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Age of Empires IV – Season Four Update 6.0.878

Join us in the Enchanted Grove for Season Four, starting on February 16th! In this update, you can optimize your strategy on three new maps, start from scratch with only a few villagers and no starting Town Center in the new Nomad game mode, build new or improved Landmarks, and more! You’ll also get to explore the new Enchanted Grove Biome as we round out this update with a new season of events, rewards and ranked, as well as quality-of-life updates. 

  • New Event and Biome: Enchanted Grove 
  • Season Four Ranked 1v1 and Team Ranked 
  • New Maps: Four Lakes, Continental, Marshland 
  • New Game Mode: Nomad 
  • Mod Browser Update 
  • UI Improvements 
  • Landmark Reworks 
  • Art of War Updates 
  • New Cheat Code 

Thanks again to our amazing community members, all of whom have helped to make Age of Empires what it is today!

—The Age of Empires Team

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Enchanted Grove

Enchanted Grove Event

We’re starting off Season Four by inviting you to step into the wondrous and new Enchanted Grove, which starts on February 16th and runs through  March 29th. You can Get in the Grove to earn more portraits, coat of arms, and banners by completing challenges.

Image of the new magical biome with shimmery white deer and the rewards for the new Enchanted Grove Event

Login Bonus 🎯 Log in February 16th
🏆Profile Icon Unlock 
Challenge How to Unlock Reward 
Get in the Grove🔒 Win a 2v2 Quick Match without using Gaia as a food source. 
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock 
On a Limb 🔒 Win a Multiplayer or Skirmish match where Wood is only obtained through trading after reaching Age II as the French. 
🧱 Coat of Arms Sigil Unlock 
Regrowth 🔒 Research the Lumber Preservation upgrade from the Lumber Mill and gather 2,000 Wood. 
🧱 Coat of Arms Sigil Unlock 
Hinterlands 🔒 Win a Skirmish or Multiplayer match using the Thick Woods mod. 
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock 
Seedlings 🔒 Construct 15 Farms and research all Mill upgrades in a Multiplayer or Skirmish match as the English. 
🧱 Coat of Arms Banner Unlock 
Wood Please 🔒 Research the Tithe Barns upgrade and accrue 1,000 Wood from Relics in a Multiplayer or Skirmish game.  
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock 
Deerly Departed 🔒 Kill the Enchanted Stag in a Multiplayer or Skirmish game. 
🧱 Unlocks a Monument 

New Event Biome: Enchanted Grove

We also kick off Season Four with a new, glowing biome you can explore and enjoy throughout the Enchanted Grove event. If your units successfully hunt the graceful yet elusive Enchanted Stag in a Multiplayer or Skirmish game, you’ll receive the Golden Stag Monument. 

Gif showing the new enchanted grove biome with white deer

Ranked Season Four

Ranked Play

For those of you looking to test your mettle and seek glory, we’re excited to announce that ranked play starts right after Season Four begins. Get ready to gather your armies for Ranked Season Four starting on February 17th ! Age up through the ranks and earn your rewards when Ranked Season Four ends on June 7th. 

Image of all the rewards and ranks to earn in season four

Season Four Map Pools

We’re looking to keep things fresh with every new season and Season Four is no exception. We’re always aiming to include new maps a short while after they’re added into the game and mix in older maps when they haven’t been in the rotation for a while. To see which maps you like and know which tend to be popular, we’re always reading your feedback and looking at our data to inform which maps we want to include into our future rotations – so let us know your thoughts on Season Four’s new map rotation! To learn more about the new maps, read on below. 

To keep things fair for competitive ranked play, the Enchanted Grove biome will not be available on ranked maps. 

1v1 Ranked Map Pool for Season Four 

  • Dry Arabia  
  • Prairie  
  • Lipany  
  • Ancient Spires  
  • Wetlands  
  • Oasis  
  • Altai  
  • Boulder Bay  
  • Waterholes

Team Ranked Map Pool for Season Four

  • Dry Arabia  
  • Lipany  
  • Hideout  
  • High View  
  • Mountain Clearing  
  • Hill and Dale  
  • Mongolian Heights  
  • Baltic  
  • Nagari 

New Maps

In Season Four, we’re introducing three new maps you can play on: Four Lakes, Continental, and Marshland!

Four Lakes

A land surrounded by four lakes invites aggression from all sides, both on land and on water. Fight for control over the land and the lakes at the edge of the map! In this open map, action can happen anywhere and in every corner. Maintaining control over the lakes and islands at the edges of the map could be the key to victory at the center.   


Continental makes its return from the original Age of Empires! An extensive island surrounded by ocean — the water holds numerous fish and stealth areas to ambush your foes. With water restricting maneuverability, your Town Center will be in close proximity to others, so take strategic care to balance your military for both water and land!   


Marshland is an open and aggressive environment set deep into the jungle, surrounded by boggy grounds. There are vast amounts of forest you can hide in to surprise your opponents, and though there are plenty of resources scattered in the swamps, beware of the dangerous wildlife lurking in the woods.  

New Game Mode: Nomad

Start with a fresh slate in the Nomad game mode. Available in custom and skirmish games, Nomad gives you three scattered villagers to begin your rise through the Ages. 

