Balance Patch 5.8 has made it though open beta, and is now live!

Huge thanks to everyone who tested out the much-anticipated balance changes in the open beta! These were geared toward competitive play, and we can’t wait to see what new strategies you all come up with. If you missed it in the beta check out what’s new below.

Patch Notes for 5.8:

  • (Elite) Elephant Archers +2 archer armor vs anti-archer attacks (from -2 to 0).
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers -2 armor vs anti-cavalry archer attacks (from 0 to -2).
  • Eagle Scout training time in Castle Age +3s (from 32s to 35s), same as Eagle Warrior.
  • Incan free llama bonus is no longer tied to the scout; requires Town Center on nomad-style maps.
  • Vietnamese reveal enemy bonus no longer works in full tech tree games.
  • Malay infinite fish trap bonus no longer works in full tech tree games.
  • Khmer no building requirement bonus no longer works in full tech tree games.
  • Teuton team bonus no longer overrides Faith technology in post-imperial age start games.
  • Fixed the issue with siege workshops not receiving extra HP and armor in Imperial Age.
  • Fixed the issue causing the attack sound of Galleons to not play.
  • Fixed the issue with buildings placed on Desert, Cracked terrain not receiving a bonus damage when being attacked.
  • Hunting dogs effect no longer appears in games with starting ages later than Dark.
  • Watch Towers, Guard Towers and Keeps cost +25w.
  • Coinage moved up to Castle Age, Banking moved up to Imperial age.
  • Couriers cost 600f 600g (increased from 400f 200g).
  • Italian fishing ship cost bonus reduced to 15% (from 20%).
  • Khmer receive Arbalest upgrade.
  • Mayan farmers work at closer speed to the farmers of other civilizations. (0.8 work rate multiplier)
  • (Elite) Arambai cost 80w 60g (increased from 50w, 60g)
  • (Elite) Karambit Warrior cost 30f 15g (increased from 25f 10g).
  • Vietnamese archer HP bonus changed to immediate +20% HP to Archery Range units. (no longer staggered per Age)
  • (Elite) Rattan Archers +5 HP.
  • Korean “Faster building Fortifications” bonus is reduced for Towers (similar to how the Spanish building bonus is reduced for Wonders).
  • Mamelukes receive 5 less damage from Halberdiers.
  • Siege Tower collision size reduced from 0.50 to 0.45.
  • Fire Galleys do 1 damage to fishing ships (reduced from 3)
  • (Elite) Camel Archers training time +4s (from 21s to 25s)
  • Indians camels no longer receive +1 melee armor bonus.
  • Slavic farming bonus is closer to the intended +15% value (multiplier reduced from 1.31 to 1.28).

See you all in battle! 

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  • coolinorman November 26, 2019

    Missing one:
    Villagers and towers no longer do reduced damage against walls before Castle Age

  • splashypen78212 November 12, 2019

    I hope this also applies to AOE II Gold Edition, it's failing to load and I've been running the MS Windows 10 update app for the past several months now, and it's still not finding this update. Any advise?

  • cinnamonloki993 October 1, 2019

    I have a problem with the mods of the game does not let me in what I do to solve this problem

  • evilclover27564 September 23, 2019

    Ok so how do I get this 5.8 patch? I don't see a link to download it anywhere

  • doct-baghi July 31, 2019

    I think that the italian fishing ships discount has become useless, i mean minus 25 wood was a good bonus, but 11 wood is near useless, plus it dosn't even have anymore the +2 LoS, it was the only early bonus that they have. Moreover my tech tree still tell me that they cost 25 wood less

    • doct-baghi July 31, 2019

      Plus, with the discount on dock's technologies and trade card it suited well the history of italy

  • rudedog3355 March 19, 2019

    I see this is a waste of time for comments.

  • politeearth10 January 16, 2019

    tanks : )

  • vespidsnail3399 January 11, 2019

    i want to play this game

  • vespidsnail3399 January 11, 2019


  • vexingyapper702 January 1, 2019

    The AOE II devs keep churning out useless and meaningless updates removing some defensive/offensive bonus of civs/units while adding some which were previously removed. No doubt in some future 7.7 update they will add some bonus which they removed in 5.8. Duh.... Instead I would suggest the devs to do some productive and appreciative work like giving voice/audio to the forgotten campaign which is still missing. The original 1999 game was balanced from day 1 release and never had so many fubar updates..


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