Hey everyone!

Can you believe that The African Kingdoms, the new expansion for Age of Empires II HD, launches on November 5? It’s only 3 days away!

To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with the superstar dev team over at Forgotten Empires to bring you at least one piece of sneak-peek content nearly every day leading up to our big livestream launch event with the devs themselves on November 5 at 9:00 AM PST!

Not excited yet? Might we recommend our teaser trailer?

Now that you’re properly pumped, here’s the plan for the week of the launch, and a roundup of all of the awesome info we’ll be releasing all week long!

Thursday, Oct 29: New Maps! Last week, we gave you a sneak peek into a few of the new maps to look forward to on the newest continent in Age II!



Saturday, October 31: Berbers! Yes, you can finally rock the Kasbah, with quicker ships and camel archers to boot!



Sunday, November 1: Malians! Suit up your armor-piercing infantry and get your economy booming even faster with buildings that cost less wood!



Tuesday, November 3: Ethiopians! With their quick-firing archers, free upgrades on certain units, and improved siege weapons, the Ethiopians are a military force to be reckoned with!



Wednesday, November 4: Portuguese! The hardy Portuguese ships help you dominate the waves, and the mighty organ gun completes your arsenal on land!



Thursday, November 5: Come to our livestream launch event from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST with developers from Forgotten Empires! We’ll be playing matches, fielding questions, and—if you’re good—giving away Steam codes for the new expansion!


What a lineup! Questions? Comments? Discuss away in the forum post linked below, and we’ll see you all on Thursday for our great big launch event!

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