Build your Town Center quickly to get a jump on your opponents or search out the best positioning for better resourcing. Be careful – there are no guarantees an enemy isn’t building right outside your vision range! 

Nomad has all the same options as Standard game mode, save that everyone always starts in random locations. Teams or no, your nomads are scattered across the map. 

Choosing the Mode

Select Nomad among the game modes in any Custom or Skirmish game setup.  

Note that once Nomad is set as the mode, the option for Teams Together/Apart (in the Map Setup screen) is removed. Scattering is part of the fun in Nomad! 

Gif showing the process for how to set up a skirmish to play nomad mode.

Start Conditions

In Nomad, each player starts the game with three villagers spread around a broad section of the map. 

These villagers can start building a first Town Center. This first Town Center will be your Landmark Town Center and costs no resources. You won’t be able to build additional Town Centers until allowed by your civilization’s normal tech tree. 

Image showing in game startup of nomad mode.

Mod Browser Update

In this update, we are making significant improvements to make the Mod Browser experience more intuitive and useful for mod enjoyers:

  • Dynamic search – Players can now see mods search results appear as soon as they start typing in the search input bar, without needing to click on a search button. 
  • More relevant search results – We’ve made changes in how the server returns search results based on player’s search criteria.   
  • Popular Search – Search results will now be sorted based on their “popularity” score which is calculated based on subscription numbers and ratings, so popular mods would appear first. 
  • Official mods toggle – Players can now filter mods using the new “official” toggle to find official mods, as well as see a new official label on them. 
  • Subscriber count display – We’ve added subscriber count on mod tiles to help players find popular mods quickly. 
  • Pagination system – Players can now view search results with a new paging system to view them page by page, jump to a specific page or the first/last page.

UI/UX Updates

Minimap Zooming

You can now change the size of the minimap via the “Minimap Zoom Level” setting, by using the “Change Minimap Zoom Level” hotkey (default key: M), or the zoom button to the lower right of the minimap HUD. 

  • Three sizes are available: Normal, 125%, and 150%. 
  • The “Change Minimap Zoom Level” hotkey can be reassigned to a different key under Hotkey Settings. 

Improved Unit HUD

In this update, we are making an effort to improve the HUD’s unit stats panel with the following changes: 

  • Movement speed will now be shown on the top level (previously shown in the detail stats overlay).
  • Additional weapons and their stats are now available in the detail stats overlay. (i.e. Primary and secondary weapons for units, as well as emplacement weapons for keeps, towers, etc.) 

  • Duplicate weapons are now combined into one, and showing the number of times it repeats for better clarity.  (i.e. 12 Bow x 3 – Ranged)

Developer Note: While there are still a few bugs with duplicate weapons, we wanted to get this quality of life feature into your hands sooner to start enjoying! 

Garrison UI Improvements

We have improved the garrison UI to ensure that when selecting a garrisoned building you can see both the Building’s Information panel (previously missing) and the Garrisoned Units on the right side of the Building base stats. 

Improved Multiplayer Team UI

We’ve heard your feedback that in multiplayer games, you’d like to see team members displayed as grouped together to help you quickly understand who’s on what team. With this update, we made the change to display team members together clearly in the gameplay HUD to improve quick legibility. You’ll see this change in UI areas such as the Post Match Summary UI, Player Score, and Match History. 

Tribute Changes 

In addition to the UI improvements, you’ll also now have the ability to bulk-tribute your gathered resources to your teammates in the tribute menu. 

  • Hold down Shift key and click on resources to send x5 resources, Control key to send x10 resources. 

Landmark Reworks

Big changes here! We’ve taken a hard look at the landmark designs and changed some dramatically. Don’t worry, your favorites like the Golden Gate Landmark are untouched. We’ve looked at our data from the least used landmarks as well as many personal accounts from the community to target the underperformers. Our aims for these are to open up additional strategic options for the civilizations, create Landmarks that have more active and engaging strategies, and make the gameplay between Landmarks more unique. So we’ve buffed lesser used Landmarks and added more fun! 

Full details on the Landmark changes can be found under each civilization’s Civ-Specific Changes below. 

Art of War Updates

While we knew some of you would survive long enough to get gold easily, we were surprised to see just how long a few people managed to make it with the Ottoman Art of War Challenges! These changes are aimed at those that made gold look trivial. 

  • In the Ottoman Art of War challenge, enemy stone walls are now invulnerable. 
  • In the Ottoman Art of War challenge, enemy waves continue to scale up after the gold medal is achieved. 

Daily Challenges

All civilizations have new Daily Quests for all civilizations specific-challenges! 

New Cheat Code

The newly-added cheat “minimally minimal” hides all UI. Perfect for screenshots, GIFs, villager selfies… whatever you want to capture! 

AI Changes

General AI Updates

The AI has had several improvements to how it handles its economy as well as its military and naval strategies. 

