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Empire Wars has come to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!

Empire Wars is an additional game mode to accompany Supremacy, Treaty and Deathmatch, available to play RIGHT NOW!

Popularised in the Redbull Wololo tournament series for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Empire Wars instantly transports you to the action with a pre-built town, additional resources and a bolstered economy.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is much the same, only instead of a pre-built town, players can place buildings as they see fit.  Through a steady trickle of free Construction Wagons from the Homecity, wagons are transformed into buildings of your choosing – making what you build and when a strategically valuable decision!


Designed to get you straight into the action, Empire Wars begins in the Exploration Age with enough resources to advance with a Politician, Wonder, or Federal State, etc, right away!
All Cards and each Age-Up deliver Construction Wagons that can construct nearly all default buildings (excluding Houses*, Town Centers and Banks).
Shipments are earned more frequently, arrive faster and an additional shipment is awarded upon reaching the Commerce Age, ensuring every match begins on even footing.
Many buildings are available to be constructed an age sooner – including an additional Town Center.
Most civilizations begin with a free Outpost Wagon or Castle Rickshaw – other starting units/resources vary as per balance requirements, detailed below.

Starting Conditions

BRITISH1200400100012 SettlersNoneOutpost
DUTCH900300500012 SettlersNoneOutpost
FRENCH112030010009 CoureurNone Outpost
GERMANS110020040005 Settler WagonsNone Outpost
OTTOMANS90050010009 SettlersNone Outpost
PORTUGUESE1000300100013 SettlersNone Outpost
RUSSIANS1400300100014 SettlersNoneNone
SPANISH1100300100012 SettlersNoneOutpost
SWEDES1100400100011 SettlersNoneOutpost
UNITED STATES1200300100012 SettlersNoneOutpost
MEXICANS11003001000 11 Settlers 1 CowOutpost
CHINESE100040010017512 Villagers1 GoatCastle
JAPANESE110030010017513 VillagersNoneCastle
INDIANS90050010017512 VillagersNoneCastle
AZTECS1200400100012 VillagersNoneCastle
HAUDENOSAUNEE1300200100011 VillagersNoneNone
INCA1100200100011 Villagers1 LlamaNone
LAKOTA1100200100012 VillagersNoneNone
ETHIOPIANS90010010020010 Villagers5 LivestockNone
HAUSA9009001002008 Villagers4 LivestockNone

With the introduction of Empire Wars to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, we would love to hear your feedback on gameplay! Let us know your experience with this new game mode on the Official Age of Empires Forums.

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