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Introducing: the Mexico Civilization, new to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!

Two mounted Mexican cuatreros sit proudly at the edge of a cliff, as an army approaches from the valley below, highlighting the Mexico Civilization with an Age of Empires 3 logo overtop.

In Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, the Mexicans are the most strategically diverse civilization yet! With a new set of Federal State age-ups, you can adapt and complement your Home City deck throughout a match like the United States. However, unlike any other civilization, your burgeoning Mexican States can also choose between two Revolts per Age rather than advancing normally to the Fortress, Industrial, and Imperial Ages. Each Revolt offers you a whole new deck full of opportunities, while still granting you the flexibility of returning to a later age at a cost, if you so desire.

Table of Contents:

Civilization Features

  • Home City: Mexico City (customizable!)
  • Start with a General and receives a Padre in the Commerce Age
  • Can Revolt in earlier ages and return to Mexico after revolting
  • 9 new Revolts available to the Mexicans such as Central Americans and Mayans
  • The Mexican Padre can pacify treasure guardians, heal allies and construct a mighty Cathedral that holds unique improvements
  • 20 unique Mexican Federal States that replace traditional politicians and add unique cards to the Home City deck over the course of a match

Starting Units

  • General
  • 6 Settlers
  • 4 Crates of Food
  • 2 Cords of Wood

Federal State Age-Ups

Rather than picking politicians or council members to transition from Age to Age, the Mexicans advance by admitting a new federal state to the United Mexican States! Each state will offer unique, historically-salient benefits to the player that play an important role in the course of the game.

  • Each federal state adds two extra cards to your deck.
  • Upon reaching the Imperial Age, federal states will have added 8 additional cards to a player’s deck.
  • To balance and accommodate for these extra cards, the civilization’s initial deck is smaller.
  • In total, the Mexicans can have up to 28 cards at their disposal by the Imperial Age.

Here’s a look at the new federal states available at each Age:

Commerce Age (II)


  • Fortified Haciendas:  Ships 1 Hacienda Wagon. Haciendas gain a ranged attack when Villagers are garrisoned inside them.
  • Cerro de Mercado: Arrives fast! Deposits 350 Coin and exchanges all your current Wood for 50% more Coin.


  • Colegio de San Nicolas: Ships tomes of 500 XP. Improves the line of sight of all units and buildings and temporarily reveals the position of your enemies.
  • Michoacán Fishermen: Ships 2 Dock Wagons. Ships an additional Fishing Boat for each shipment sent so far this game.


  • Tlaxcala Alliance: Ships 1 Native Embassy Travois. Enables a selection of Jesuit and Mesoamerican features at your Native Embassy and Town Center.
  • Tlaxcala Textiles: Ships 3 Settlers for each Hacienda you have constructed.


  • Tzotzil Uprising: Ships 4 Maya Holcan Javelineers for each Hacienda you have constructed.
  • Maya Crops: All existing and newly constructed Haciendas spawn Maya Crops containing 350 Food.


  • Arteaga Reforms: Arrives fast! Your next Federal State grants its reward twice and the next upgrade researched at a Military Building is free.
  • Querétaro Haciendas: Ships 1 Hacienda Wagon and enables Haciendas to support 20 population.

Revolts (II)

Central America (Commerce Age)

  • Artillery and Forts available
  • Ships 7 Settlers
  • Focus: Fortress Age utility

Baja California (Commerce Age)

  • Settlers become Filibusters
  • Ships 2 Post Wagons
  • Focus: Outlaws, Map Control, Resource trickles

Fortress Age (III)


  • Tabascan Separatists: Upgrades Salteadores to Veteran status. Ships an additional Salteador for each shipment you have sent so far this game.
  • Tabasco Fruits: Arrives fast! Haciendas trickle resources faster.


  • Sonora Vaqueros: Ships 8 Cuatreros and enables them to gather food from animals.
  • Sonora Valleys: Villagers gather from all natural resources and livestock faster.


  • Pacific Pearl: Ships 16 Deer and 1 Large Shoal of Fish to the land and naval Home City Gather Points.
  • Recruit Privateers: Ships 4 Privateers.


San Luis Potosí

  • San Luis Patriots: Ships an additional Chinaco for each shipment you have sent so far this game. Chinacos train slightly faster.
  • Bustamante: Enables your General to construct Field Hospitals for free. Soldados gain 10% Hitpoints and may be deployed from Field Hospitals.

