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  • rogersc April 7, 2021
    i cant find this map to download "LOST" to DE
  • similarowl0320 April 4, 2021
    I just downloaded your pack. Awesome man!! I'm not a fan of FFA or 4v4 maps but I loved the old school maps (Black Rock, Alberta, Bering etc). I have a couple of suggestions: don't you think Black rock asks for two or three native settlements? Wouldn't it be better rotating the two settlements from Nechako river to the E-W direction?. It feels they are geographic boundaries instead of proper settlements since they are in the middle. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE MAPS. I hope the developers add the serious one to the pool soon.
  • voodoo-2 February 6, 2021
    really love your work. i played a lot of lost 2.0 with my friends. so i was wondering if it is possible to add lost 2.0 in this mod?
    • vividlyplain February 7, 2021
      forgot to say thanks for the compliment! glad you're enjoying the maps :)
    • vividlyplain February 7, 2021
      I don't know as I don't have the files for that map. Converting Lost 5 to 6 for DE was a lot of work tho so I'm not sure about an older version and how many changes would need to happen.
  • mapekus January 28, 2021
    Got a bug on RH St. Helens. Both players near the lakes on 4 Player FFA spawned without town center and settlers -- just the explorer.
    • e03620066576544657ab6c1e3b949dffc9fd914b4a3e79c6dc February 26, 2021
      Update: I changed the FFA spawn a few days ago. This issue shoulld be fixed.
    • vividlyplain February 1, 2021
      Thanks for the report. I'll get that fixed for my next update.
  • alexandersciv January 26, 2021
    Hello! Very interesting work. Where can I download maps? Здравствуйте! Очень интересные работы. Где можно скачать карты?
    • vividlyplain February 7, 2021
      I know we spoke on ESOC. Hopefully you got it sorted out.

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