Hello there Age community!

I wanted to introduce myself. My name’s Emma Bridle and I’ll soon be joining the Age of Empires team as Head of Player Engagement. I’ll be arriving in the US after six years at legendary British game studio Rare—makers of Sea of Thieves—where I ran the in-house Community Team. I love being part of Xbox Games Studios and am excited to continue that adventure with a franchise I’ve loved since childhood.

I first played Age of Empires in my bedroom on a PC my dad built me in 1999. My brother and I would shout between our bedrooms as we played separately. Then followed Age 2 and a very long LAN cable so we could play together. Of all the Xbox Games Studio and franchises, Age of Empires has always been at the top of my list of places I’d want to work elsewhere in the Microsoft family. I’ve been keeping an eye on Age of Empires from afar these past few years and am so excited to make the transition from fan to developer. Every person I’ve met so far from the Age of Empires team is a true fan and so passionate about creating the best possible experience for you, the players. Consider me and my team your direct connection to those developers.

On a personal note, I’ve always loved games and human history and Age of Empires encapsulates the magic of both. I chose to study human religious and cultural history at university and then ended up in the games industry after initially training to be a journalist. It’s been an amazing career so far and this next step is the most exciting yet.

I’m incredibly passionate about gaming communities. I can’t think of a single fandom that’s as dedicated and loyal as gamers. You are the lifeblood of what we do as developers and myself and the Age Community Team will be working hard to keep open a two-way conversation between you, the players, and us, the people lucky enough to work on these incredible games. We are, after all, making the games for you. There’ll be more than just feedback, we’ll keep you entertained, connect you to each other and celebrate you and your dedication to this amazing franchise. I’ve been hanging out in the forums, Discord servers, and on social channels over the last few months, getting a feel for what you’re passionate about, and I am excited to work with you.

A big thank you to Rare and the Sea of Thieves community for a wonderful six years. Another huge thank you to the Age of Empires team for being so welcoming as I’ve prepared for my move over the Atlantic to join them.

I can’t wait to get started; I’m looking forward to getting to know you all. If you want to say hi at any point, please feel free to tweet me.



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  • wearingtrack686 October 20, 2019

    Welcome Emma!

    nice to see your excitement about this project.

    I think we are definitely in need of some community support here as the Age of Empires 2 DE is ocming out in less than a month and nobody really knows how good it will work for the players. Despite having a lot of details, video of gameplays included and interviews with developers, I think that a lot of people is a little hesitant about how the actual experience of playing it will be. That's why I think we need all support we can get to facilitate moving to this new version.

    Worst case scenario would be if the community splits in two between the old AOE 2 HD version and the new DE version. Me and a lot of people are positive that this won't happen as long as the DE will work well and meets the expectations. Still, I think it is acritical moment as the game needs to convince both traditional players like all of us who have been in this all their lives together with new players.

    I wish you all the best in this new adventure and hope to hear more from you,


  • age4greeks October 1, 2019

    I wish you can help and support all the local communities and clans which are devoted in the Age Of Empires Franchise and support the games all these years!

  • radiatingblade October 1, 2019

    Hi Emma, Welcome to the team! :)

  • andy-p-xiii September 30, 2019

    Welcome home, Emma!

  • adhocmarigold33 September 30, 2019

    My first PC game was AOE 2 (I feel nostalgic about all that).but even when there're games like clash of clans or battlefield.now I want to play AOE because of it's great strategies,many units & AI.
    All the best for your future in this big game.
    Increase AI & graphics of new AOE games & make it 2019th gen.

  • cagiernebula24 September 29, 2019

    Welcome! Thanks for the nice little bio, it was very entertaining (and well written). Gotta say, they've done a pretty shabby job of keeping the fan-base appraised of what's going on the past few years. I hope you can help with that. And good God, it's been TWO YEARS and we know absolutely NOTHING about AOE4 other than Relic is working on it. After DOW3 that's not particularly encouraging but we'll see.

  • achandab September 29, 2019

    Bring age of empires to Xbox! Please

  • adxy1301 September 28, 2019

    Hey, glad to have you to be a part of this legendary game!