February 8 🥳

A new year means a new chapter in the history books, as well as another reason to celebrate in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition!

2021’s NEW YEAR CELEBRATION EVENT introduces a new set of icons, new mods, new upgrade effects, and another reason to jump back into Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition to round out your collection!

New Rewards!

Starting TODAY through FEBRUARY 8, complete daily in-game tasks to unlock event-themed goodies:

DAY ~ 🎯 Sign into Xbox Live.
🏆 Unlocks the Serjeant with Balloon-Sword profile icon.
💾 *Required* if you want to save any rewards unlocked during the event!

Each of the following challenges must be unlocked in order and on separate days:

DAY 1 🔒 Win a Standard or Multiplayer game playing as one of the following civilizations: the Spanish, Ethiopians, Japanese, or Inca.
🧱 Unlocks the New Year Celebration Scene for the Town Center.
DAY 2 🔒 Create 21 Hand Cannoneers in any one game.
🏆 Unlocks the Flemish Militia Cheers profile icon.
DAY 3 🔒 Advance to Castle Age from Dark Age within 21 minutes.
🧱 Unlocks the Age Up Fireworks and Cheering Celebration mod.
DAY 4 🔒 Create 21 Cannon Galleons or Elite Cannon Galleons in any one game. 
🏆 Unlocks the Celebratory Coustillier profile icon.
DAY 5 🔒 Cumulatively construct 21 Bombard Towers in any games.
🧱 Unlocks the Fireworks particle mod upon researching a technology or Aging-Up!

Keep it Forever!

Remember: if you sign in to Xbox Live during the event, you’ll get to keep all of the mods and profile icons you’ve achieved! Sign in, earn your rewards, and enjoy the celebration!

We hope you enjoy the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition New Year Celebration!  Again, don’t forget to sign into Xbox Live to ensure you keep everything you unlock!

—The Age of Empires Team

♦     ♦     ♦

Event F.A.Q.

Q: Do I have to complete the challenges on consecutive days?

While challenges don’t have to be completed on consecutive days, only one challenge can be completed per day.

Only the Xbox Live challenge can be completed *any* day before the end of the event!

This means that you will need to play at least six different days to complete all of the challenges.

Q: When is the last day I can complete the daily challenges?

The New Year Celebration Event concludes February 8.

Q: Do I get to keep all of the event unlocks?

All you need to do is log into your Xbox Live account before the end of the event to keep all of the profile icons and mods you unlock; it’s as easy as that!

Q: What do I do if I accidentally unsubscribe from a special mod?

No problem! All you need to do is click your Profile Icon on the main menu, select Event Mods (under Collection), and then check the unlocked event mod you want to enable!

Q: How do I change my profile icon?

You can update your profile icon in your profile:

  1. On the main menu, click the Profile Icon next to your name.
  2. You should now be in the Profile Icons tab under Collections.
  3. Select your favorite icon, then click the Select Icon button to lock in your choice.
  4. You’re done!

Q: How do I download and enable mods?

For information about how to subscribe to and prioritize your mods, visit this article.

NEW CIV! The Burgundians

“Rise from a mere duchy to the marvel of Western Europe through economic might, cultural achievement, and the use of advanced military technology and tactics.”


The Burgundians are a new cavalry civilization specializing in economic development. Take advantage of their ability to perform economic upgrades one Age earlier than other civilizations, cheaper stable technologies, and more powerful gunpowder units to dominate your opponents on the battlefield.

Click below to see the different tools the Burgundians bring to the battlefield!

Civilization Bonuses

  • Economic upgrades are available one Age earlier than other civs
  • Stable technologies are 50% cheaper
  • Gunpowder units gain a +25% bonus to their attack
  • Cavalier upgrade is available in the Castle Age

Team Bonus

  • Relics generate both Gold and Food

Unique Units

Coustillier: Burgundian cavalry unit that utilizes a powerful shock attack when charging into battle. Strong vs. infantry and archers. Weak vs. Camel Riders and Monks.
Flemish Militia: Burgundian unique infantry unit. Strong vs. cavalry. Weak vs. archers.

Unique Technologies

Burgundian Vineyards: Convert all food into gold at a 2:1 ratio; Farmers slowly generate gold in addition to food.
Flemish Revolution: Upgrades all existing Villagers into Flemish Militia, and allows the training of Flemish Militia at Town Centers.

Full Technology Tree

Exclusive to Lords of the West

The Burgundians are unlocked exclusively for owners of the Lords of the West DLC. Try out the Burgundians early (multiplayer only) by pre-ordering Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Lords of the West, then enjoy everything the expansion has to offer on January 26th!

NEW CIV! The Sicilians

“Experience the diverse cultures and martial spirit of the Mediterranean’s crossroads as you build one of the most coveted kingdoms of medieval Europe.”


The Sicilians are an infantry civilization specializing in city building to fuel their relentless drive for expansion. Build Donjons for additional fortifications around your towns, employ the First Crusade technology to spawn batches of the unique Serjeant unit in all Town Centers, and utilize the Scutage technology to refill you and your team members’ battle coffers with 15 gold for each military unit you own.

Click below to see the different tools the Sicilians bring to the battlefield!

