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Available Now: Knights of the Mediterranean, new to AoE III: DE!

two knights in italian and malta garb battling it out on a hillside with an italian walled city in the background

Calling all explorers! It’s finally here!  Knights of the Mediterranean β€“ the latest DLC for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is available TODAY in the Microsoft Store and Steam!

Control the Mediterranean with two new and exciting civilizations: the Italians and the Maltese, plus enjoy a whole slew of new maps, and some engaging game modes! So, pick your favorite civs because it’s GAME ON! We’re celebrating with a new event and there are some awesome features landing too! Take a look:

  • 2 new Civilizations
  • A New Event with 31 Challenges
  • 30 new Random Maps
  • 9 new Minor Civilizations
  • 8 Historical Maps
  • Diplomacy Game mode
  • Tycoon Game mode
Need more? Here’s a little extra content for you!

Knights of the Mediterranean Event

πŸ’₯May 26th – June 27thπŸ’₯

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is celebrating the coming of 2 new civilizations and a new game mode PLUS a Knights of the Mediterranean Event. This event will be a little different featuring 31 State challenges for Italy and Malta!

New Rewards!

knight with templar cross
black wolf snarling
17th century man wearing a white whig, rich clothes, playing cards

Starting May 26th through June 27th, complete daily in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards!

Each of the following challenges must be unlocked in order and on separate days. This is just a small sample of all 31 challenges.

Day 5πŸ”’ Play a single Skirmish or Multiplayer match as the French, Germans, or Italians.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock – Architect.
Day 10πŸ”’ Train 20 Spies in a single Skirmish or Multiplayer match.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock – Filiki Eteria.
Day 15πŸ”’ Deal 2,000 Hand Damage (Melee) with Infantry in a single Skirmish or Multiplayer match.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock – Papal Guard.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock – Male Explorer.
Day 20πŸ”’ Research 30 Technologies in any amount of Skirmish or Multiplayer matches.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock – Northern Musketeer.
Day 25πŸ”’ Build 20 Outposts, Asian Castles or African Towers in any amount of Skirmish or Multiplayer matches.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock – Papal Lancer.
Day 30πŸ”’ Play a Historical Map and survive for at least 10 minutes.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock – Gondolas.
Happy Gaming!

Buy Now!

Ready to explore and battle it out with all the new things? Knights of the Mediterranean is available NOW from the Microsoft Store and Steam!

two knights battling in out with the text Age of Empires III: Definitive Edtion and Knights of the Mediterranean

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