  • Fixed villagers harvesting sheep that are following a scout.   
  • Multiple AI fishing ships can now gather from the same deposit closer to their dock. 
  • AI now researches military upgrades more effectively.  
  • Developer’s Note: Military research used to heavily rely on knowing what units the enemy brings to a fight. Now it will get generally good upgrades based on it’s own army composition if it is unable to get enough information on the enemy forces. 
  • AI Villagers are now assigned to the Drop Off Building they have constructed. 
  • AI will now always try to build the first lumberyard near a forest. 
  • AI early game economy was optimized to improve its wood gathering while transitioning to the Feudal Age. 
  • When playing as the Abbasid Dynasty using ‘Hardest Difficulty’, the AI will prioritize researching the Fresh Foodstuffs upgrade as soon as it becomes available. 
  • Adjusted the AI to have trebuchets be higher priority during Castle age and lower in Imperial age. Less infantry/cavalry are required than before to prioritize siege weapons. 
  • After a drop-off building was built, the villagers who just built that drop-off should be prioritized to gather resources nearby. 
  • Malian AI was adjusted to no longer produce cattle at the start of the game to improve their age up speed. They can start aging up as early as 3-4 minutes into the game. It is permitted to produce cattle after 6 minutes. 
  • AI Ottoman war galley will now unload produced units on AI island to be used for future encounters. 
  • The Rus AI can activate the Levy Militia ability from the Kremlin when threatened by enemies. 
  • Fixed a bug where a scout could get stuck against a deer. 
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would ignore some enemy units and may end combat early. 

AI Naval Updates 

  • AI will prefer shore positions for building defensive fortification on naval maps. 
  • For the AI, we increased the production priority of Transport ships when land military units are available. 
  • AI transports will now avoid unloading their units at dangerous areas on enemy islands. 
  • Few issues fixed regarding AI army being stuck due to one of the transports getting destroyed during the army loading phase. 
  • AI Fire ship targeting selection has been improved, and AI fire ships will attack the enemy ships that will try to attack them at their dock.
  • Fixed a bug where AI attempted to build docks and fishing ships on hybrid maps with small ponds. 
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would occasionally take breaks from constructing a Landmark building and would prioritize gathering resources before returning to Landmark construction. 


  • We’re changing the name of the Mediterranean map to Baltic. 

Developer’s Note: The reason for this change is that we have a Biome by the name of Mediterranean and it’s causing confusion with the map that is called Mediterranean. 

  • Maps are now alphabetically ordered in the map selection screen. 
  • Biomes are now alphabetically ordered in the biome selection dropdown menu. 
  • Made some map quality-of-life improvements: 
    • Cliffs should not generate at corners and block sacred sites 
    • Hills should not generate near shore, allowing dock placement. 
    • Carcasses will no longer drop through bridges. 
  • Fixed a soft lock that would occur during the loading screen for Black Forest with certain Map Seeds. 

Map-Specific Changes

  • Altai 
    • Fixed a rare instance where one or more Trade Posts would fail to generate. 
  • Prairie
    • Players are pushed ever so slightly further apart from each other and closer to the edge of the map. 
  • Mountain Clearing
    • The resources surrounding the players are now more spread out and don’t clump up as much. 
    • The amount of forest on the map has decreased, creating more space and allowing players more flanking opportunities. 
    • Players are moved slightly further away from each other. 

Double Villager Mod

  • The Double Villager mod now supports Ottomans and Malians. 

General Changes & Bugfixes

  • When you are eliminated from a match, remaining units will stop attacking previous targets, villagers will stop gathering, and any other unit commands will also cease. 
  • Ability hotkeys that do not conflict with the selected build menu now remain active. 
  • Fixed an issue to ensure right click & drag only occurs when right click is held and then the mouse is dragged. 
  • Fixed a bug to ensure fishing boats contribute to the economic count. 
  • Units will play their voice lines when entering/garrisoning a building. 
  • Fixed a bug that prevents re-downloading subscribed mods when you already own the latest version. 
  • Destroyed Landmarks can now be repaired in the Ottoman Art of War. 
  • Fixed a bug where training Masteries could not be completed. 
  • Fixed the “Defend” daily quest to account for English Keeps being built only. 
  • Fixed an issue where the map preferences set for quick match may be shown when queueing for a ranked match after clicking the “Play Again” button on the post-game screen. 
  • Caster mode: stolen sheep no longer add to conversion counts. 
  • Fixed an issue where Crafted Map Beginner mode would not set the right number of players for Large and Gigantic maps.
  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys did not work with an active Asian language IME or third party input software (for example, Sougou).
  • Fixed localization issues with Royal Rumble mod in some languages.
  • Fixed an issue where looking at other player’s Profile UI would incorrectly show viewer’s own monument.

Balance & Gameplay Changes for All Civilizations

  • Fixed a bug where melee units couldn’t attack on broken wall segments and would stand idle. 
  • Fixed a bug where placing a palisade gate sometimes create a gap in the wall. 
  • Fix a bug where landmarks could remain standing if destroyed while under construction. 
  • Fixed Fishing Ships temporarily stopping when they are re-ordered to garrison in a Dock.
  • Influence based effects such as the ones from the Abbasid’s House of Wisdom and Holy Roman Empire’s Emergency Repair influence can now only be extended with fully constructed buildings rather than building stamps.
  • Fixed an issue where units sometimes spawned on the wrong side of a unit production building if the rally point was placed too close to the building. 
  • Relics will now stay on top of bridges and walls when dropped 
  • Relic respawns on the nearest land after being lost in the ocean on a transport 
  • Changed the event-cycling behavior to now only focus on Attack notifications. 
  • Elite Army Tactics, Heavy Maces and Two-Handed weapons extra damage now properly apply to charge and spear wall weapons. 
  • Idle units will now do a better job of finding good targets to attack. This is especially improved when raiding farms as units will now continue to hunt farmers instead of torching farms. 
  • Unload Garrison ability can now be rebound to a different hotkey. 
  • After repairing a farm or resource drop-off building, villagers will now automatically gather from the farm or nearby resources. 
  • Reverted the change to Boar retaliation behavior with feedback from the PUP: the Boar no longer only chases the attacking unit and will instead target the closest unit nearby when attacked. 
  • Fishing boat gather rates: 
    • Deep Fishing reduced from 1 to 0.9. 
      • Rus Deep fishing reduced from 1.9 to 1.71. 
    • Shore Fishing increased from 0.66 to 0.7. 