Civilization Bonuses

  • Castles and Town Centers are constructed 100% faster
  • Land military units absorb 50% of all incoming bonus damage
  • Farm upgrades provide +100% additional food to Farms before they need to be reseeded

Team Bonus

  • Transport ships +5 carry capacity and +10 armor versus anti-ship bonus damage

Unique Units

Serjeant: A hardy infantry unit which can also construct Donjons.
Donjon: Unique fortification used to train Serjeants. Units can garrison in the building for protection; Archers and Villagers shoot additional projectiles when garrisoned. (Note: The building is considered a Tower, and thus does not count towards the building requirements to Age Up.)

Unique Technologies

First Crusade: Upon researching, each Town Center (up to 5) spawns a one-time group of 10 Serjeants.
Scutage: Upon researching, each team member receives a one-time payment of 15 gold for each military unit that they own.

Full Technology Tree

Exclusive to Lords of the West

The Sicilians are unlocked exclusively for owners of the Lords of the West DLC. Try out the Sicilians early (multiplayer only) by pre-ordering Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Lords of the West, then enjoy everything the expansion has to offer on January 26th!


Stability & Performance

  • Numerous fixes implemented to address the mid-to-late game multiplayer performance setbacks following the November update.
  • Implemented fixes to performance dips that could occur when a player Ages-Up.
  • Fixed a crash when exiting the profile screen while it is loading.
  • Fixed a crash in the Battle Royale mode triggered when the corruption damaged a non-combatant object.
  • Fixed a rare issue which would cause the game to stall after submitting a player report.


  • Chasing the Crown: Fixed an issue in the Bayinnaung campaign which prevented the achievement from being earnable.


  • Fixed an issue where a building’s research complete animation could fail to spawn the particles if multiple research projects were queued in the same building.


  • The Stormy Dog cheat unit now ♪ barks ♪ when selected.


  • Bonus stats granted to unit(s) via automatic upgrades are now displayed in the base unit stats. As an example, an inherit bonus to attack granted to Scout Cavalry in the Feudal Age would be displayed as 5 instead of 3+2.
  • The profanity filter now only censors the word(s) which were flagged as vulgar rather than the entire message.
  • The Report Player modal no longer remains disabled after submitting a report.
  • Fixed an issue where the Civilization Selection Screen could not be closed after launching the game via a Steam invitation.
  • The Back button now denotes the page to which they’ll return in their tooltips.
  • Upon research of the  Cuman Mercenaries technology, a notification is now sent to the Cuman player’s allies when completed.
  • Medals awarded upon the completion of each Historical Battle are now displayed on top of the mission titles, as intended.
  • Scenario leaderboards will now properly display scores greater than 65535 points.
  • The Technology Tree can now be navigated using the z, x, c, v, and keys on the keyboard.
  • Custom scenarios which change the player color of units will now display the correct color in the HUD when those units are selected with others, garrisoned, or added to command groups.

Several UI improvements have been made to the Battle Royale mode:

  • The Battle Royale timer is now displayed in the Objectives panel.
  • A notification is now displayed when Monks or Missionaries cannot heal a unit in the Battle Royale corrupted zone.
  • The China and India Real World maps will no longer appear as suggested battlefields in Battle Royale.



  • The Gaia team no longer shares the same player color as Player 7 (gray), but displays its own distinct color (white).
  • Increased the line-of-sight of most starting Heroes in the Battle Royale game mode to be more consistent across all units.
  • Added a new hotkey: “Select all idle military units”

Exploit Fixes

  • Hovering the blueprints of buildings over unexplored terrain will no longer reveal if the underlying terrain is occupied by a building or unit. While the blueprint can still be placed, it will not be buildable if the area is obstructed. This fixes the “palisade scan” exploit that allowed players to identify occupied areas beneath the fog of war.
  • Fixed an exploit where units could be trapped within the foundations of horizontally- and vertically-placed Gates.


  • Great Fish (Marlin) can no longer be deleted by Dock foundations.
  • The “Select all military buildings” hotkey no longer allows players to select buildings and units simultaneously when no Barracks are present on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where the projectiles of some ranged military—most notably gunpowder units—would be less accurate than intended.


Campaign Missions

  • Updated several Joan of ArcBarbarossaAttila the Hun, and Bari missions—which featured the Burgundian or Italo-Norman players—to use the new Burgundian and Sicilian civilizations.
  • Sundjata 4: ‘Blood on the River Bank’: The AI will no longer use the Mema Princess as an explorer, leading to a rare situation where the scenario could not be completed.



  • On maps where each player begins with multiple Town Centers, additional Villagers or Llamas granted to the Chinese, Mayan, and Inca civilizations will only spawn from a single Town Center as opposed to each of them.
  • Reduced the hit points of  Palisade Walls and  Gates by 40% in the Dark Age.

Cavalry Archer [Standard & Heavy]: Reduced the attack animation duration from 1.3 1.15. This reduces the overall attack delay by 11.5%.
Fixed an issue where the Heated Shot upgrade would not affect secondary arrows fired from Castles and Towers.

The following civilizations no longer have access to the  Treadmill Crane technology:




 Konnik (Dismounted) [Standard & Elite]: No longer has more line of sight than the mounted Konnik.



