As we round out the month and get closer to the excitement of Gamescom 2019, we have a few big updates for all our Age fans!

During the month of August, we will be hosting an exclusive, timed event in the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Beta on Steam that will offer a sampling of the “Campaigns” gamemode. For those of you unfamiliar with campaigns, they are a singleplayer mode that includes a series of historically based scenarios with specially curated cut scenes, units, and objectives.

Sound exciting? Good, because Campaign Weekend will feature just that! Beta participants will be able to join forces with the Maid of Orléans herself, Joan of Arc, and battle the English in a remastered version of the age-old classic campaign.

Not signed up for the Age II: DE beta yet? You can still register as an Age Insider for the chance to join us for Campaign Weekend but you’ll need to act fast! The next wave of beta invites will be going out next week, and only Age Insiders with a connected Steam account and DxDiag on file will be considered for this round.

Pretty sure you’ve already signed up, but uncertain about whether you linked your Steam Account?  We recently refreshed the profile page settings to allow you to personalize and update your Age Insider preferences more easily. This means that existing Age of Empires Insiders who haven’t connected a Steam account yet can become eligible for the beta (and Campaign Weekend!) by linking a Steam account in their profile settings.

Dates and times for Campaign Weekend and the next wave of beta invites will be announced next week. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more info!

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  • moshaboy September 7, 2019

    I got a beta key and found a bug (presumably) but I cannot for the life of me login to the forums. Deleted cookies etc. nothing works. I don't even understand how one can mess up programming a webforum in 2019.

  • lippen91 August 20, 2019

    Already did the insider signup several weeks ago but it still haven't registered and i can do it over and over :S

  • takpedro August 17, 2019

    I did not received the invitation two get I have to wait

  • jjraybould August 16, 2019

    Wasn't even sent an invite. The insider program is a big waste of time and effort. What is the point?

    • killuniadragon August 17, 2019

      Same here. :(

    • pikouli August 16, 2019

      same :(

  • spiegelkaktus64 August 15, 2019

    Steam is missing "AoE2DE_s.exe" and I can the Game don´t start. :-/

  • xxkei77777xx August 14, 2019

    AoE2: DE When playing the scenario, occasionally clicking with the mouse becomes unresponsive.

  • satincypress93 August 11, 2019

    It isn't still in all the same languages (not in european spanish, only american, for example) than the old AOE2, will this be solved?

    • satincypress93 August 11, 2019

      it's a big deal, because latin americans don't often buy games only in european spanish (castilian) neither spanish buy games only in american spanish, cause are pretty different and change lot of meanings between this dialects.

  • r3dmidnight August 9, 2019

    in Xbox Insider Hub (app for Windows 10 PC) I have only the "AoE: DE Beta" insider content, when I press "show in the store" returns an error: "Code: 0x00000194" and "CV: +mv3TXTiJU6A0dvJ" is this normal ?
    apologize for the post here
    if there is a forum page more appropriate for these things I would be happy to have the link

  • gazezel August 8, 2019

    Oh I had the same aoe1de invite too, might this be in error?

  • macdaddyr August 7, 2019

    Your notice above lists details for AoE2:DE however the invite I was sent was for AoE:DE I do have the option for AoE:DE but i'd really be interested in AoE2:DE any way of making AoE2:DE available?

    • renzoneru August 8, 2019

      I was happy for the invitation, I thought it was the AOE2DE but it was actually from the previous BETA of the AOEDE ...

    • tempires August 7, 2019

      AoE2:DE beta is closed so you need invitation for it. AOE:DE beta was for all insiders who join it fastest.

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