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Age of Empires IV launches October 28th, available for Pre-order Now!

Hello and welcome to another release filled with exciting updates, balance changes, and bug fixes for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition!

Today’s build brings a number of fixes to the game which reduce the likelihood of a freeze or client crash, as well as numerous other fixes and balance changes available for you to discover in this post below. Many of these changes and fixes are a direct result of the Public Update Preview program (or PUPP). For more information on the PUPP—or to get involved—click the link above or scroll down to the Ongoing  Public Update Preview Program (PUPP) section of this post.

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the changes coming with today’s update:

  • Celebrate all things Age of Empires with the brand-new Celebrating the Ages event, where you can unlock awesome rewards!
  • Numerous crash and freeze fixes, helping to provide a more stable gameplay experience.
  • Added Building Range Indicators as an option in the Options → Game section.

And much, much more! Be sure to dig down into the post below to get all of the juicy details before hopping in-game and checking them out firsthand.

Thanks again to our amazing community members, all of whom have helped to make Age of Empires what it is today! Our Age of Empires Fan Preview was a celebration of all of you, and the celebration continues in this event!

—The Age of Empires Team


♦     ♦     ♦

Download on the MICROSOFT STORE

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Microsoft Store:

  • Open the Microsoft Store.
  • Click the [ ∙ ∙ ∙ ] symbol next to your profile picture.
  • Select Downloads and updates.
  • Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 47820

If you are unable to launch the game after downloading the update, make sure you add (or re-add) the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition client or folder as an exception to your firewall and antivirus program.

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Download on STEAM
Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Steam:

  • Open Steam.
  • Click on Library to see your games list.
  • Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  • [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the Download Now button to manually download the new update.
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 47820

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

♦     ♦     ♦

Please note that custom mods may not be compatible with the latest game update. If you are experiencing issues launching or playing the game after downloading the new build, try disabling your installed mods before trying again.

Still having trouble? Visit our support site!


Alongside plenty of fixes and features which are included in today’s build, we also bring to you the Celebrating the Ages event as we follow up to the large celebration that was the Age of Empires Fan Preview!

The Celebrating the Ages Event

May 3 – May 24 

With all the announcements from the Age Fan Preview Event, there couldn’t be a better time to celebrate the Age of Empires series!

In 1997, the very first Age of Empires was released—the beginning of us all coming together to form the fantastic, passionate community we are today! In celebration of this momentous moment, we’ve packaged up some classic community favorites throughout the series and brought them straight to you in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition! As a bonus, we’ve even brought back a few other fan-favorite goodies from previous events!

Join us as we reminisce over the incredible moments and experiences YOU, the community, have created in this special CELEBRATING THE AGES event!

New Rewards!

Starting TODAY through MAY 24, complete daily in-game tasks to unlock event-themed goodies! In addition to the normal daily rewards, we’ve added two additional bonus challenges to this event!

DAY ~ 🎯 Sign into Xbox Live.
🏆 Unlocks the George Crushington profile icon.
💾 *Required* to save any rewards unlocked during the event!
BONUS 🎯 Unlock the “21st Century” achievement in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.
⌨️ Unlocks thephoton man cheat code which spawns a Photon Man cheat unit.
🔑 Requires Xbox Live Sign in to verify achievement.
BONUS 🎯 Unlock the “Imperial Age” achievement in Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition. Requires Xbox Live Sign in to verify achievement.
🧱 [Mod] Unlocks a mod that replaces the Hand Cannoneer skin with the Musketeer skin from Age of Empires 3.
🔑 Requires Xbox Live Sign in to verify achievement.

Each of the following challenges must be unlocked in order and on separate days:

DAY 1 🔒 Gather 1997 Gold in any one game
🧱  [Mod] Unlocks a mod that replaces the Military unit creation sound with the version from AoE:DE. 
DAY 2 🔒 Use the “catzor” cheat code in a skirmish game to summon the Sharkatzor cheat unit
🏆 Unlocks the Sharkatzor profile icon.
DAY 3 🔒 Train 10 Camel Riders in any one game
⌨️ Unlocks the “cameleon” cheat code, which transforms Camel units owned by any player into Flaming Camels.
DAY 4 🔒 Kill 5 enemy villagers in any one game
🏆 Unlocks the John the Fearless profile icon.
DAY 5 🔒 Reach the Imperial Age in any one game
🧱 [Mod] Unlocks a mod that replaces the Age Advancement sound with the “Shipment becomes available” sound from AoE3:DE.