 Arambai [Standard & Elite]: Increased the damage dealt by missed shots (which still hit a secondary target) from 50% 100% damage.
 Arambai [Standard & Elite]: Reduced attack damage from 17/19 12/15.
 Arambai: Reduced reload time to match the Elite Arambai, from 2.2 2.0.



Reduced the bonus work rate of Foragers from +25% +15%.



Atheism: No longer reduces the research cost of  Spies or  Treason, but now also reduces the enemy gold income from Relics by 50%.



Reduced the price reduction of  Dock technologies from 50% 33%.
The civilization now also receives a 33% discount for all University technologies.


 Genoese Crossbowman [Standard & Elite]: Reduced the gold cost from 45 40 gold. The wood cost remains the same (45 wood).



Can now research the  Elite Cannon Galleon technology.



 Obsidian Arrows: Replaced by a new unique technology: Hul’che Javelineers.
  Hul’che Javelineers: Skirmishers throw a second projectile when researched.



Archers no longer gain bonus attack against standard buildings.
Camel units are now granted +10 hit points.
Team Bonus: Increased the bonus attack granted to Foot Archers vs. buildings from +1 +2.


Zealotry: Reduced the cost from 750 food, 700 gold 500 food, 450 gold. Now grants Camels and Mameluke units +20 hit points (reduced from +30 hit points).



Additional Town Center sheep now only spawn from newly-constructed Town Centers, and only after advancing to the  Castle Age.


 Keshik [Standard & Elite]: Increased the food cost from 50 60 food. The gold cost remains the same (40 gold).



Five brand-new maps have been added to the map pool:

🌐 African Clearing

“Lone villagers have wandered into a forest clearing and must now battle for the control of its sparse resources.”

🌐 Amazon Tunnel

“In the dense jungle of the Amazon, a wide strip of deforested land serves as the only path between two rival factions.”

🌐 Atacama

“This barren desert is unlikely to quench anyone’s thirst, but with its occupants’ unrelenting search, its aridity soon gives way to lush trees the deeper they go.”

🌐 Coastal Forest

“With all the towns positioned on the outskirts of a forested hill, battles are certain to ensue in the barren south, in the dark woods, and on the sea waves in the north.”

🌐 Seize The Mountain

“A prospector’s dream looms ahead on a mountain protruding out of shallows. It’s not merely down to who claims it first, but rather whose claim will outlast the others.”

In addition to these changes, here’s the last update worth noting for Battle Royale maps:

  • Packed Town Centers no longer appear in the Battle Royale game mode on non-BR maps.

Map Balance

  • Antarctica: Players start with a normal scout again; Penguins will continue to roam the map as unflappable spectators of the battlefield.
  • Arena: Secondary herds of sheep now consistently spawn within the walls.
  • Black Forest: Balanced out the elevation throughout the map.
  • Four Lakes: Relics now scale with map size. This means that 5 Relics will spawn on tiny/small/medium map sizes, 7 Relics during six-player matches, and 8 Relics during eight-player matches.
  • Highland: Reduced the number or remote straggler trees spawned throughout the map.
  • Highland: Small rivers will no longer separate teammates. In games with only two players or teams, only a single river will be generated on all map variants.
  • Highland: The river is now consistently 7 tiles wide instead of being a random width.
  • Highland: Ice crossings will no longer interfere with ship navigation during the snowy season.
  • Highland: Added additional crossings to the river.
  • Highland: Cliffs have been removed from the map.
  • Highland: Starting gold clusters now spawn further from each other.
  • Highland: Distant gold and stone nodes, as well as Relics, are now distributed more evenly around the map.
  • Highland: Berries will no longer spawn adjacent to the river.
  • Highland: Huntable animals now avoid areas where berries are spawned.
  • Highland: Each player now consistently starts with a group of 4 Deer as opposed to randomly receiving 3 or 4 Deer.
  • Highland: Removed extra boars from the map.
  • Highland: Reduced the number of predators that spawn throughout the map.
  • MegaRandom: Fixed several map seeds which could generate imbalanced battlefields.
  • Nile Delta: No longer spawns a Packed Town Center when playing Empire Wars.
  • Nile Delta: The edges of the starting islands have been moved away from the map edge on all non-Tiny map sizes. This should help prevent situations where Transport Ships could spawn in land-locked pools of water.
  • Serengeti: Elevated areas now appear around player starting areas, similar to Arabia.
  • Team Islands: Relics are now spawned per player on their respective island, and scale based on the total number of players in the match. This means that 4 Relics will spawn on tiny/small/medium map sizes, 6 Relics during six-player matches, and 8 Relics during eight-player matches.
  • Team Islands: With the exception of ludicrous-sized maps, an extra 3-tile gold and 3-tile stone node will spawn for each player. To compensate, starting stone piles have been reduced from 5- and 4-tile groups to 4- and 3-tile groups.
  • Team Islands: Adjusted the forests on each island to establish equilibrium between the two.
  • Team Islands: Increased the distance at which starting gold and stone generate to the shoreline from 5 7.
  • Team Islands: The roads connecting players are now much narrower, allowing for more variety when generating resource nodes around the islands.
  • Team Islands: Updated the road terrain textures to blend more seamlessly with their surroundings.
  • Team Islands: Starting gold clusters now spawn further from each other.
  • Team Islands: Berries now spawn further away from the shorelines.
  • Team Islands: Deer herds are now generated to avoid Berry bushes.
  • Team Islands: Reduced the number of predators that spawn throughout the map.
  • Valley: With the exception of ludicrous-sized maps, an extra 3-tile gold and 3-tile stone node will spawn for each player. To compensate, starting stone piles have been reduced from 5- and 4-tile groups to 4- and 3-tile groups.
  • Valley: Starting gold clusters now spawn further from each other.
  • Valley: Deer no longer spawn on the map when “infinite resources” is selected via the match settings.
  • Valley: Relics are more evenly-distributed between players for maximum drama.
  • Valley: Reduced the number of predators that spawn throughout the map.

