How to create a DxDiag.xml file

Step 1

Begin by holding the Windows key

on your keyboard
and press R. The Windows key is located between
Ctrl and Alt on the left
of most keyboards, and looks like a flag.

Step 2

In the Run window, enter “dxdiag
into the Open box and press OK. If you are asked whether you “want
to check if your drivers are digitally signed,”
select Yes.

Step 3

After a few seconds, the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will
open and begin collecting your system information.

Step 4

When it is done gathering information, click “Save All Information
at the bottom of the window. In the “Save as type” box, select
XML File. Save the file to a location you can find again
later, such as your Desktop.

Step 5

You may now close the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window. Use the
Choose File” button below to find the file
you just created and attach it to the survey.