Keep it Forever!

Remember: if you sign in to Xbox Live at any point during the event, you get to keep all the mods and profile icons you unlock! Sign in, earn your rewards, and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy the Celebrating the Ages event!

—The Age of Empires Team

♦     ♦     ♦

Event F.A.Q.

Q: Do I have to complete the challenges on consecutive days?

While challenges don’t have to be completed on consecutive days, only one challenge can be completed per day.

Only the Xbox Live and Bonus challenges can be completed *any* day before the end of the event!

This means that you will need to play at least six different days to complete all of the challenges.

Q: When is the last day I can complete the daily challenges?

The Celebrating the Ages  Event concludes May 24.

Q: Do I get to keep all of the event unlocks?

All you need to do is log into your Xbox Live account before the end of the event to keep all of the profile icons and mods you unlock; it’s as easy as that!

Q: What do I do if I accidentally unsubscribe from a special mod?

No problem! All you need to do is click your Profile Icon on the main menu, select Event Mods (under Collection), and then check the unlocked event mod you want to enable!

Q: How do I change my profile icon?

You can update your profile icon in your profile:

  1. On the main menu, click the Profile Icon next to your name.
  2. You should now be in the Profile Icons tab under Collections.
  3. Select your favorite icon, then click the Select Icon button to lock in your choice.
  4. You’re done!

Q: How do I download and enable mods?

For information about how to subscribe to and prioritize your mods, visit this article.


Stability & Performance

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when checking whether a specific building foundation is obstructed when it no longer exists.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze during the first few minutes of gameplay, or later in very rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a freeze when using the ‘Select All’ hotkey for a specific building type which includes foundations that are still under construction.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when creating a Multiplayer lobby.
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during game startup.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to watch a replay of a Lords of the West campaign without owning the expansion.
  • Fixed an extremely rare crash that could occur when two players resigned at exactly the same time.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when using an outdated data mod that hadn’t been updated to account for the new civilizations introduced in the Lords of the West expansion.
  • Fixed a Scenario Editor crash that could occur when generating a custom Random Map, reducing the amount of players and map size, and then generating it again.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to play with a modified data file containing more than 1701 units.


  • The ‘Smoke in the water’ achievement can now be unlocked, as intended, in the Lake Poyang Historical Battle.
  • The ‘Turkish delight’ achievement can now be unlocked, as intended by defeating all other Turkish factions without forming an alliance with them.


  • The ♪ Burgundian ♪ and ♪ Sicilian ♪ themes will now play for the full duration of their tracks.


Building Range Indicators have been added as an option in the Options → Game section. Depending on the selected option, range indicators are shown for all buildings with a ranged attack:

  • At All Times
  • When Selected
  • Never

The color of the range indicator mirrors the Terrain Grid Color by default, but can (alternatively) be changed to the Player Color of the selected building’s owner.

  • Double-clicking a civilization in the civilization selection screen will now select it without having to press the ‘Confirm’ button.
  • Fixed a very rare issue where it was possible to disable in-game notifications with no way to re-enable them.
  • Fixed a purely visual bug in the UI where Viking militia-line units displayed a higher hit point value than the maximum hit points allowed.
  • The Bulgarian Technology Tree no longer states that the stone cost-reduction to construct Town Centers is only effective as of Castle Age; the bonus is now in effect starting in the Dark Age, as previously.


  • In the Ranked Matchmaking window, the Preferred/Banned Map screens can now be navigated using the keyboard for each game type.
  • In the Mod Manager, the ‘Check For Update’ button can now be accessed using the keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue which made it difficult to consistently navigate between the different Multiplayer tabs (Ranked, Lobby, etc.) using the keyboard.
  • When chat narration is enabled, the Narrator now acknowledges the first letter of words when reading through in-game updates.
  • The Narrator no longer skips the first two letters of other notifications.
  • The Narrator no longer reads out “icon 1” and “icon 2” rather than reading the descriptive text of images in the ‘Select Icon’ window.