Random Map Scripting

  • Implemented the effect_amount functionality, which allows the modification of object attributes, unit upgrades, and the modification or removal of technologies.
  • effect_amount can also be used to apply its effects to the Gaia player by using special Gaia effect types.
  • In King of the Hill games, resource generation via Monuments is now enabled by default. It can be turned off by using effect_amount to disable technology 729.
  • Implemented the effect_percent functionality, which has the same function as effect_amount but uses percentage as its value.
  • .xs scripting is now available in RMS. #includeXS has been added to load .xs scripts for random maps.



  • AI players will no longer include Monks who are holding Relics in assaults on their enemies.
  • AI players will no longer try to task Villagers to resources that are unreachable due to being blocked by allied structurers.
  • AI players are now able to see enemy units that have been sighted by human allies with whom they share vision.
  • AI players will no longer be able to track and find units spotted and then hidden by the fog of war for more than five seconds.
  • AI livestock is no longer affected by “collide and correct,” which would previously move them away from the Town Center when they blocked another unit that had no other path to their destination.
  • The Portuguese AI will no longer build Feitorias at the start of every Deathmatch.
  • The AI is now aware of the Battle Royale timer, enabling them to better plan and maneuver their armies away from the impending doom.
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent Villagers from fighting back against attackers on Nomad when in the process of constructing a Town Center.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Villagers would fail to defend themselves against predatory animals (such as wolves).
  • Fixed a rare issue where Villagers could go idle and ignore new commands after being ordered to repair an object.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the AI would stop scouting for long periods of time.


  • Units will now prioritize the most direct path when moving less than 20 tiles.
  • Fixed an issue where boars could randomly break agro after bumping into an obstruction.
  • Fixed an issue where patrolling melee units would occasionally fail to engage and attack ranged units who were already in motion.


  • Fixed a crash when using direct unit control to garrison units.
  • AI can now use the fe-cc-effect-amount and fe-cc-effect-percent actions.
  • sn-maximum-patrol-distance now works with units patrolling in formation.
  • up-can-build-line now correctly checks if coordinates are valid before attempting to place a building.
  • object-data-locked now correctly checks if a gate is locked or unlocked.
  • Krepost projectiles are now recognized by up-projectile-detected as projectile-castle.
  • up-modify-escrow can no longer cause escrow to go into negative values.
  • up-store-player-name no longer stores the player number together with the player name.


  • Added missing localization for the description of the Battle Royale game mode on the Quick Play screen.
  • Added a missing localization string in the fifth mission of the El Cid campaign.



  • Unofficial mods are now automatically disabled upon the release of new game updates. This is to prevent compatibility issues with mods that have not been tested or verified to work with new updates, or which may cause crashes and other unexpected behaviors. A new message will appear when mods are disabled in this manner which includes instructions on how to re-enable mods.
  • Civ-specific unit sounds can now be modified individually for the Huns and Mongols, as well as the Teutons and Goths. Naming irregularities and collisions for certain civ-specific sounds have been resolved.
  • The Technology Tree data is now contained in the civTechTrees.json file, thus allowing for easier and more flexible modification of the tech tree.
  • Added technology effects 20-27, which apply their effect to the player’s enemies.
  • When modding the UIColors.json file, the game now correctly pulls from the Text attribute (rather than the Healthbar attribute) to determine the UI text color.
  • xsEffectAmount has been implemented for both the scenario editor and random map scripts.

The following attributes can now be modified:

  • Bonus Damage Resistance
  • Icon ID
  • Shown Attack
  • Shown Range
  • Shown Melee Armor
  • Shown Pierce Armor

This can be done in the following methods and places:

  • Technology effects in the data file
  • Modify Attribute Trigger effect in the Scenario Editor
  • Effect Amount command in Random Map, AI, and .xs Scripts

Scenario Editor

  • Scenario designers now have the power and option to prevent human players from changing teams in their scenarios.
  • Generating large maps in the editor no longer crashes the game.
  • Loading very small custom maps in the editor no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed a crash when using the “Replace Object” effect.
  • The “Damage Object” trigger will now work with negative numbers.
  • The “Set Building Gather Point” trigger now works as intended.
  • The “Play Sound” trigger now plays sounds as a 2D effect, which can be heard by the whole map when a specific position is not included.
  • The “Heal Object” effect no longer excludes the given unit from the benefits of technologies.
  • The “Object Has Action” condition will now work in conjuction with any unit AI tasks, such as patrolling.
  • Permanent Flares placed in the editor no longer flash on the minimap.
  • It is no longer possible to unpack Town Centers directly on top of resources.

