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  • popcorn8511 September 30, 2021
    does this make the AI WEAKER ? The Ai Already SUCKS
  • feargrinn May 20, 2021
    You know your can put on a handicap for yourself right? To even it out
  • oldis-jr May 19, 2021
    whats wrong and what do i need to do, when i install this and try to play skirmish it says XS: error 0003: could not compile file 'AILOADERSTANDARD.XS'
    • raffaello August 19, 2021
      I have the same problem
  • capncrunchiest May 4, 2021
    How do I download the mod or implement it?
  • eaglemut-op October 19, 2020
    This seems like a bad idea, the AI is already too weak even with handicaps :(
    • feargrinn June 5, 2021
      its not a bad idea. but people who need the mod need to just use the in game handicap. if you need ANOTHER handicap, its not that youre not handy, you outright suck. theyre no HARDER. theyre faster.
    • intrepid-droid February 2, 2021
      Well, it's not really for you then. It's for us who aren't very handy with RTS games but still really love to play them. And the lower difficulty AI don't really do much at all. But the harder difficulty ones are TOO hard. I just want the A.I. to do everything a player can but not make it so hard.
  • lurkerde October 17, 2020
    "We made the ai cheat less by still making it cheat 20% and 40% on the hardest difficultues"

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