Revolts (III)

Yucatan (Fortress Age)

  • Insurgentes become Yucatecos
  • Hacienda and Factory upgrades available and free
  • Focus: Haciendas, Settlers, Infantry

Rio Grande (Fortress Age)

  • Settlers become Revolutionaries
  • Military Guard upgrades available and free
  • Focus: Unit shipments, Cavalry

Maya (Yucatan Revolution)

Yucatan can uniquely revolt again to form an independent Maya state.
  • Infantry units become Cruzob soldiers
  • Cavalry units become Cuatreros 
  • Stables become War Huts
  • Unlocks Mayan Holcan Javelineers and War Huts
  • Empresarios: Ships 1 Hacienda Wagon and improves Settler spawn rates
  • Land of Zaragoza: The Inspiring Flag can be re-planted almost immediately and boosts the Work Rate of Military Buildings by an additional 25%

Industrial Age (IV)


  • Trias Fortifications: Ships 1 Fort Wagon. Allows Militiamen to be called from Outposts and Forts.
  • Sierra Madre Forests: Grants a steady trickle of wood. Villagers gather wood faster and trees last longer.


  • Zacatecas Silver: Ships 3 Silver Prospector Wagons. Ships 2 thereafter.
  • Zacatecas Rebellion: Ships 3 additional Insurgentes for each shipment you have sent so far this game.


  • Tampico Customs: All Dock improvements become free, but take longer to be researched.
  • Panuco Waterway: Cards which deliver only crates (e.g., Cords of 700 Wood) may now be sent from the Homecity without costing a shipment but take longer to arrive.


  • El Bajio: All technologies available at the Hacienda are now free and research instantly.
  • Our Lady of the Light: Ships 1 Cathedral Wagon. Cathedrals generate Experience at a much faster rate.


  • Independence Hero: Ships 1 additional General.
  • Aztec Pueblos: Native Embassies gain a ranged attack, like a War Hut. Enables them to train Native Jaguar Warriors and Eagle Warriors.

Revolts (IV)

California (Industrial Age)

  • Settlers become Californios
  • Cow build limit and work rate greatly increased
  • Focus: Cavalry, Ranching, Rebuilding economy

Texas (Industrial Age)

  • Settlers become Volunteers
  • Train United States units 
  • Minutemen levies enabled at the Town Center
  • Focus: Forts, Infantry upgrades

Imperial Age (V)


  • Land of Juarez: Inspiring Flags gain a much wider area of effect and improves damage by a greater rate.
  • Zapotec Valley:  Allies with the Zapotec and allows Zapotec technologies to be researched at the Native Embassy.


  • Guadalajara Ranching: Ships 2 additional Semi-fattened Cow for each shipment you have sent so far this game.
  • Tonala Ceramics: Villagers gather Coin from Haciendas faster.

Estado de México

  • National Servant: All units have more hitpoints. Padre healing speed increased.
  • Army of the Three Guarantees: Ships a regiment of 2 Heavy Cannons, 15 Soldados and 10 Chinacos.


  • Port Veracruz: Forts have more range and become able to attack other buildings.
  • Veracruz National Guard: Forts train units and research technologies much faster.


  • Cinco de Mayo: All Infantry and Cavalry fighting near Forts have more attack and hitpoints.
  • Talavera Architecture: Buildings have more hitpoints, are built faster and grant Coin upon being built, instead of Experience.

Unique Buildings

Cathedral (II, 200w, 200c)

A unique Church that can revive the Padre, train Spies, and has its own set of upgrades.

Unique Improvements

  • Cry of Dolores: Enables the Cry of Dolores ability for the Padre, which causes all units in the vicinity to be quickly healed.
  • Liturgy: Healers have increased speed and hitpoints. The Padre now heals all units at once within his radius.
  • Guadalupanos: The Padre inflicts more damage against Mercenaries and Heroes. Pacify ability can now be used against all enemies.
  • State Religion: The next Federal State you research, or are researching, will Age Up 50 seconds faster and grant twice as many XP crates.
  • Visit of the Seven Houses: Ships 1 Insurgente for each House you own.
  • Dia de Muertos: Grants +5 XP for every unit you have lost so far, except for deleted units.

Saloon (II, 200w)

The Saloon is now also accessible to the Mexicans, with new exclusive Mexican Outlaws.

Hacienda (II, 600w)

A unique combination of Mill, Estate, and Livestock Pen.
  • Already available in the Commerce Age.
  • Can slowly generate Food, Coin, or Cattle. The rate can be increased by gathering on it with villagers or cattle.
  • Can slowly produce Settlers starting in the Fortress Age.
  • Can be uniquely upgraded through a number of cards.
  • Can garrison Villagers.

Grants a significant amount of experience when built.

Unique Units

The Mexicans have access to a wide range of unique units in various buildings.


Instead of an Explorer, the Mexicans begin the game with a General to lead their armies.

  • Like many heroes, the General is equipped with a Sharpshooter attack to defeat Treasure Guardians.
  • The General constructs Forts instead of Town Centers.
  • On the battlefield, the General may plant the flag of Mexico to inspire nearby units.
  • In the Industrial Age, the General also gains access to a powerful Saber Strike.