Developer Note: We wanted to lessen the impact of deep fishing to open up additional strategic opportunities on maps with water. Increasing shore fish gather rates is aimed at making these resources more effective in general for boats as well as creating options around defensive tech-based plays. 

  • Walls 
    • Palisade Walls 
      • Cost increased from 5 to 7 Wood. 
      • Health reduced from 1500 to 1250. 
    • Rus Improved Palisade Wall 
      • Health reduced from 3000 to 2500. 
      • Build time reduced from 7 to 3 seconds. 
    • Stone Walls 
      • Health reduced from 3500 to 3000. 

Developer Note: Walls are extremely cost effective at shutting down aggression. We are adjusting them to make sure they fill the intended role of being speedbumps that give you time to reposition and react to enemy attacks.

  • Trade Balance Adjustments 
    • Reduce gold generated by trade by 10%. 

Developer Note: When comparing gold generation from traders vs villagers we found that traders are more effective so we’ve reduced it to create a more compelling choice between the two economic units. We’ll continue to refine trader gold generate rates in future updates. 

  • Monks now only heal at 50% speed when their target is in combat.   
  • Villager formation catchup speed reduced from 100% to 40% to match all other units in the game. This will effectively make raiding groups of retreating villagers easier.   
  • Fixed an issue where the secondary UI panel isn’t accessible when selecting a group of mixed unit types. 
  • The villager’s build menu now correctly resets when clearing the selection. 
  • Fixed a bug where the UI would incorrectly tell you to repair an enemy’s landmark. 
  • Fixed cattle not dying when the “you monster” cheat is used. 
  • Fixed villagers restarting their build animation after re-issuing the same build command. 
  • Fixed villagers looking like they are gliding if spammed with attack orders to hunt a wolf. 
  • Fixed a rare case where defensive structures would stop firing at visible targets within range.   
  • Updated various tooltips for techs and landmarks to correct inaccuracies. 
  • All units will no longer fire additional shots after hunting any harvestable Gaia. This means that Scouts will now correctly fire two arrows when hunting Deer, instead of three. 

Siege Updates

A series of updates have been made to siege units. Siege units and tech unique to a civilization are covered in their civ-specific changes further on. 

  • Field Constructed siege units no longer get stuck in berry bushes. 
  • Bombard 
    • Wood cost reduced from 400 to 300 
  • Great Bombard (Ottoman) 
    • Wood cost reduced from 600 to 450 
  • Cannon 
    • Wood cost reduced from 400 to 300 
  • Ribauldequin 
    • Wood cost reduced from 400 to 300

Developer Note: These siege weapons were feeling too expensive considering how quickly they get killed by anti-siege and melee units. Reducing wood costs helps differentiate them from their predecessors in earlier ages. 

  • Battering Ram 
    • Siege Workshops can now produce Battering Rams for all civilizations. 
    • New Technology – Lightweight Beams – Imperial Age 
      • Increase Battering Ram attack speed by +40% and reduces their field construction time by -50%. 

Developer Note: We wanted to give rams better late game scaling and allow for more attacks from multiple angles. 

  • Fixed a bug where siege units could get stuck in their unpacking animation if their target was too close. 

Landmarks, Buildings, and Technology 

We wanted the initial wing choice of the House of Wisdom to align more closely with high level strategies. Military wing for rushing, Culture wing for teching, and Trade/Economic wings for booming. These changes are aimed at increasing the diversity of playstyles available to the Abbasid civilization. 

  • House of Wisdom Landmark 
    • This building is now a Home Market Destination that can be traded with. 
    • Trade Wing 
      • Spawns 3 Traders once construction is complete. 
    • Military Wing  
      • Spawns units based on the age you complete this wing: 1 Archer & 2 Spearmen in Feudal, 2 Camel Riders in Castle, 3 Handcannoneers in Imperial. 
      • Camel Rider Shields moved to the Stable. 
      • Composite Bows moved to this wing in the castle age. Cost reduced from 700 gold 300 wood to 350 gold 150 wood. 
    • Economic Wing 
      • Added Fertile Crescent Technology, costs 25 food 75 gold. Reduces wood and stone cost of economic buildings and houses by 25% . 
      • Moved Fresh Foodstuffs to Town Center. 
      • Fresh Foodstuffs villager cost bonus reduced from 50% to 35%. 
    • Culture Wing 
      • Preservation of Knowledge bonus reduced from 30% to 20%. Reduction now applies to age up costs. 
      • Research time reduced from 60 to 30 seconds. 
    • Fixed a bug where golden age wasn’t reducing research times properly. 
    • House of Wisdom now displays additional build menu in Caster Mode. 
    • Faith Technology 
      • Faith renamed to Proselytization. 
      • Monk Convert ability that unlocks with it has been renamed to Proselytize. 