  • Scorpion: No longer spawns on Aggressive Stance when the Default Aggressive stance is disabled.
  • Issuing a move command to a Monk who is already navigating to pick up a Relic will no longer cause the Monk to stop entirely.


  • Kotyan Khan 4: ‘Blood for Blood’: The final objective of the mission can no longer be completed before other primary objectives.
  • Fixed various minor issues throughout the Edward Longshanks campaign of the Lords of the West expansion.




Elite Steppe Lancer [Standard & Elite]: Reduced gold cost from 45  40 gold.


  • The  Cannon Galleon technology is no longer required to train the unit. Instead, researching  Chemistry now unlocks the ability to train Cannon Galleons.



Increased the amount of food generated by Relics from 20 30 food/minute, which now mirrors the generation rate of gold.
The food cost of economy upgrades is now reduced by 50% in addition to being available one Age earlier.


 Flemish Militia: Reduced attack versus cavalry from 12  8.
 Flemish Militia: Reduced attack versus camels and ships from 6.


Burgundian Vineyards: Now converts half of all food into gold rather than the entire stockpile.
Burgundian Vineyards: Increased the rate at which farmers generate gold by +33%.



Reduced the team bonus health granted to palisade walls from +50%  +33%.



Bearded Axe: Now available in the Castle Age (was Imperial Age).
Bearded Axe: Reduced the cost to research from 400 food, 400 gold 300 food, 300 gold.
Chivalry: Now available in the Imperial Age (was Castle Age).
Chivalry: Increased the cost from 400 wood, 400 gold 600 wood, 500 gold.



Villagers now gain the benefits of Blacksmith upgrades starting in the Castle Age.



Fish Traps now provide +300% food as opposed to an unlimited amount.
Battle Elephants now cost -30% in the Castle Age and -40% in the Imperial Age.


Karambit Warrior [Standard & Elite]: Increased attack from 6/ 7/8.



Mangudai [Standard & Elite]: Reduced speed from 1.45 1.4.



 Organ Gun [Standard & Elite]: Secondary projectiles now consistently deal 2 damage as opposed to 1 or 2 depending on whether they hit their primary target.



Now receive access to the  Siege Onager upgrade.


Serjeant: Increased Feudal Age melee armor from 1 2.
Serjeant: Increased Castle Age hit points from 60 65.
Elite Serjeant: Increased hit points from 75 85.
Donjon: Reduced the stone cost to build from 200 175 stone.


First Crusade: As an added effect, the technology now also improves all Sicilian units’ resistance to conversion.



Five brand-new maps have been added to the map pool:

🌐 Crater

“In the depths of a Siberian forest, an ash-covered wasteland appears, offering little shelter but plenty in gold and riches.”

🌐 Crossroads

“Four forest-capped hills loom at the center, serving as the only source of wood and rendering the paths between them most treacherous.”

🌐 Michi

“An impenetrable forest separates the teams of players, until one breaks through and draws the first blood on this infamous battlefield.”

🌐 Team Moats

“The surrounding streams offer little but a false sense of security. And with little room for expansion, players must soon break out and claim the vast lands around.”

🌐 Volcanic Island

“With stone scattered around in the shallows, the once fire-breathing mountain has since overgrown with lush vegetation and now awaits to be conquered.”

