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Try Tycoon Mode in Age of Empires III: DE!

Tycoon is a new Game Mode to accompany Supremacy, Deathmatch and Empire Wars. Designed to focus on the economy-building of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, this new Game Mode provides a setting where players concentrate on creating the strongest economies for their empires, without having to bolstering armies or defend against full-scale sieges.

Small Swedish town in age of empires III: DE
Big US town in age of empires iii: de


Once players reach the Commerce Age (Age II) they gain access to Tycoon Packages, which they can purchase to gain bonus score.  

Economy Challenges can be achieved by meeting specific requirements and will also offer score boosts. 

There is also a new Economic Victory condition, similar to Trade Monopoly, that can be activated & held by the leading players or teams. 

Game Rules

Select Type:All maps, Competitive maps, Custom maps, Custom Scenarios
Select Map:All maps available (except Historical Maps)
Game Rules:Time: 10, 20, 30, 40 or 60 mins
Score:  10k, 30k, 100k, 250k, 500k, or 750k
Starting Age:All ages allowed
Ending Age:All ages allowed
Difficulty:All difficulty settings allowed
Starting Resources:Not allowed
Game Speed:All game speeds allowed
Player Handicap:Allowed
Record Game:Allowed
Free for All: Allowed

Economy Challenges 

Completing Economy Challenges will grant Tycoon Score bonuses. These challenges allow players to compete over who will reach certain milestones on a ranked basis. The Economy Challenges can be found through the in-game HUD as well as opening its full screen menu for more detailed views.  

Here is one Economy Challenge:  

Gather 800 food in:
1st place: 3 minute (1,000 score)
2nd place: 5 minutes (500 score)
3rd place: 7 minutes (250 score)
Economy Challenges UI

Tycoon Packages  

Tycoon packages is another feature which encourages spending overstocked resources to boost your Tycoon score, doing this will add extra bonuses to your score. Available at Age the Commerce age (2), Tycoon packages can be very useful mid – late game when players are booming with resources, this can be seen as an alternative method of spending resources over military units/buildings. When using Tycoon packages, the initial bonus will be reduced on each purchase, but slowly recovers over time. 

Economic Victory 

Economic Victory can also be achieved during this game mode. To achieve this, players must meet two conditions: 

  1. Players must maintain a lead of 10,000 Tycoon score. 
  1. Players must reach the final Age. 

Similar to King of the Hill or Trade Monopoly Victory, players must maintain this position for 5 minutes and Victory will be theirs.  

Summarized features: 

  • Economy Challenges 
  • Economy Packages 
  • Economic Victory Conditions 
  • Cease Fire 
  • Military Debufs 
  • Tycoon Decks 

With the introduction of Tycoon to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, we would love to hear your feedback on gameplay! Let us know your experience with this new game mode on the Official Age of Empires Forums

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