Fixed a legacy issue where recorded games of a scenario using any of the following triggers would desync:

  • Object Selected
  • Object Visible
  • Object Not Visible
  • AI Signal
  • Chance


As always, we are continuing to track issues reported by the community for future updates. Here is a brief update from our Production team regarding some of what is still in the works:

  • Late-game “Age Up” Hitching: We are aware of performance issues affecting some users as they Age Up, and are continuing to gather information as we test fixes shipping with the upcoming hotfix. If you’re experiencing this issue, please help us by contacting support with a summary of what you’re experiencing—along with a copy of your dxdiag—as this may help us better understand the root of the problem.
  • “Shuffle” Music Crash: We are aware of and investigating a potential crash when using the “Shuffle” music playlist with one of the new civilizations (the Burgundians or Sicilians). A temporary workaround is to change to a different music playlist while we work on a permanent solution for the upcoming hotfix.
  • Tech Tree Displays Incorrect Hit Points: Tooltips in the tech tree are currently displaying the incorrect ♥ Health for units. A fix will be released in an upcoming hotfix.
  • Scenario Editor: direct_placement or grouped_by_team affects player land generation in consecutive maps. If direct_placement or grouped_by_team is used when generating a map in the editor, additional maps generated in the same editor session will not do so properly. Until this can be fixed (tentatively aiming for the quarterly update), a workaround is to restart the title to ensure maps are generated properly.

For other known issues, please visit this page to see what’s being tracked!


Please note that this list is subject to change, and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

For the latest updates and announcements, please visit our social channels.

Hotfix 44834

Today’s (January 28) hotfix introduces a handful of solutions for some of the gameplay issues that cropped up with the January update, while work continues on other bugs you’ve reported—including specific crashes that some users are experiencing. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Fixed an exploit which would result in the Lithuanian Relic bonus stacking beyond the +4 cap, failing to decrement if the Relics were ejected from the Monastery, and stacking to infinity (and beyond).
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed users to delete enemy walls using TowerDonjon, and Gate foundations.
  • Fixed an out of sync error triggered by placing building foundations over enemy units or buildings hidden by the fog of war.
  • Please let us know if you continue to be awarded Lords of the West achievements without completing the listed requirements, as we have taken steps to resolve this. If you continue to experience it, please visit our forum and describe what you were doing when the achievements were rewarded, and whether or not you were rewarded other achievements or event challenge unlocks at the same time.

If you continue to experience any crashes, performance issues, or technical hiccups in the game, please take the time to reach out to the support team so they can assist you.


Crashes are the primary focus of our ongoing investigation, as well as performance issues noted by a subset of players. For those experiencing them, the most important thing you can do is contact our support team: both for assistance and to provide details that will help our team understand the problem.

We are also tracking and working on fixes for several other game issues identified by the community over the past week. For issues which have been verified, keep an eye on the Known Issues page for updates; and if you encounter a new problem that is not listed, please check the official forum to contribute to a discussion thread if one already exists, or start a new one if (and only if) it does not.