Map Balance

  • Baltic: On Tiny, Small, and Medium map sizes, the number of Relics now correctly scale and spawn based on the number of players actually present on the map.
  • Migration: Players’ starting islands now always touch the edges of the map to prevent a channel around to the back of the island.
  • Migration: Increased the width of the water channels between the players and the mainland.
  • Migration: Increased the size of the mainland and created a more consistent shape across map variants.
  • Migration: Forests on the mainland now grow in larger groupings and can appear closer to the coastline, allowing for more open space inland.
  • Migration: Increased the amount of gold and stone on the map to more closely match the standard amounts, though the number of resource nodes can vary slightly.
  • Migration: Berries no longer grow close to the water.
  • Migration: Cliffs no longer spawn on the Tiny (1v1) map size.
  • Seize the Mountain: Slightly reduced the amount of forest generated on the map.
  • Seize the Mountain: Adjusted the forests on smaller map sizes to make the map less easy to wall.
  • Seize the Mountain: Reduced the size of the mountain on smaller map sizes to allow for more playable space.
  • Seize the Mountain: Improved the balance of starting forests in 3v3 and 4v4 settings.
  • Seize the Mountain: On smaller map sizes, the mainland now spawns further from the map edges to prevent players from walling to the edge of the map with a Dock.
  • Hideout: Secondary gold and stone piles—as well as other resources which were meant to spawn outside of the player’s walls—can no longer appear within the walls of an elongated base.
  • Fortress: Fixed an issue which would create empty areas of the map.
  • Fortress: Towers are now spaced more evenly.



  • Fixed an issue where AI players would issue orders repeatedly, causing undesirable side effects such as unit stuttering.
  • Boar lurers garrisoned by the AI in a Town Center to avoid the boar’s attacks will now, rather than hiding in the Town Center for extended periods of time, ungarrison once the boar swaps to a new target.


  • Fixed a rare, persistent issue where units would defy the rules of space and time to path through walls and attack enemy units.
  • Fixed an issue where lumberjacks could become idle after tasking them to trees using command queue.
  • Fixed an issue where builders would refuse to path to a foundation if blocked or locked within walls during a previous attempt to reach the site.
  • Villagers working on a Farm will no longer move around the farm more than four times before dropping off food. This should make their harvesting efficiency more consistent.
  • Fixed an edge case where huntable wild animals, such as a boar, would stop chasing the boar lurer despite them still being within the boar’s line of sight.


  • The can-train, up-can-train, train, or up-train commands now allow for -1 to be passed into them instead of causing a game crash.
  • up-remaining-boar-amount now also works on living boars, as intended.
  • Stacked find-status-remote searches no longer erroneously reset search indexes.
  • Introduced sn-enable-research-queue to control whether AI players can (or cannot) queue technologies along with units when sn-enable-training-queue is enabled. sn-enable-research-queue is set to 0 by default, and can be set to 1 to enable.
  • sn-number-tasked-units now works as intended when used with up-target-objects or up-target-point.



  • Added a new Blast Defense Level attribute in data for scenarios and RandomMapScripts. It has the same functionality as the blast defense level field in unit data.
  • Added a new Object Hotkey attribute in data for scenarios and RandomMapScripts. It has the same functionality as the Hotkey field in unit data.

Added new flags for Hero Status attribute to control hero properties individually:

  • 2: cannot be converted
  • 4: auto-healing
  • 8: default defensive stance
  • 16: protected formation
  • 32: safe delete confirmation

The flags can be combined with each other, or flag 1 can be used to enable full hero status.

  • The Regeneration Rate attribute now determines the number of hit points a given unit regenerates in a minute. The Regeneration task in the unit data is no longer required. The Regeneration Rate attribute has no effect for units with Hero Status flag 1 (full hero status) or 2 (auto-healing), which regenerate at the fixed 30 hit points/min rate.



As always, we are continuing to track issues reported by the community for future updates. Here is a brief update from our Production team regarding some of what is still in the works:

  • Crashes and Freezes: This Update delivers several fixes that address game crashes and freezing. Addressing these types of problems remains a priority for us when we’re able to get actionable information about what users are experiencing and why those problems are occurring. We continue to monitor these issues where reported by users and ask that you reach out to our Support Team for solutions and to provide our team with more information about the issue should you encounter them. As part of this process, you may be asked to submit files that give us important information about why you’re experiencing problems, and perhaps even directed to PUPP to help us confirm if we’ve been able to resolve your issue.

For other known issues, please visit this page to see what’s being tracked!


Please note that this list is subject to change, and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

For the latest updates and announcements, please visit our social channels.

What's on the Horizon

During the recent Age of Empires Fan Preview Event, we announced both Dawn of the Dukes and that Coop is coming to the game!

We’ll have more details on both of these announcements in the coming months, so stay tuned to our channels for more information!

