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  • xi-entaj February 11, 2021
    Hi PhillySouljah - another very fun scenario :). The feeling of exploration was spot-on, particularly later in the mission as I explored up the rivers. I agree with the earlier commenter saying it would be more fun if you couldn't train more villagers, but either way it was excellent. Right from the start it felt like I really was hiring my ships and crew and setting off on an adventure. Thank you for creating and sharing it!
  • ltcolbekks November 16, 2020
    Thank you to the author for publishing. This is a nice relaxing and exploration type map, vs. your typical B&D; as such the difficulty was easy (as the developer intended). Some feedback. As others have stated from previous comments, I'd advise not being able to build a TC or any more villagers to retain the feel of an expedition & historicity. Otherwise you become too strong and just steamroller everything. I recommend players downloading this - not to get more than the 3 villagers scatered across the map and cheese this map, as this can make the mission less fun/tense.
    • solelemur249051 August 23, 2021
      I had some fun building settlements around the map, but I agree the player should not be able to make a TC to keep it as an adventure map.
  • paladin August 24, 2020

    The map is beautiful, but enemies are not doing anything - they have no workers and their soldiers are just standing there until you kill them. On the other hand, you have workers and are able to build and everything.
    It is not challenging and gets boring after a while.

    • pursuedvincent October 21, 2020
      Its a nice comment.

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