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Here We Go Again! The Women of History Event Is Back!

image of castles from age ii with queen's standing there with different color noble dresses

To celebrate Women’s History Month, and back by popular demand – the Women of History Event is here! This month we’re shining the spotlight on the trailblazing women of history with a repeat of this special event, which includes several profile icons, mods, and more. Join us and don’t miss out on this amazing event this year!

  • Unlock a Cheat code!
  • Unlock the Queen Visual Replacement for the King!
  • Unlock the Princess Yodit Visual Replacement for your Gbeto!

Event Rewards!

Starting TODAY through April 5, complete in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards! The first challenge unlocks a profile icon and is required to save all of your unlocks:

Day ~🎯 Sign into Xbox Live. 
🏆 Unlocks the Princess Yodit Profile Icon.
💾 *Required* if you want to save any rewards unlocked during the event!

Each of the following challenges must be unlocked in order and on separate days:

Day 1🔒 Train 20 Gbeto in any one game.
🧱 [Mod] Unlocks the Princess Yodit Visual Replacement for the Gbeto.
Day 2🔒 Win a Skirmish or Multiplayer match playing as the Franks, Burgundians or Britons.
🏆 Unlocks the Jeanne d’Arc profile icon.
Day 3🔒 Research the Sappers technology available in the Castle in any one game. 
🧱 [Mod] Unlocks the grab your pitchforks’ Cheat Code. Transforming all your Villagers into Flemish Militia.
Day 4🔒 Win a Skirmish or Multiplayer match playing as the Burgundians, Franks or Teutons. 
🏆 Unlocks the Jacqueline of Hainaut profile icon.
Day 5🔒 Play a Skirmish or Multiplayer match using Regicide Game mode. 
🧱 [Mod] Unlocks the Queen Visual Replacement for the King.

Bonus!🎯 The following bonus Icons have been permanently added to the library for you to enjoy!
🏆 Princess Yodit playing Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
🏆 Jimena
🏆 Sikelgaita

Keep It All (Forever)!

Remember: if you sign in to Xbox Live during the event, you’ll get to keep all of the mods and profile icons you’ve achieved! Sign in, earn your rewards, and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this month’s Women of History Event!

—The Age of Empires Team

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