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  • ilestatue18840 February 13, 2021
    toujours le même problème depuis presque 1 mois, le jeu se fige au bout de quelque minute d'une partie mais j'ai toujours du son, tout en m'indiquant que aoe ne répond plu et j'oubliai de mentionner qu'il y avait un voile blanc transparent ,je suis ravi......
  • sykotic91 February 12, 2021
    My friend just bought the game so we can play against AI in a custom game. Both have super fast fibre optic broadband.... yet we get out of sync message 30 seconds into match.
  • pokeboy782 February 11, 2021
    This appears to not match syncs w/ Steam players. I can't play with most of my friends. Thumbs down.
  • reliableduke250 February 5, 2021
    "Crashes are the primary focus of our ongoing investigation, as well as performance issues noted by a subset of players. For those experiencing them, the most important thing you can do is contact our support team: both for assistance and to provide details that will help our team understand the problem." What complete bullshit, the forums are filled with unhappy players reporting problems and yet the game remains unplayable for most of us. "SUBSET" lmao - If by subset you mean 90% of players, then I guess that's true. This is complete financial suicide, releasing a new dlc that effectively destroys the main game, alienating die hard fans, who I'm sad to say are leaving in droves.
    • drsaltyman February 11, 2021
      I didn't even know there were performance issues as me and my 6 friends that play the game don't have any problems.
  • reliableduke250 February 5, 2021
    I would probably enjoy this event, oh yeah I can't cos the game is so bug ridden due to the 44834 hotfix! FIX, what a joke!
  • andvariiravdna February 2, 2021
    I really do not understand why you make new civs and make ppl pay for it before: - crashes are fixed - players can reconnect to games (hello, it's 2021, you want a competitive game without reconnect option? lmao) - pathing is repliable over more than one patch Wait, reason is money, ah i see. Sad for the series.
    • sanderggmm February 2, 2021
      Not sure it's money. We're a group of 6 players but we stopped playing this game since one of us always drops out of the game (freezes) - every - single - game. I am sure we aren't the only ones moving to a different game. Only the most dedicated players stay with a game that is simply not playable.
  • exxhalomasterx February 1, 2021
    Pathfinding on Villagers definitely still needs work. Whenever my villagers get hit by archers they run directly towards the enemy as far away from my base as possible.
  • tncheng97 January 31, 2021
    I hope the next balance patch return plate barding armor tech to Indian. Indians have very unreliable imperial age units. The expensive imperial camel upgrade almost never pay off the price in 1v1 and they worth much less than paladin. Castle age was already the strongest timing for the civ before November 2020 patch 42848. I think the +1 melee and pierce armor bonus on camel would work out much better than the "stable units +2 pierce armor" bonus. There is no need to use camels to answer archer unless it is a team game.
  • peppepinto89 January 31, 2021
    The game no longer works. It crashes after a few of minutes.
  • sanderggmm January 31, 2021
    Needless to say, the fact that the game now freezes in offline and online matches for so many players will further reduce the player base, which already was very weak to begin with.
    • reliableduke250 February 5, 2021
      Well said, couldn't agree more.
  • dyhxy January 30, 2021
    why ## ####### sounds?为什么没有中文配音了,原来一直都有了么?
  • tncheng97 January 30, 2021
    In addition to the new civ balance, Burmese Arambia is totally destroyed by this patch. I don't understand why the balance team make such a gigantic change to their value. Arambia should be able to counter melee units. I think it is a good idea to reduce their damage only to building, since these poison arrows are not siege weapon in a historic sense. The Burmese infantry bonus is a little bit weak. Maybe it should increase the damage as (+2/+3/+4) instead of (+1/+2/+3) in each age.
  • kalkiavatar January 29, 2021
    Is it possible for your to fix something without breaking something else?
    • reliableduke250 February 5, 2021
      lmao, to funny, well it would be if it wasn't true.
    • foughtbird1976 January 29, 2021
      You don't know how hard it is for the devs to make this stuff so stop making snarky comments about their work.
  • bouffantbloom32 January 29, 2021
    Wanna know what Sentence is missing in the Hotfix Changelog? "We seeked and permabanned ~2000 People for abusing the Lithuanian Relic Bug. This is a clear statement to any cheater and bugabuser and we hope that with these action we can ensure that less player even try this illegal actions"
  • whitemagick4 January 29, 2021
    Thanks for the hotfix! What about the Coustillier double damage on archer units?
    • wedink504838973 January 29, 2021
      and the lithuanians infinite attack for paladins and the gate bugs :S
  • felipeelbravo January 29, 2021
    Thanks for the hotfix guys, it was much needed. I suggest you keep posting the hotfixes in a separate note so it is easier for us to notice it (and activate our mods!).
  • urbannudist January 28, 2021
    when can we get the legionnary as a byzantine unique unit? 😢
  • cavalierbulb167 January 28, 2021
    wallpaper ?
  • rago__ January 28, 2021
    the game crashes after a few minutes every time. it's impossible to play!
    • sanderggmm January 31, 2021
      + reinstalled game, ofc.
    • sanderggmm January 31, 2021
      Same. Offline, online, dedicated GPU, integrated GPU, HDD, SDD, current user, Admin, Steam, XBOX, compatibility mode. No matter which config, the game crashes (freezes) at random times rendering it impossible to play.
    • wedink504838973 January 29, 2021
      Same happens to me :(
  • kikealex88 January 28, 2021
    Could you please add the historical description and the theme song for burgundians and sicilians in the history section of the game. Right now they are using I think the theme songs of the sarracens and byzantines with no written description at all.
  • theelandor January 28, 2021
    Dunno, maybe I am just sluggish today but it really feels like some clicks go unnoticed by the game. All in all it looks like the game is not running as smooth as it used to.
    • caveman January 30, 2021
      I also noticed the problem with the mouse, I thought it could be a battery issue but I see that I am not the only one.
  • cloudwizard January 28, 2021
    Still having a problem where my game crashes randomly since the Lords of the West expansion. I have no mods installed, i've backed up local files, and nothing has fixed the issue. I know there are some other small bugs but i've been excited for this update and unable to play. I've noticed other players are using mods and not having this problem. Please let us know when a hotfix will become available. Very thankful for the new DLC and constant updates.
    • wedink504838973 January 29, 2021
      same happens to me :(
  • inevercouldgetthehangofthursdays January 28, 2021
    I really appreciate the work the team is doing to keep this game alive. But not delivering a hotfix or a message when to expect a hotfix gets the community a bit angry. multiplayer is not playable at the moment because of bug exploiters.
  • slimc January 27, 2021
    Starting with Lituanians bug, continues with the stone wall bug, and then the game crashs every single time. It is impossible hold the game open for more than 15 minutes, is so annoying. You really broke the game.
  • zaiks-mckraven January 27, 2021
    Nice work on the DLC. Thou I am not sure if a DLC that disbalances players with and without DLC in multiplayer is a good Idea. Campaigns? Okay make that DLCs. Special features or gamemodes, too. But I think the new civs are a bit overpowered and might flood the games now and crash the casual players. Anyways, my REAL comment is: "Where are the downloads for the Main menu background-pictures" I started to collect them and use them as Desktop background.
  • thompsonmark January 27, 2021
    Update 44725 broke the game. The game ran perfectly for 14 months. Then Update 44725 installed and now after 1-2 minutes of game play, it crashes every single time. This persists after cold boots and turning off all firewall/antivirus. Imagine if Home Depot sold you a hammer and 14 months later walked into your garage without permission to "improve" the hammer and broke it so it's completely unusable. Nice going, guys.
    • l0cky32 January 27, 2021
      Hi Thompsonmark, same problem here :-( Did you manage to fix it ?
  • gustarballs January 27, 2021
