Ave, all!

Age of Empires Online will close at the end of this month, on July 1, 2014. On that day, the service will cease to function, and no further games can be played. The servers will be taken offline, and no features of the game or the game service will work without the servers. Until that date, the game will continue to fully function just as it does now. You can quest, raid, chat and trade as much as you like until then.

During this final month, we have several activities planned, to celebrate the time that you as players have spent with the game, and make the most of the time we have remaining. Please note that no one new can join the game; these events are for existing players only.

Today, June 3, we will reset the PVP ladder one final time. This will give everyone one final fresh start to climb the ranking ladder and see who takes final bragging rights.

On June 10, we will begin a final Capital City Decoration Contest. For two weeks, until June 24, we encourage everyone to decorate their capital city in the most striking and beautiful ways possible, and to submit screen shots of their city to us. The AOEO Community Team will judge the entrants and offer prizes to the winners. Anyone who enters will receive a special rare city decoration.

On June 24, the AOEO Invitational Tournament will begin. For one week, the best AOEO PVP players, past and present, will be invited to take part in a final set of public matches. The events will be streamed on the official AOEO Twitch channel and then posted to YouTube.

Finally, make plans, if you can, to attend the End of the World event on July 1. More on that as we get closer to that day.

The website ageofempiresonline.com will be taken offline on July 1 as well. The forums there have been locked for months, but in case you want to archive any content from that site, please do so before July 1.

Thank you all for playing AOEO. Please reach out to old friends and players of AOEO and let them know of these events and encourage them to participate as well. I hope that you can come back to join us for these events, to talk with old friends and new, and most importantly to play the last few times in this version of Age of Empires.

For more discussion, please see this thread: http://www.ageofempires.com/Forums/yaf_postst1179_The-AoEO-Memory-Thread.aspx

AOEO Trajan