  • Teak Masts naval technology cost decreased from 300 gold/200 wood to 150 gold/100 wood, research time decreased from 40 to 30. 

Landmarks, Buildings, and Technology 

  • Astronomical Clocktower Landmark 
    • Can now produce the Clocktower Battering Rams with bonus health. 
  • Fixed a bug where Granaries wouldn’t generate taxes when technologies were researched there. 

Units and More 

  • Song Dynasty 
    • Villager production speed bonus reduced from +35% to +25% 
  • Nest of Bees will finish its current volley if its target dies or moves out of range.  Previously, it would stop firing immediately in those cases. 

Landmarks, Buildings, and Technology 

  • Compound of the Defender Landmark 
    • Contains the following defensive technologies that ignore age requirement: 
      • Village Fortress 
        • Research time reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes and 45 seconds 
      • Boiling Oil 
      • Court Architects 
      • Slow Burning Defenses 
  • House of Learning Landmark 
    • Reinforced Foundations technology allows villagers and infantry to garrison in houses and fire garrison arrows, houses gain +50% HP. 
    • Tranquil Venue technology healing per second increased from 1 to 2. 
    • Lookout Towers technology now also adds +1 weapon range to Outposts. 
    • Hearty Rations technology moved from Imperial Age to Castle Age. 
  • Hisar Academy Landmark 
    • Acts as a Madrasa and Food generation increased by 20%. 
  • Palace of the Sultan Landmark 
    • Now trains the new unique Sultan’s Elite Tower Elephant, a mounted Elephant with two Handcannoneer riders.  
    • While activated, the Palace of the Sultan will train an Elephant every 200 seconds. 
    • You can garrison Scholars into the landmark to speed up production, with 4 scholars reducing train time down to 90 seconds.  
  • Mosques 
    • Garrison slots increased from 3 to 5. 
    • Dome of Faith now acts as a Mosque. 
  • Village Fortress Technology 
    • Research time increased from 3:45 to 5:00. 
  • Fixed Lookout Tower technology not affecting outposts built after researching the technology. 
  • Zeal Technology 
    • Now adds a gold glow to affected units.
    • Buff effect no longer stacks. 
    • Fixed a bug where buff was giving much less attack speed than intended. 


  • War Elephant 
    • Cost reduced from 600 food 400 gold to 400 food 350 gold. 
    • HP reduced from 1400 to 850. 
    • Armor increased from 4/2 to 4/5. 
    • Tusk damage increased from 30 to 50. 
    • Spear damage increased from 20 to 25. 
    • Tusk Siege damage gains +100 vs buildings. 
  • Tower Elephant 
    • Tusk Siege damage gains +50 vs buildings. 
  • Armored Beasts Technology 
    • Now grants War Elephants +25% HP and +4 Ranged armor.  
  • Siege Elephants 
    • Technology renamed to “Howdahs”. 
    • In addition to equipping Tower Elephants with crowssbows, grants +30% HP and +4 Ranged armor. 
  • Fixed a bug where Elite Tower Elephants and regular Tower Elephants were both selected with a double click. 
  • Scholars 
    • Cost reduced from 150 to 130. 

Developer Note: As the in combat healing nerf hits Delhi the hardest, we wanted to compensate them by making it easier to add in scholars. 

  • Scholars which are garrisoned in a Mosque will now have their automatic healing ability toggled on when leaving the hold. 


  • 50% Extra HP on fishing ships. 
  • Manuscript Trade production speed bonus per scholar increased from 20% > 30%. 
  • Fixed an issue where Fishing Ships would not benefit from ranged damage Blacksmith upgrades. 

Landmarks, Buildings, Trading, and Technology 

  • Abbey of Kings Landmark 
    • Now can Crown a King, a cavalry leader with a lesser version of the Abbey’s aura. 
      • Costs 150 food and 150 gold. 
      • Only one King may be trained at a time. 
      • Heals nearby out of combat units for 2 HP every second. 

Developer Note: Previously, while it was possible to get a lot of resource value out of the Abbey of Kings, it was often cumbersome in later stages of the game. Now, this option to mobilize the Abbey in the form of a King gives players the ability to engage with aggressive strategies while still getting value out of the Abbey. 

  • Council Hall Landmark 
    • Changed from producing Longbowmen and their technologies to all Archery Range units and technologies. 

Developer Note: While the Council Hall is useful in Feudal Age, it’s utility later in the game is limited. The option to quickly produce crossbowman should open the door to more strategies with English in the Castle and Imperial ages. 

  • Fixed an issue where Council Hall hotkeys did not respect Archery Range key bindings. 
  • King’s Palace Landmark 
    • HP increased from 2500 to 5000. 
    • Fixed an issue where English King’s Palace does not respect player key binds for Town Center correctly. 
  • White Tower Landmark 
    • Now trains units, researches technologies, and builds emplacements 100% faster. 
  • Berkshire Palace Landmark 
    • HP increased from 5000 to 6500. 
    • Effect changed from projectiles have +50% range and double the amount of base arrows to all projectiles now have 15 tiles range. 
    • Arrows from the Berkshire are now incendiary and deal increased damage.
      • Berkshire Garrison Arrow base damage increased from 10 to 12. 
      • Berkshire Standard Arrow base damage increased from 12 to 14. 