    You've added an option to make unconvertable gaia units hostile to players in random maps scripting. Please make this feature available in scenario editor. It was all modders dream sice forever. XD
  • bigfitta January 27, 2021
    After this patch was released my game now crashes after a few minutes. Very disappointing!
    • bigfitta January 28, 2021
      Hi l0cky32, unfortunately I haven't been able to fix it. Still crashes after a few minutes of gameplay every time. Have you been able to fix it?
    • l0cky32 January 27, 2021
      Hi bigfitta, same problem here :-( Did you manage to fix it ?
  • johnny_age213 January 26, 2021
    very nice update it is going to bring down frank winrate significantly and my Lithuanian leitis and knights are decent with +100 attack and villagers removing walls with magic of bug is really great. and you forgot to nerf indians.
  • bethisgoku January 26, 2021
    Ridiculous how many things this patch has broken. Multiple game ruining bugs. Did they not beta test this at all?
  • ellipsis January 26, 2021
    OA replaced with Skirmishers that throw 2 projectiles in one attack? Does the second spear do the same damage as the first? Because that's insanely brutal to archer/cav archer formations. Also they will now always do a minimum damage of 2 (basically 100% more damage) to 8+ p.a. units
  • anima January 26, 2021
    Only korean buff add elite cannon galleon? Useless buff. Korean need eco bonus or add bloodline or add Plate Barding Armor
    • francisco2002 January 27, 2021
      koreans are fine. Daut won a game vs Liereyy in the rbw3 finals using koreans so... they are a solid civ.
  • ospfv2 January 26, 2021
    The palisade scan fix is the best upgrade Age 2 ever had. It was very needed, and now we got it!
  • barbecuepython-2 January 26, 2021
    Are we ever going to get our campaign progression back or is it impossible? Mustering the motivation to redo everything on hard when I know it may all disappear again next patch is super hard!
    • coconutcrab1234 January 27, 2021
      I agree! I'm still struggling to finish the campaigns because i have keep realoading and re-finishing all the previously completed scenarios to get access to the next ones. Its driving me mad. This needs to be fixed, ASAP.
  • newaoeiiiai January 26, 2021
    -Relics generate both Gold and Food shame this wasn't given to the Saracens. looking forward to this new expansion, group is hyped for it if it runs smooth again.
  • principe_negro January 26, 2021
    Keep Obsidian Arrows and reduce them to +4, new units from the new civs are pretty broken
  • yatsuihayamoto January 26, 2021
    Make parthian tactics affect Arambai or we riot
  • lyricmoon660491 January 26, 2021
    the new Sicilian castles unit is broken, because it can charge its damage bonus, while fighting ... it should only be charged if the unit is not in combat or is not taking damage ... or it could also be that once given the first hit had a momentary restriction of movement.
    • lyricmoon660491 January 26, 2021
      (Burgundian unit)
    • dynamo128 January 26, 2021
      That's the Burgundian unit, not the Sicilian. You didn't even bother proofreading your report before posting it...
  • danminigun January 26, 2021
    The new civs, especially Sicilians are really fun to play. However, is anyone experiencing out of syncs? All the games I have played have ended in an out of sync (tries this with and w/o mods, no difference). I used Sicilians each time.
    • jancbank January 26, 2021
      I've had the same problem! Each game I've played, even if I change up the Civs has pretty much ended with game being out of sync. Anyone have a solution?
  • feli0212 January 26, 2021
    Great to see that you implemented the university bonus idea for the italians!
  • el-commandante January 26, 2021
    The first announcement about the DLC mentioned that "fallen knight return 50% of their gold cost". It sounds it was aborted ?
    • el-commandante January 26, 2021
      Obviously, I speak about Burgundians :)
  • unnamed__ January 26, 2021
    Sad to see removing obsidian and scanning. Hope it improves performance though. And damn the update is 1 gb, need to wait a while before I can play
  • chuao January 26, 2021
    Nice Patch! Does anyone know when will be able to play new campaigns from the Lord of the West DLC ? It says :"this campaign currently not installed"
  • witsthar-of-burneia January 26, 2021
    Great to see fixes of old civs along with this upgrade. To tell the truth, I would like to see some new bonus for Chinese to balance changes of other civs. Just a little wish(๑>؂<๑)
  • t1mmie7 January 26, 2021
    KEEP Obsidian Arrows, but reduce from +6 to +4 and have it cost -1 range for Archers. That would be much, much better.
    • t1mmie7 January 26, 2021
      Everything else sounds awesome though :)
  • whitemagick4 January 25, 2021
    Good patch. Good: (a) New Huns UT. (b) the nerfs to Franks. Though I'd remove the berry bonus and give it to Vietnamese. (c) Italians buffs. (d) Reworked civ bonuses for Sicilians and Burgundians. (though I know they are overpowered) (e) Slight Korean buff. (g) Buff to Cav Archers. (h) Fix to gunpowder units Mixed: a. Arambai changes. Need to test them. Bad: 1) Bring back Obsidian arrows. Need to test the UT if it is good at all. 2) Tatars should have 1 sheep spawn per town center instead. 3) Saracens bonuses are messy now. Revert Zealotry. Keep the +attack bonus vs buildings for Cavarchers and Genitours only. 4) Indians remain nerfed. 5) Byzantines need free Town patrol. UT should ALSO give the old UT Boiling oil effect.
  • luminousre January 25, 2021
    I don't know who the hell microsoft is hiring but, why is my computer GPU melting from this new update. It is almost using 92%. Also HP on all units is super bugged in the technologies tree not showing the correct amount.
  • inevercouldgetthehangofthursdays January 25, 2021
    These Civ Changes are great. Thanks for keeping this game alive and caring so much.
  • bethisgoku January 25, 2021
    The new Patch has broken all my new recorded games played on this patch. The recording stops part way through with an OOS error. I checked with my teammate and his rec went out of sync at the same point. Please issue a hotfix for this.
  • f870103 January 25, 2021
    OMG obsidian arrows... RIP
  • mvon007 January 25, 2021
    Very cool, so many updates! As soon as I saw the Burgundians were coming, I wondered if the campaigns would be updated where they were present ... good to see that trend continuing :). Haven't played in a while, but always good to see these changes coming!
  • mcfarland11 January 25, 2021
    anyone else game crashing now? after getting a match and loading up the matchup screen i crash out to my desktop.
    • l0cky32 January 27, 2021
      Hi kte102-2, same over here. I haven't been able to fix it yet though I tried a fair bit of solutions ^^Let's hope the next patch will fix it soon.
    • kte102-2 January 25, 2021
      Yes!! 3 or 4 of my friends! I lowered the graphics and worked... I hope they fix it soon
  • thealexger January 25, 2021
    RIP obsidian arrows :'( Forever in our hearts.
  • irweel-2 January 25, 2021
    Love the new maps, and that new civs are on the old campaings. Getting pathfinding improved its apreciated and doing something about the censor chat its awesome. The nerf to mayans its perfect, but the one to saracens i don't get it, they were fine as they were. I think next patch its a good oportunity to give Indians Battle Elephants, since they are no longer the best pocket civ for team games, and they don't have to much options for 1 v 1. Furthermore, i hope this year we can have spectator chat and the map screenshots ctrl+f12 feature, i know that they were not critical last year, but the game its on a really good state and i hope that they are added this 2021.
  • reyalvareziii January 25, 2021
    So, the archers of mayans and sarracens have no bonus against buildings? The only thing that made great civs are no longer available! Too much nerf to burmese, mayans and sarracens... Now we can not play that civ because is granteed loss.
  • constantinus January 25, 2021
    "Reduced the hit points of Palisade Walls and Gates by 40% in the Dark Age." Can it be applied to Feudal age also. Dark~ Feudal = Reduced HP Cause Drush, FC meta should be changed to Feudal War
  • rissen January 25, 2021
    Why Burgundians don't have Banking available one age earlier (Castle Age) like the rest of the economic upgrades? Is this intended game design? Perhaps it is meant to balance the Cavaliers in Castle Age and the 50 attack Knights
    • lord-patito January 25, 2021
      sorry, but is this a joke? Burgundians are utterly broken, and they don't have baking one age earlier for balance reasons? 11
    • gm-evangelos January 25, 2021