PS: We’re pretty hyped and excited to get this into your hands 🙂

Public Update Preview Program (PUPP)

April was the first time that we pushed balance changes to the PUP, and we’re thankful to our users who helped us identify bugs which we’ve since been able to address ahead of the the launch of this update.

We were also able to validate a fix for game freezing that wound up being pretty difficult to track down. The PUP continues to be one of our best tools for resolving complex issues, and we’ll be utilizing the PUP more and more in the months ahead.

You can find more information in the Steam forums when PUP builds are active (note: you must be logged into Steam to view the forum), and we invite you to participate with us as we take steps to make sure you’re having an enjoyable gaming experience.

You can get involved in the latest edition of the Public Update Preview, here:

* Note that you will need to be signed in to Steam to view the PUP forum and threads.

Discuss of 32 comments

  • dave333667 June 4, 2021
    Hopefully we will see spectator chat. Or maybe spec chat. Or maybe spectators will be able to see the chat of the players. Or spectators can read player's chats.
  • tncheng97 June 4, 2021
    Hopefully we will see the Chinese team bonus nerf. Farm +45 food is too strong for a team bonus. Maybe farm +25 food will be enough.
  • tncheng97 May 22, 2021
    For the next balance patch, please consider to increase scout attack when the player reach castle age. If scout have same melee attack damage as light cav and hussar in late game, Teutons player will feel better about their position. Similar buff can be given to spearman and non-elite skirmisher so that Saracens and Turks player can feel much better. In the other hand, Malays need chain barding armor and Tatars need chain mail armor! Missing these upgrades is not fun at all.
  • hiyokosupiritto99 May 5, 2021
    I have a problem with the train 10 camel riders in any one game I played with Indians,Sarracens and even Cumans for making at least 10 camels but I don't get the prize, what's going on?
    • eblistx May 6, 2021
      I have the same problem as well.
    • hiyokosupiritto99 May 6, 2021
      I don't know if others have the same problem as well :(
    • makiritare2010 May 6, 2021
      I have the same problem
  • narrowbubbles54 May 5, 2021
    Why need balances to Viet too, they need reduces the rattan archer cost, and delete frame delay shoot. Remove paper money change to other tech. And maybe get small bonus in start game by reaveal 8 sheep from start together enemy tc if you see ok.
  • hacheef May 5, 2021
    So... gathering 1997 gold during a game. Does it have to be exactly 1997 gold or at least 1997 gold? And is it about the gold that is in your stockpile or the gold that you gather throughout the game? I'm not sure I get it, clarifications would be much appreciated.
    • kerwinsneijders May 6, 2021
      Jast gather at least 1997 gold. You probably get this achievement in the first game you play. I got it without knowing the challenge existed
  • the-otter-aoe May 5, 2021
    "Fixed an edge case where huntable wild animals, such as a boar, would stop chasing the boar lurer despite them still being within the boar’s line of sight." Isnt fixed as of yesterday (european) Evening. Also: WHERE IS SPEC CHAT.
  • mindfulbadge405 May 5, 2021
    RIP mangudai, hardly worth it now :(
  • paeco04 May 4, 2021
    I hate how they change the game. At first the towers were weakened, then the palisades, now the Inca. Soon you will only see meta-strategies. AOE made the versatility. Today you only play against archers or scouts. If you are lucky, someone else will go cav-archers or UU. Even if some professionals hate the Inca rush or tower rushes, one should not forget that the audience likes to see it and at the end of the day they finance their salary. I don't even want to start with the new civilizations.. If the patches go on like this, we will always see the same games. At the last KOD, a lot of people complained that it was always the same and the patches didn't make it any better. I hope there will be more patches for different strategies and variations in the future. PS: Burgundians will be OP with this cheap eco-upgrades one age earlier
    • kerwinsneijders May 6, 2021
      That makes no sense. You want more variety in the meta, which is what the new civs give, and you hate it. I don't like it either but removing the tech from inca's was a good choice. Reason being it was the only way people played them. There was basically no other meta, there was no versatility...
