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  • Prizepool: $15,800

  • Players: 32

  • Stages: 4 + Grand Final

Tournament Overview

King of the Desert 2 is the successor to the memorable tournament with the same name back in 2017, hosted by MembTV & Swissboyy. The Tournament will feature 32 of the very best players in Age of Empires 2 - fighting over the span of five weeks.

All matches will be played on the well-known and popular Arabia map; however, to create an even more exciting tournament, the map has been slightly altered to encourage aggressive and exciting gameplay.

The first three rounds of the tournament is a best of five series, where players won't be able to repeat any civilisation throughout those three weeks. This means that all participants has to be incredibly thoughtful of what civilisations they decide to use.

In the semifinals, players will battle in a best of seven series where they can now choose any civilisation from the pool once again - the winners of this round will move on to the huge grand final which will be played in a best of nine series. Who is going to be the next King of the Desert?