Recently, we unveiled the upcoming Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Beta “Campaign Weekend”! This exclusive, timed event grants one of the earliest looks at the game’s campaign mode.  Throughout the event, beta participants will be able to play a remastered version of the age-old classic Joan of Arc campaign and join the Maid of Orléans herself in her battle with the English.

Today, we are excited to announce that the “Campaign Weekend” event will be available for a limited time to all Age II: DE beta participants from Thursday, 8/8, 4 p.m. PT | 23:00 GMT through Monday, 8/12, 12 a.m. PT | 7:00 GMT! Only one question remains…Are you ready to join Joan in her campaign?

Join Campaign Weekend – Current Beta Participants

Current beta participants will be able to join Joan as soon as the event opens! Once in-game, select Campaigns from the Main Menu and then dive into battle by selecting Joan of Arc’s name from the map.

Join Campaign Weekend – New User Registration

Not yet an Age II: DE beta participant? Not a problem!

You can still register as an Age Insider for the chance to access the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Beta and join us for Campaign Weekend, but you’ll need to act fast! The next wave of beta invites will be going out later this week, and only Age Insiders with a connected Steam account and DxDiag on file will be considered for this round of invites.

What is the Age of Empires Insider Program?

The Age of Empires Insider Program is a new opportunity for gamers who want to get an inside look and have a hand in the development of the Age of Empires franchise.

Insiders will be sent regular communications relating to Age of Empires, along with special survey opportunities to give the development team input on specific areas. Additionally, we’ll be selecting members of the Insider Program for beta events, such as Age II: DE’s Campaign Weekend. You must be signed up as an Insider to be considered for participation in these beta phases, so don’t wait! Our selections will depend on the options you select and the information you provide during registration, and a more complete profile will ensure you’re eligible for the widest range of opportunities.

Ready to jump in? Check out the following guide for step-by-step instructions on how to sign-up as an Age of Empires Insider:

  1. Visit our website by clicking here or logging on to
  2. Select Sign in to begin on the “Become an Age Insider” portion of the website.
  3. Login with your Microsoft Account.
  4. Carefully read over and complete the questions in the sign-up survey.
  5. Add a Steam Account when prompted to during the survey. This is required because the Age II: DE Beta (and Campaign Weekend) takes place on Steam!
    Didn’t add a Steam account during sign-up? No worries! Visit your profile settings to add it in.
  6. Confirm your survey responses and click Submit Survey.
  7. Welcome to the Age Insider program! We’ll reach out to you via email if you’re selected to participate in the beta.

If you encounter any questions on the Insider sign-up process, we encourage you to check out our Insider FAQ or reach out to us at

We hope to have you with us for Campaign Weekend!

Update: Post has been edited to include new start and end times for the event.

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  • reckersballs August 21, 2019

    omg I missed it!

    my steam name is (bluelightstar8574)
    I have no friends and I play this game way to much.
    I have played this game for years. I love the story line and the intensity of the game. you can really go into this more and more.

    I have tried playing wow and a bunch of others. I have over 100 + games on steam and I have tried several of them. I played Age Of Empires 3 and that was fun. The game had some choppy graphics though and a sand box feel.

    I played Age Of Empires Online but it was a pay to play game and I am not really into those. Still was really fun and the dynamics were fun to play.

    I have always wanted to try to play the beta on these but I haven't actually tried until this point.

    I am really hoping I can get on and play a beta. I am not a super fast player but I still like to play. I tried to get online once and I got into a server. I think I got on an Asian server because of the language dialect.

    I would really enjoy playing an online match with someone.

    please pick me for the next Beta

    I don't Xbox very much.
    I am mainly on steam.


  • gmdonny August 18, 2019

    also dissapointed since i downloaded all that has been asked and i could not join

  • jjraybould August 16, 2019

    I'll never fall for this bait and switch again. Become an insider they said, take ages updating to the latest version of windows, etc, only to be sent a pointless invite to the first age of empires DE, which I already own. No Age of Empires 2 DE beta access was available. I hope you did a better job at the game than you did at managing this beta access. Right now I am going from a sure thing purchase to a wait and see, just because of how badly the beta access has been handled.

  • alejo7vanegas August 16, 2019

    Hola, Porque al descargar esta Beta, lo que descarga es la Beta de AOE DE?

  • typicfoot9 August 15, 2019

    Hopefully i can get accepted

  • assainkspark97 August 13, 2019

    por que ya no esta abierta la beta ???

  • derherrmegawunk August 12, 2019

    Since no beta content was available for AOE2 despite the received e-mail over the entire weekend, Microsoft apparently no longer needs a beta tester.

    • jjraybould August 16, 2019

      Same here. Got a bogus email with the AoE2DE banner on it but all that was available on the xbox insider hub was the first game.

  • gmdonny August 11, 2019

    lemme join :) :) :)

  • iijetstormii August 10, 2019

    still waiting for the beta key, i wonder if i ll get at all..

  • bidz350 August 10, 2019

    i need this in my life right now! so excited!


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