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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Lords of the West is now available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store and Steam! Coming January 26th! ūüĎĎ

Are you ready for instant action?
Do you want to see the biggest battles in Age of Empires?
Does a 100 plus player Death Match tournament excite you?

Then the Death Match World Cup 3 is for you, and it’s happening RIGHT NOW!

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The Death Match World Cup has triumphantly returned for the third exhilarating installment, boasting a prize pool five times the size of Death Match World Cup 2: $10,000! The tournament is sponsored, in part, by Microsoft, and through the generous donations of the community‚ÄĒwho continue to show their support and share their love of this event. Hosted by Robo, Nili_AoE and True, it is one of the first major deathmatch tournaments for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.¬†If you thought the Red Bull Wololo felt fast in the Empire Wars game mode, buckle up!

The tournament is a great chance to drive the popularity of Death Match game play, and many well recognized Random Map players have signed up for the battle. Last year, TheViper was crowned champion and there are a dozen dedicated players waiting to take a shot at the title.

Main Event

As of last week, the initial 128 player bracket has been whittled down to the top 16 Death Match players in the world! You may recognize some of the names of these popular participants:

















These top 16 talented individuals will be going into the double elimination main event, with the grand final to be played August¬† 2nd at 17:00 GMT‚Äč, streamed by several of your favorite casters, including Nili_AoE!

Upper Bracket

Round of 16: 22nd – 28th of June‚Äč

Round of 8: 29th June – 05th of July‚Äč

Round of 4: 06th – 12th of July‚Äč

Upper Final: 13th – 19th of July‚Äč

Lower Bracket

Round 1: 29th June – 05th of July‚Äč

Round 2: 06th – 12th of July‚Äč

Round 3: 13th – 19th of July‚Äč

Round 4: 20th – 26th of July‚Äč


Lower Round 5: 31st of July 17:00 GMT‚Äč

Lower Final: 1st of August 17:00 GMT‚Äč

Grand Final: 2nd of August 17:00 GMT‚Äč

The Death Match World Cup has always been an amazing experience for players and viewers alike. We expect nothing less in its third iteration, and are extremely excited for the finals to come! Good luck to everyone participating!

‚ÄĒ The Age of Empires Team

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  • filaipus July 25, 2020

    Just so I understand, you are posting this as a full announcement as if things are still gonna happen... when in reality only the finals are left?
    You should post VODs to the other matches or link to where we can watch them, this is just very weirdly timed.

    • filaipus July 25, 2020

      I see the playlist now but it doesn't have even 90% of the games. Weird weird weird haha