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  • merlinmadhat May 9, 2021
    All Taunts Pack includes these taunts on the same numbers, and more. https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/1987/
  • reigen April 27, 2020

    For anyone who has the problem that the taunts don't work, here is a solution i figured out.
    Note: This works only for taunts that doesn't replace the main taunts.

    1.Find a taunt pack that already works (i dont know how to do this if you got no working pack).
    2.Open both the directory of the working one and the one that doesn't. (go to directory over the ingame mod menu or manual listed in "user/yourname/Games/Age of Empires 2 DE/number(mine is 76561197998360739)/mods/subscribed/yourtauntpack".
    3. Now you want to copy the one who's not working to your desktop, in my case from the Gordon ramsay taunt pack the file "500 embarassing_mess.mp3_D435D2E4.wem" and rename it to the working one, that's in my case from the Aussie Banter taunts the file "106 Yes, of course.wem" or every other one in this pack because all of them worked. Now drag the renamed gordon ramsey taunt in the aussie taunt pack and override it.
    4. If you start AoeDE now the game should reset the taunts and the taunt pack that wasn't working before should now function properly.

    Note that i set my game to english and most taunt packs only use the "en" files of the game.

    That's it let me know if it helped you. hfgl


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