Developer Note: We want to create a more compelling choice between the Wynguard Palace and the Berkshire Palace. This change makes the Berkshire Palace more effective at locking down a position and more dangerous to fight underneath for the opponent. 

  • Wynguard Palace Landmark 
    • Now produces 4 distinct armies. 
      • Wynguard Army 
        • No longer trains 1 Spearman, 1 Man at Arms, 1 Knight, 1 Longbowman, and 1 Trebuchet. 
        • Now trains 2 Spearman, 2 Crossbowmen, and 1 Trebuchet. 
        • Cost and train time unchanged at 100 food, 100 wood, 200 gold, and 75 seconds. 
  • Wynguard Raiders 
    • Still trains 3 Horsemen and 3 Knights. 
    • Train time increased from 20 to 25. 
  • Wynguard Rangers 
    • Train time reduced from 60 to 50 seconds. 
    • Damage increased from 10 to 12. 
    • Health increased from 110 to 125. 
    • Attacks slightly faster, attack speed changed from 1.65 to 1.62 (matches longbow). 

Developer Note: We wanted the Wynguard Raiders to be a more valuable option based on your feedback from the PUP. 

  • New: Wynguard Footmen 
    • Footmen – Train time decreased from 60 to 50. 
    • HP increased from 190 to 280. 
    • Corrected an issue where Wynguard Footmen and King could not be selected with military shortcuts. 
    • Fixed a bug where Wynguard Footmen and Man At Arms were both selected with a double click. 

Developer Note: Previously, the discounted Trebuchet overshadowed the other options at the Wynguard. Now, each army presents a different opportunity for the English player. The Rangers and the Footmen are powerful new units for the late game. 

  • Enclosures gold generation time increased from every 3.5 second to every 5 seconds. 
  • Fixed a text bug for Network of Castles to report the correct attack speed value from 25% to 20%. Same for Network of Citadels bonus, text corrected from 50% to 40%. 
    • Reduced the values of Network of Castles from 20% to 15%. 
    • Reduced the values of Network of Citadels from 40% to 30%.

Developer Note: Network of Castles and Citadels attack speed bonus is effectively being changed from 20% / 40% to 15% / 30% as the bonus was simply providing too much power. 

Units and More 

  • King 
    • Corrected an issue where His Grace would not take extra damage from Crossbowman. 
  • Setup Camp Ability 
    • Updated help text clarity on requirement that Setup Camp cannot be activated if already within one. 
  • Fixed a bug where English farm influence lingered after nearby mills were destroyed. 

Landmarks and Technology 

  • Chamber of Commerce Landmark 
    • No longer provides additional resources to Traders.
    • Automatically trains one free Trader for each economic technology researched. 
  • College of Artillery Landmark 
    • Royal Artillery bonus damage increased from +20% to +30%. 
    • Can research Gunpowder and Siege technologies: Chemistry, Siege Works, Greased Axles. 
    • Works 50% faster. 
    • Unlocks the Artillery Shot ability on all Cannons: 
      • Loads the Cannon for an Artillery Shot, next shot has greatly increased Area of Effect but no bonus against buildings. 
  • Red Palace Landmark  
    • Now activates an Arbalest weapon on all Keeps and Town Centers. 


  • Hulk ranged armor increased from 3 to 4. 

Landmarks, Buildings, and More 

  • Meinwerk Palace Landmark  
    • Now holds two technologies unique to the landmark. 
      • Riveted Chain Mail: Spearmen and Horsemen +2 melee armor, costs 75 food 175 gold. 
        • Riveted Chain Mail removed from the Barracks. 
      • Steel Barding: Knights gain +2 armor, costs 200 food 500 gold. 
  • Fixed an issue where Regnitz Cathedral Landmark does not correctly follow hotkey rebinds for Monastery. 
  • Fixed an issue where the emplacement discount bonus did not apply to naval arrowslit emplacements. 
  • Fixed a bug where the Prelate Inspire ability cooldown could be skipped. 

Landmarks, Buildings, and Technology 

  • Mansa Quarry Landmark no longer displays as a Resource Production unit. 
  • Farimba Garrison Landmark and Fort of the Huntress Landmark footprint decreased from 5×5 to 4×4 so that it matches the size of all other landmarks in the game. 
  • Farimba Garrison 
    • Fixed an issue where Javelin Throwers and Archers that are upgraded while in queue at Farimba Garrison Landmark could take up more population than intended. 
    • Corrected an issue where Archers couldn’t be further upgraded at the Landmark if first upgraded at the Archery Range. 
    • Gold reduction bonus reduced from 20% to 10%. 
  • Fort of the Huntress Landmark 
    • Fixed an issue where the Fort of the Huntress preferred Rams as targets over other units. 
  • Griot Bara Landmark 
    • Corrected tooltip on amount of bonus displayed on the Siege Festival from 100% to 50%. 
  • Technology Tree 
    • Now mentions that Malian Villagers have a specific bonus for Cattle. 
    • Added a missing bonus for cheaper veteran unit technologies to the tech tree. 
    • Added a missing bonus that describes Malians ability to reduce research times of future technologies based on successful trades from Traders. 
  • Malian wonder footprint and structure size increased from 5×5 to 6×6 so it matches the size of all other wonders in the game. 
  • Houses health increased from 400 to 500. 
    • Local Knowledge Technology. 
    • Moved from Imperial Age to the Castle Age. 
    • Cost reduced from 200 Food 500 Gold to 100 Food 250 Gold. Research time reduced from 90 to 60 seconds. 
  • Manuscript Trade Technology 
    • No longer affects the Naval Arrowslits technology. 
    • Now applies to the Boiling Oil technology. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Malian Pit Mine could be built on top of a structure built over a depleted gold deposit. 