  • tncheng97 May 4, 2021
    Castle age mangudai will need some buff then. Nerfing their movement speed would just destroy their identities and make the gameplay unfamiliar for people who are used to micro mangudai in this way. To slow down Mongol imperial age momentum, I would say it is better to just make the elite mangudai upgrade more expensive.
    • kerwinsneijders May 6, 2021
      It's just to make all CA like units move the same speed. You basically don't notice this change. The only interaction change is with camels, but they are weak VS magundai anyway.
  • foughtbird1976 May 4, 2021
  • tncheng97 May 4, 2021
    Pro gamers complained about Inca vill rush because they want to have a easy time without needs to adapt any new game mechanics that they are unfamiliar with. Inca village rush were beautiful gameplay! It was never a overpowered strategy, since you would have to invest in blacksmith.
    • kerwinsneijders May 6, 2021
      It was a very strong strategy. There have been numorous people who played inca vil rush only and went from for example 1400 to 1800. Example:
  • goodstuber May 4, 2021
    Alt f4 primer should receive a small penalty in elo. Doesn't make any sense waiting 5 mins in queue just got the game to get cancel because someone doesn't like nomad. Give more bans if necessary
  • lopezdpr May 4, 2021
    Thanks! For the next update, please fix the ranked team ELO!
  • el-bromas-2 May 4, 2021
    Why would you do that to Incas? Now nobody is gona pick them. You smashed the soul of that unique civ.
  • canarr_macko May 4, 2021
    CO-OP NOW!
  • unbrokenbook0 May 4, 2021
    R.I.P incas
  • mainclaw471308 May 4, 2021
    Guys, please fix Spectator Chat!!!!
  • bigaxd May 4, 2021
    Can you please stop nerfing the Incas?? And why make the mangudai slower?.. Stop nerfing civs!!!
    • kerwinsneijders May 6, 2021
      Just to make all CA like units the same speed. A reduction of 0.05 is barely noticable.
    • jokerpenguin May 4, 2021
      At least they have buffed steppe lancer in exchange. Mongols have the best steppe lancers in castle age, so the buff is fine.
  • popstep May 4, 2021
    Please give us another chance to get the Going Above and Beyond cheat, thank you
    • georgev89 May 4, 2021
      Judging by the return of the photon man/21th century cheat from last year, limited-time unlocks seem to be re-available in the following year. Assuming that's true, Going Above and Beyond will probably also return in a future event. (Possibly the next one, if they keep the same order from last year and I remember it correctly).
  • lord-patito May 3, 2021
    I hoped something in exchange for incas. And I would have preferred a water buff for malay. Cumans being nerfed is bad. Like they still have the worst SL... Not to hyped for this balance changes, except for burgundians/sicilians
  • ringo-starr May 3, 2021
    This is very cool! New maps!
  • blastcrisis May 3, 2021
    #1 priority should be spec chat.
  • federaltrout73 May 3, 2021
    Looks like good changes. Agree with the above poster: please add a penalty for alt+F4 for people that don't like the map they get and waste 7 other players' time.
    • fulgrim-the-fabulous May 4, 2021
      It should go hand in hand with being able to ban as many maps as you like, wait times will be high then but that should be your choice
  • abdullahtokgoz May 3, 2021
    Turks need change, too. Hand Canon tech was removed since AoC. Canon Galleon tech was removed in this patch. I think Turks' gunpowder discount bonus can impact Elite Jannisary and Artillery techs or something.
  • bubblymango May 3, 2021
    • hollowchair2089 May 3, 2021
      Cause its the most op UU in the game. It really needed a nerf.
  • tandooritiara43 May 3, 2021
    Incas overnerfed?
  • unfamousscout May 3, 2021
    Crashes and map dodging alt-f4 should be the priority, it feels civ changes are made to obfuscate that...
  • thieftdp-2 May 3, 2021
  • xaviertenka May 3, 2021
    Hi Viper, nice video!
  • xaviertenka-2 May 3, 2021
    Hi Viper, nice video!
    • xaviertenka-2 May 3, 2021
      Also, wrong comment section.
    • xaviertenka-2 May 3, 2021
      Someone delete this message, please. Enterd with steam instead of microsoft acc by mistake.
  • tunielmegor May 3, 2021
    F for Incas
    • paeco04 May 4, 2021
    • dom_aoe May 3, 2021
      well, I like fincas -_-
    • xaviertenka May 3, 2021

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