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Wololo Wednesday: January Contest and December Winners

Greetings Wololo Warriors, and welcome to the first contest of 2018!

It’s time once again to step up and show your wololo spirit in our monthly contest.

But first, the winners from last month! You guys gave us a ton of holiday themed entries to choose from, it was hard to pick our favorites! If you’d like to view all of them you can go to the thread here. Now without further ado, here are our winners for the month:


It maybe a holiday for us but it’s not for the nomadic societies of Age of Empires. For them a dry winter is closing in. Snow doesn’t quite creep to the settlement along the reservoir but neither do gazelle. Soon the nomads must migrate south to where the gazelle tracks lead. The tribes priests prophesies a great struggle for the coming winter, shortages of food & water as the ice creeps from the north.

But to the nomads it’s just another winter, tactical gazelle luring and hunting techniques help the tribe prepare for the nearing cold.


Rafa Sheep

There are many ways villagers can spend the holidays. These villagers spent them time-travelling.

What did John Black do with this newfound knowledge? He carved it on the side of a mountain in the Rockies, shortly before spotting Russian columns in the passes right below it.

  • Disclaimer: The missionary’s story is completely made up. Any possible puns regarding Turkey and Asia Minor are entirely unintended.


King Atreus’ Villager Tree

King Atreus was unable to locate a Christmas tree for the season, for they had all been cut down for hundreds of miles around. Though, he did have hundreds of villagers from various villages. He forced them to stand in his courtyard for days as he celebrated Christmas. The villagers had a rather terrible Christmas that year, but at least King Atreus enjoyed it. From that day on King Atreus made it a tradition to make the villagers form his Christmas tree each year.



It’s holiday season! The war has been put on hold. The villagers from both the factions have put on their Christmas hats and worked together to decorate the Christmas tree! Unfortunately, they couldn’t find any reindeer this year so they will have to make do with sheep. It’s time to let go of all your worries and be happy! Merry Christmas!


Slow Creeper200

Planing an attack by Turtle ships is probably not the best idea in the winter,
But at least the view of the night sky is pretty.


Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!

On to this month’s contest! It’s a new year and that means new adventures, right? So this month we’s like you to show us what your villagers are up to in the new year. Maybe their finally going to get around to building that castle? Or maybe it’s now time to invade that kingdom next door? It’s up to all of you to show us in your entries! This can come in the form of an illustration by you, a screen shot from the game, whatever you feel like doing! Just have fun with it!

Your entry MUST include an image and must relate to an Age of Empires game (or an illustration having to do with one). You may also include a written portion explaining your entry that may be no more than 600 characters in length (not including spaces); if your entry includes non-English words, you must provide an accurate English translation of those words in your written portion.

We’ll pick our five favorites, and the winners will each be able to choose two of the below prizes! We’ll reach out to the winners via private message on, so keep an eye on your inbox! Submissions must be appropriate, and must be submitted in the forum discussion thread here before 5:00 PM PST on Wednesday January 31st, 2018.  You can find the full official rules here.


Also, shout out to user Pan Calvus who is sadly ineligible to win this month since he won last month, but still made this fiery masterpiece:

Merry almost Christmas everybody! May I be in ur base, killing ur doodz!


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