  • Musofadi Warriors 
    • Damage decreased in the Feudal Age from 9 to 8. 
    • Bonus damage increased from 9 to 10. 
    • Damage decreased in the Castle Age from 12 to 9. 
    • Bonus damage increased from 12 to 15. 
    • Damage decreased in the Imperial Age from 15 to 12. 
    • Bonus damage increased from 15 to 18. 
  • Warrior Scout
    • Health regeneration increased to 2 HP per second starting in the Feudal Age 
      • Known issue: Unit help text will be out of date. 
  • Deer are no longer startled by and run from units in stealth. 
  • Enemy buildings and Gaia no longer reveal units in stealth. 
  • Fixed visual issue with Cattle garrisoned in a ranch. 


  • Coastal Navigation move speed duration increased from 10 seconds to 25. 
  • Hunting Parties naval technology now also gives arrow ships +20 bonus damage when attacking fire ships. 

Landmarks, Buildings, and Technology 

  • Kurultai Landmark 
    • No longer requires the Khan nearby to apply damage buff.
    • Damage buff properly applies to bonus damage. 
    • Aura radius increased from 7.5 to 10 tiles. 
  • Khaganate Palace Landmark 
    • Automatically rallies a random army from across the Mongol Empire and its dominions: 
      • 3 Elite Rus Knights 
      • 2 Warrior Monks 
      • 5 Elite Horse Archers 
      • 1 Nest of Bees 
      • 5 Elite Palace Guard 
      • 4 Elite Mangudais 
      • 1 Hui Hui Pao Trebuchet (Massive Trebuchet with greatly increased range and damage). 
      • Train times are scaled based on the unit, but in general spawn much faster than the previous 90 seconds. 
  • Mongol Silver Tree Landmark 
    • Fixed an issue where Mongol Silver Tree Landmark does not correctly follow hotkey rebinds for Market. 
    • Increased double trader production cost on Silver Tree from 90 > 120. 
  • White Stupa Landmark  
    • Now contains Ovoo technologies. 
  • Mongol Packed Landmarks 
    • Corrected a help text issue when converting into a packed cart. 
  • Mongol buildings now show additional build menus in Caster Mode. 
  • Fixed a bug where Improved Textiles upgrade hotkey binding wasn’t functioning properly. 
  • Ovoo influence range now shows correctly during selection stage on larger stone deposits. 
  • Using the Select all military buildings hotkey no longer selects packed Mongol Prayer Tents. 


  • Mangudai 
    • Decreased move speed from 1.62 to 1.56. 
    • Siha Bow Limbs technology requirement increased from Castle Age to Imperial Age. 
    • Damage decreased from 7/9/10 to 5/6/8. 
    • Now attacks faster, attack speed from 1.25 to 0.88 (dps should remain relatively unchanged against unarmored targets). 

Developer Note: This unit was tweaked to be less effective in large team games where the mobility and fire on the go is extremely potent. We don’t normally balance units specifically for team games but it was such an outliner in power we felt changes were necessary. 

  • Signal Arrow changes 
    • Khan Signal Arrow range increased from 25 to 35. 
    • Whistling Arrows cost reduced from 100 food 250 gold to 50 food 125 gold. 
    • Whistling Arrows (Improved) cost reduced from 350 stone to 175 stone. 
  • Activating the Khan’s Scouting Falcon ability no longer cancels the Khan’s current commands. 
  • Fixed a bug where Early Horsemen had less charge damage than their base weapon 
  • Fixed a bug where dark age spearmen had 12 torch damage instead of the intended 10. Oops! 

Landmarks, Buildings, and Technology 

  • Fixed the Twin Minaret Medrese Landmark sometimes trapping units in the generated berry bushes. 
  • Mehmed Imperial Armory Landmark  
    • Can now be toggled to produce Battering Rams. 
  • Istanbul Imperial Palace Landmark 
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible for the Landmark to repeatedly stack its bonus effect when killed and repaired. 
  • Sea Gate Castle Landmark 
    • Fixed an issue where Traders could not garrison within the Landmark. 
    • No longer loses its ability to buff Traders when another landmark is destroyed. 
  • Incendiary Arrows Technology 
    • Corrected an issue where Archers and Crossbowmen would lose their fire arrows after upgrading to a new tier. 
    • Corrected an issue where Archers and Crossbowmen could attack with melee weapons after upgrading Incendiary Arrows. 
  • Ottoman Grand Galley 
    • Adjusted help text to reflect that the ship contains garrison slots after converting into a Military School. 
  • Fixed when Sea Gate Castle loses its ability to buff Traders when another landmark is destroyed. 
  • The sound effect for when Vizier Points are ready to be spent is now linked to Sound Effects Volume in game settings. 


