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  • rakovsky March 3, 2021
    This was an adventuresome map. I got killed twice on Easy, so it is worth having a little walkthrough for players to get a foothold: - Start by researching the wheel ASAP, then making villagers, and researching woodchopping. - Send your scout around and build villagers and houses. - Send your trade ship to Egypt. There is a big wood gathering spot in the far NE edge near Babylon, and there is a Gaia merchant ship on the Euphrates for Babylon (build a dock for it) and another one is south of Turkey. As you explore the sea with your scout ship, you will get some Gaia boats. - Focus on fishermen for food. - Build storage pits by the Sea of Galilee and on the left edge of the wood area northeast of your TC, near the north end of your opening valley area. - A granary can go early on by the berries in the far north of the map if you are on EASY. A starting granary by the Sea of Galilee is good too. - Build a navy for defense and maybe an extra dock. - Build a tower on the north edge of yourvalley area and upgrade it. The only "glitch" with the campaign is that when I brought the war chests to my TC one by one, my Hebrew allies came to the chests, and thus captured them. This is to be expected I guess because the Hints talk about your allies being attracted to the chests. Another problem was that when I put my units right next to the Hebrews' captured chests sitting by my TC, the game did not give me ownership of them, even after the Hebrew units wandered away from those war chests so that my units were easily the only ones near the chests. I am not sure why, nor if there is a VC (eg. if there is a Team ownership of the chests VC or a VC of giving your arks to Red instead of keeping them) or Diplomacy setting (eg. Allied Victory) that will address this issue. I suggest adding into the Hints that it's a good idea to build an enclosure for the war chests by your TC so that your allies don't accidentally get them, or else keep the war chests someplace safe like Cyprus until you get all the other goals.
  • xi-entaj February 11, 2021
    Hi PhillySouljah! I had a great time with this map; I think it's one of my favorites of yours. The beginning was quite difficult until I learned to defeat the Luwians a.s.a.p. (otherwise Hittite navy is near-impossible!). But it was a lot of fun throughout! I enjoy the variety of objectives; particularly the exploration objective, which suits the Phoenicians so well. The battle to control the seas was a lot of fun, and very rewarding because once you do you can claim Cyprus; and the option to destroy the Assyrians was cool as well. How do you make the AI demand tribute that way? Anyway, thank you for making this scenario!
  • wiseguy198618 November 19, 2020
    This scenario while fun was extremely tough on Hardest. After many attempts I was able to run some villies to the eastern base, wall off, build up - you will remain ########## until you’re ready. You can also sneak across the southeastern desert, cross the river, and build docks where you can access much needed gold mines, then spam elephants and crush brown from the rear!
  • ltcolbekks November 15, 2020
    Great little scenario with mixed objectives which I appreciated. Thanks again to the author. I thought the difficulty was a moderate-hard start and then pretty cruisy thereafter. The overall toughness can be minimised further by an early assault to knock out the Luwians. Some feedback 1. I'd advise to have green have some more units or build some throughout the mission. 2. I thought it might be interesting to make the Assyrians ask for more tribute progressively over time and build up a bit more aswell.

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