Instead of normal Priests, Mexicans gain a unique healing Hero at the start of the Commerce Age.

  • Equipped with a Saber and Pistol.
  • The Padre constructs the Cathedral instead of Town Centers.
  • Revive the Padre at the Cathedral instead of paying a bounty.
  • Pacify: Pacifies the target, greatly reducing its movement and attack speed.

Soldado (II,90f 80c, 2 pop)

 Sturdy Heavy Infantry armed with a musket and grenades.

  • Stronger, but higher resource and population costs than other Musketeers.

Salteador (II,70f 60c, 1 pop)

 Stealthy ranged infantry. Good against infantry and in an ambush.

  • Temporarily reveals enemies in a radius around the target.

Insurgente (II, 60f, 1 pop)

An insurgent peasant armed with a variety of melee weapons. Good against cavalry and buildings.

  • Can be trained in batches of 10.

Chinaco (II, 110f 90c, 2 pop)

Heavy lance cavalry with extra range. Good against skirmishers, but can also hold its own against cavalry.

Desperado (II, 85c, 3 pop)

Mexican outlaw with a pistol and a Shootout charged attack.

Cuatrero (II, 120c, 5 pop)

Mexican ranged cavalry outlaw with the ability to slow enemies with a lasso attack.

Bandido (II, 100c, 4 pop)

Mexican rifle infantry outlaw with the ability to throw dynamite.

Home City Cards

The Mexicans have access to a variety of new cards that will aid you on your path to unity and victory!

  • 40 Federal cards unlockable through the Ages with 2 new cards per Age
  • 7 Full Revolt decks with a mix of existing Mexican and exclusive unique cards
  • Dozens of unique cards tailored to Mexican regions or culture
  • “Plan” Cards that replace present units
  • Pepper Cards, which temporarily increase Hacienda gather rates to allow efficient gathering in the safety of your base for a short period of time

We’ve picked a few noteworthy examples for cards with a variety of unique behaviors.

Mexicans Unique Cards

Chipotle Tactics: Ships 500 Food. Destroyed enemy buildings grant Food besides XP and your buildings return part of their total cost as food when destroyed by enemies.

TEAM Piñatas: Ships a random selection of resource crates to each member of your team. More resources are delivered if this card is sent in later ages.

Charreada: Enables Haciendas to spawn Chinacos.

Guerilla Tactics: Improves Salteadores in combat and grants them the “Guerilla Tactics” Big Ability Button: If not in combat, Salteadores will automatically be stealthy with no speed penalty – for a short duration.

In addition to individual unique cards available via the Home City, the Mexicans will also have access to Plan Cards which transform all units of one type when sent.

Plan Cards

Plan Cards allow you to quickly adapt your army composition to a situation and catch an unaware opponent off guard. Historically, the different Plans were significant declarations preceding Mexican revolutions.

Plan of Tacubaya: All your Soldados transform into Dragoons. Dragoons are slightly stronger.

Plan of Ayutla: All your Insurgentes transform into Revolutionaries. Revolutionaries are slightly cheaper and may be trained in batches of up to 10.

Plan of Tuxtepec: All your Salteadores transform into Soldados. Soldados have more range.

Plan of Casa Mata: All your Dragoons transform into Chinacos. Increases movement speed for all Hand Cavalry.

Plan of Veracruz: All your Outposts transform into Falconets. Falconet line of sight increased.

Plan of Miramare: All your Salteadores transform into French Voltigeurs. All infantry armed with rifles have more range.

Home City Customizations

Plaza del Zócalo

  • Soldiers of Mexico marching through the town
  • The original version of the Plaza del Zócalo
  • The alternative version of the Plaza del Zócalo
  • The citizens of Mexico celebrating Day of the Dead by wearing skull masks
  • The citizens of Mexico celebrating Day of the Dead by lighting fireworks and bonfires

National Palace

  • The city with the sun shining brightly
  • The city at night
  • The city with the sun setting
  • The original version of the National Palace
  • The alternative version of the National Palace
  • The ruined version of the temple
  • The original version of the temple
  • The red version of the temple

Metropolitan Cathedral

  • The original version of the Metropolitan Cathedral
  • The alternative version of the Metropolitan Cathedral
  • The sandstone version of the Metropolitan Cathedral
  • The light blue version of the Metropolitan Cathedral
  • The white version of the Metropolitan Cathedral

Manufacturing Plant

  • The original version of the Manufacturing Plant
  • The alternative version of the Manufacturing Plant


  • Boats to travel through the flooded parts of the city
  • The original version of the harbor
  • The alternative version of the harbor

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