  • Corrected an issue where Janissaries had .25 seconds of wind-up time in their attacks. 

Developer Note: Normally this wind-up time would be included in the attack speed, but we decided to keep this as a minor attack speed increase. 

  • Mehter now correctly activate and apply their aura after being ungarrisoned. 


  • Grand Galley attacks much faster, attack speed changed from 5.75 > 4.  
  • Imperial Fleet naval technology production speed and move speed bonuses to gunpowder ships increased from 15% to 25%. 

Landmarks, Buildings, and Technology 

  • Kremlin Landmark 
    • The Kremlin may now Levy Militia to the Landmark Town Center. 
      • Levy Militia Ability cost reduced from 100 to 40 food. Units spawned reduced from 6 to 2 Militia. 
      • Levy Militia Ability now requires supplies to be used, with each Levy costing 1 supply. 
    • The Kremlin gains +1 supply every 60 seconds automatically and for free. 

Developer Note: You gave feedback in the PUP that the Militia levy ability could be used too easily for early aggression. We’re addressing this by reducing the lifetime of the Militia by 10 seconds as well as reducing the amount of Militia you can gain immediately when reaching the Feudal Age. It will now take 2 minutes to field 6 Militia after building the Kremlin. 

  • Abbey of the Trinity Landmark 
    • Saint’s Reach effect increased from +3 range to +5 range on Warrior Monks blessing activation.
    • Saint’s Reach and Improved Blessing merged into one tech, renamed to Fervor. 
      • Fervor: Improve the range of Saint’s Blessing by +5 tiles and the damage granted by +1. 
    • New Technology: Saint’s Veneration 
      • Provides +100 HP to Warrior Monks. 
      • Cost 425 gold. 
      • Available in Imperial Age.
  • High Trade House Landmark 
    • Deer spawn time reverted from 45 to 60 seconds. 
  • High Armory Landmark 
    • Technologies in the High Armory have been updated (base effect for nearby workshops stays the same). 
      • Fine Tuned Guns 
        • Effect changed from +20% Bombard Attack Speed to +20% Bombard Damage. 
        • Now adds 60 bonus damage vs infantry for bombards.  
        • Tech cost increased from 150 wood and 350 gold to 200 wood and 500 gold. 
      • Siege Crew Training 
        • Effect of instant pack/unpack now also applies to Bombards. 
        • Still applies to Mangonels and Trebuchets. 
      • Wandering Town 
        • Effect decreased from +100% damage to +50% damage. 
        • Now also grants 2 healing per second in combat to rams.

Developer Note: The High Armory sees a lot of use for its discount aura, but since the nerf to Banded Arms the unique technologies are not used as much as we’d like. These changes provide additional utility to the other technologies.

  • Spasskaya Tower Landmark 
    • Health increased from 8000 to 10000. 
    • Fixed a bug where construction of this landmark granted the Siege Crew Training upgrade for free. 
  • Wooden Fortress Arrowslits 
    • Corrected an issue with help text that referred to incorrect weapon range and emplacement requirements. 
  • Boyars Fortitude 
    • Cost reduced from 500 Gold, 200 Food to 250 Gold, 100 Food. 
    • Research time reduced from 90 to 60 seconds. 
    • Health bonus to cavalry increased from +20 to +30. 
  • Blessing Duration technology renamed to Divine Light.

Units and Naval 

  • Streltsy Unit 
    • Corrected an issue with the Static Deployment ability where it was possible for it to trigger for a brief moment despite moving. 
  • Rus Deep fishing reduced from 1.9 to 1.71. 
  • Rus Shore fishing increased from 1.19 to 1.26. 
  • Rus Improved Palisade Wall 
    • Health reduced from 3000 to 2500. 
    • Build time reduced from 7 to 3 seconds. 

Learnings From Public Update Previews

We appreciate how active you all were during the Public Update Preview! Thanks to your feedback, we were able to take some key actions related to balance. Here’s a quick overview of some of the changes made between the PUP build and now.

  • Buff water bonuses for less popular civilizations on those maps.
  • Revert changes to boar as everyone polled really likes the current behavior.
  • Nerf trade because it’s too effective.
  • Delhi Feudal age compensation to make up for reduced scholar healing in combat.
  • Reduce Malian critical path strategy of going for the fast Farimba Garrison and pumping out tons of reduced cost units.

Hard AI Difficulty

We’ve heard your feedback surrounding the recent changes to the Hardest AI difficulty and will be working to address these concerns in a future update. While we’re still working out specific details and timing, the plan is to revert the Hardest Difficulty AI to its previous implementation in the near future while we look into the best way to adapt existing or introduce new AI difficulty options.


Community-Reported Issues:
  • Your reports continue being crucial to our prioritization and implementation of fixes and features in the game. Keep them coming!

For other known issues, please visit this page to see what’s being tracked!

Coming Up…

We’re celebrating all the hard work our villagers do for our towns during our Villager Appreciation Celebration! We’ll see this a bit later in Season Four, but look out for this heartwarming event where we celebrate the villagers behind all the buildings and technology. Complete challenges to gain villager portraits from all of our currently-available civilizations, coming soon!

Villager Appreciation event coming soon with portraits of different villagers for each civilization as rewards.


Please note that this list is subject to change and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

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