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Age of Empires IV — Festival of Ages: Feast & Hunt

We humbly request your presence for a royal Feast & Hunt! You’re invited to share hearty meal together and to celebrate a successful hunt in the fourth and final Seasonal Event for Age of Empires IV’s Season One.

Show off your royal lineage with the Royal Feast Portrait from Kalka River mission without losing 25 units, and enjoy the amazing Wolf Bust Monument by winning a single Ranked Season Match, plus much more as you earn rewards and revel in all the seasonal fun!

  • Unlock new Portraits
  • Unlock new Coats of Arms
  • Unlock a new Monument!
  • Show off your earned rewards while celebrating the Festival of Ages! 

Event Rewards

From June 15th through 29th, complete in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards!

Up you go!

Earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal in any Art of War challenge
Up, Up & Away Coat of Arms Sigil
…And he’s off!
1000 XP 

Earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal in any Art of War challenge
Basset Hound Portrait
Many dog breeds were used to aid hunters in their efforts. Basset hounds in particular were prized for their scent work.

1000 XP

No one can stop meDestroy a stone wall with War Elephants as the Delhi SultanateTotally Normal Elephant Coat of Arms Sigil
Many artistic renditions of elephants were created by artists who had never laid eyes on one – depending solely on the tales of travelers.

1000 XP 

Keeping them aliveComplete the Kalka River mission without losing 25 unitsRoyal Feast
Only the best cut for the King!

1000 XP 

For the win
Win a Ranked Season match
Wolf Bust
A bust of our most beloved bitey infantry.

1000 XP 

Show it off!

You can show what you’ve earned by changing your portrait or flashing your sweet coat of arms, so show off your rewards with pride!  

We hope you enjoy our fourth and final event of Season One, Feast & Hunt. Don’t forget to keep letting us know what you’d like to see in upcoming seasons – it excites us too! 

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