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  • albertha94 August 26, 2021
    Greetings, Thanks for the mod, i tried checking the link provided for the full campaign but it appears to be broken. Could you please update it?
    • phillysouljah August 28, 2021
      Thanks for the report. Just search for "Exodus" on this website and you'll find it right away!
  • tax3soo2 April 28, 2021
    This did not work at all. Only lets my priest get into raft and that's all. He can't even convert the purple villager. No other units on the map other than the Magi which is too far away. I was hoping to play this one as most of the DE campaigns are hard.
  • cliff-cosper December 25, 2020
    For some reason I couldn't build a temple so I couldn't advance, maybe I'm missing something.
  • wiseguy198618 September 14, 2020
    Super creative, overall well done! Your campaigns are inspirational and I still wonder where you get the time to put in that level of detail!
  • paliiim August 26, 2020

    The map is beautiful, but playing the scenario is not challenging - enemies are not active and you have fully operational base to your disposal.
    Some steps in mission instructions do not need to be followed (getting Moses or rather Hero Xu Fu to burning bush).
    Also, to raise quality, units should be marked correctly.
    Egyptian princess turned out to be quite a lumber jack.


of 5 comments