      Can confirm that this is the intended design for balance purposes.

  • the-otter-aoe January 25, 2021
    1st Expansion coming, and we still cant read ingame chat while casting live (esp. FFA/Diplo) Games...
    • dynamo128 January 25, 2021
      T90's suggestion is perfectly reasonable for everyone, doesn't matter if it benefits him directly or not.
    • legioxpontepon January 25, 2021
      @Skylarkings wow dude, that is like, your opinion, ok? Remember that if not for all those casters, the game would not be even close to so famous
    • skylarkings January 25, 2021
      Because the game is being made for people to play... don't buy into T90's whining bs, the game is NOT being developed for him to amateurly cast to a couple thousand lazy idiots who just want to watch, it's being developed for the millions who have bought the game and want to play it.
  • lord-patito January 25, 2021
    Great balance changes overall, but why did you have to make Burgundians THAT broken? Pay for win ?
  • hectornauta January 25, 2021
    OMG what a load of content. Great job to the entire team. Also, finally some love to the genoese crossbowmen.
  • nameumbrella903 January 25, 2021
    Why can't I use this on my alt account?
  • zbyszekde January 25, 2021
    The Saracen team bonus was always +2 (archers did 2 damage to buildings) Is it now +3? or was it just the tooltip that changed?
    • natefive5 January 26, 2021
      It's now +3.
    • skylarkings January 25, 2021
      It was +1...
  • phillysouljah January 25, 2021
    Congrats, Forgotten Empires, MS, and the entire team!
    • alkhalim-de-2 January 25, 2021
      Super exited to try this one out! 11

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