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'X019 Event Recap: The Present and Future Age' thumbnail

X019 Event Recap: The Present and Future Age

Hello Age of Empires fans! The past few days were HUGE: not only because they marked the historic arrival of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, but we also took part in X019 in London. This is where the World’s Edge, Forgotten Empires, and Relic...
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A Letter to all Age Fans!

Wololo, Age gamers! This is a super-emotional letter for me because I’ve been wanting to write it for nearly 10 years. Like many of you, I loved the original Age of Empires, and as Ensemble drove the Age of Empires games forward, I loved them even more. Matt...
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X019 Announcement Recap

Wololo! Today marks another milestone in the journey of the Age of Empires franchise at X019 in London. Earlier this year, we announced that Age of Empires now has a dedicated studio as part of the Xbox Game Studios family. Today, we unveiled that our studio, ...