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Find out which eight teams will qualify to the main event, with two weeks of matches. We'll have all registered teams compete in a single elimination bracket to determine who makes it through.

Europe East

Across Scandinavia, the Baltic states and down to Budapest, Europe East will provide the battleground for the first Tournament Stage.


Mount Kilimanjaro rises high above the Serengeti, offering diverse terrain and challenges to teams competing in Africa.

Middle East

The dry deserts of Arabia provide vast open spaces for players and teams to clash in this high aggression map pool. Teams may find time to relax at an Oasis before heading back into battle again.

East Asia

With Samurai fighting at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and the Mongols waging war for control of the Steppe; Asia promises nothing but action from the start.

Southeast Asia

Players will fight for control of the Pacific Islands; Atolls and Bogs included. It’s a waterlogged showdown to see who can wrest control of Southeast Asia.


The Yucatan, home to thick rainforest and Mayan ruins will see our teams in search of a new Gold Rush before they head into the Atacama Desert for a final showdown.

Europe West

From the Highland down to the Black Forest Europe West will set the stage for sorting the weak from the strong as the final events of the league take place here.