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Play These Custom Scenarios with All Your Friends in AoE II: DE!

Want to play some Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, but don’t want to commit to a normal match and still have fun with your friends? This is the perfect time to check out some of the incredible Custom Scenarios the community has developed over the last 20+ years.

Custom Scenarios are alternative game modes, with different objectives and rules than traditional play. Here are three incredibly fun and accessible Custom Scenarios created inside the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Scenario Editor and are a blast to play!

Playable Custom Scenarios

Roll The Dice by AzZzru & Deadly Weed

Roll the Dice is a low stress and chaotic Custom Scenario for up to 8 players, creating fun moments through random chance and crazy abilities.

At the beginning, each players spawns with a random unit, this could be anything from a humble Spearman, to a slow but powerful Teutonic Knight or even a mighty Hero unit. Your mission is to destroy the Outpost of each other player (or opposing team) at the center of the map.

Defeating your opponents randomly generated units will unlock Trade Carts, which can be exchange for upgrades at the store to power up your units, repair your Outpost or other incredible effects: such as inflicting huge amounts of damage to another player. Once there is only a single outpost (or a single team of outposts) remaining, the game is over and the team with the remaining outposts wins the game.

Roll the Dice naturally creates fun and laughter, plus due to the random element, can’t be taken too seriously.

Castle Blood Automatic by Tenchy

Special thanks to: +Saint_Fork, [s1L3nt]DoMiNaTIoN, (agemania)GoD_Mith, (agemania)[NoD]_GhostI3en, Pine

Brought to Definitive Edition by Alian713.

Castle Blood Automatic is an enjoyable and intense 4v4 Custom Scenario that focuses nearly entirely on huge military engagements.

Each player begins with a fortress consisting of four Watch Towers, four Castles, Fortified Walls and two Gates. Your goal is to destroy your opponents fortress, however the twist is your Castles will automatically spawn your civilizations Unique Unit to do it with – see where the game modes get’s it’s name?

As you defeat more of your opponents units your civilization will advance through the ages, rewarding you with upgrades to make use of. When you raze a building or Gate you’ll be rewarded with Villagers who can construct buildings, to utilize the vast amount of resources you begin with. Greatly expanding your military options for pushing your opponents.

This results in massive battles between unique units, and as more Villagers become available huge armies clashing until the final opponent’s Castle is razed, ending the game.

Dodgeball by _MELEE_Master_ & [Eot_]_Master_G

Special thanks to: Rambit & [ViCiouS] Donnie
Brought to Definitive Edition by Alian713.

Dodgeball is one of the less intensive Custom Scenario, but still provides huge moments of laughter.

In a game of Dodgeball, each player spawns with a Bombard Cannon and earns points by using the ‘Attack Ground’ option to defeat their opponents’ Bombard Cannons. For each Bombard Cannon you destroy, your team will earn a point, easy as that!

Like traditional Dodgeball, the play space is marked out – ensure you read the instructions and don’t out of bounds. Friendly fire is also a factor, be careful with your shots! Each match is played to either 11 or 21 points, selected at the start of the game and results in frantic micromanagement, trying to avoid your opponents shots while trying to line them up.

We hope we’ve inspired you to grab some friends and try something different – now it’s time to start downloading and get playing!

Let us know which Custom Scenarios you’ve enjoyed the most and please leave a recommendation for others to try!

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