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Pride Has No Borders: Making History Your Story 

Image of knight's helm with a Pride shield and Age of Empires text

June is often heralded as LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, and our team at World’s Edge would like to reaffirm our support that gaming is for everyone. 

This year, Xbox Game Studios’ theme is “Pride has No Borders.” We do not know the full story of LGBTQIA+ persons throughout most of history. Lost records, evolving language, censorship, revisionism, and historical biases all add up, erasing many details about the lives of such persons, forming a metaphorical border of knowledge and visibility within history. Pride is meant to recognize, affirm, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ persons and cut through these borders which have shrouded and obscured such identities in the past.  

Age of Empires IV established the tagline “Make History Your Story” and so in celebration of Pride 2022, some of our staff and developers from around the world shared their stories about pride, allyship, and their experiences. 

We are the people who create the games you’ve grown to love, and we are proud to uplift and share these voices in their own words: 

Pride means that every day I choose the challenging game mode, where I say out loud who I am. Not just to honor those who fought before me, but also to support the others who remain hidden.

Araceli, IkoKnight (She/Her) – Forgotten Empires

I have been at World’s Edge for 3 years and have found it to be one of the more inclusive and diverse places I have worked with over the years. My husband also works in games, teaching programming and game design at a local school. To me, Pride is that last sentence never being erased or devalued, for it to exist and be celebrated for what it is: Love. Pride is standing up for all of the many facets of love.

Justin (He/Him) – World’s Edge

I grew up in Wisconsin and didn’t initially have much insight nor understanding of how my allyship would matter. Over the years living here in Washington, I learned how important it is to advocate to make the world a safer place for everyone — so recently, when I went to visit my family, I constantly referred to my male partner using those words (“my partner,”) which apparently raised questions about our orientations. I didn’t bother to correct this, and I’m hoping little steps like this can help normalize everyone’s choices, no matter who they are or whom they love.

Adrienne (She/Her) – World’s Edge 

 Working at Forgotten Empires is my first serious job experience and I am thrilled it is filled with open-minded and tender people. Everyone here is accepted exactly as they are. Living where I do, a place where there’s much to do to counter sexism and racism, it is great to have a place where one can be themselves.

Kristián Buryš (He/Him) – Forgotten Empires

Back in high school (right after the turn of the century) the first person to come out to me was a friend and classmate. We hung out a lot, so we knew each other. I was also the first person she told. I didn’t know at the time, but my accepting reaction encouraged her to take pride in who she is and tell more people. I think about that moment every time someone talks about pride. I think about the fear of being rejected, and just wanting to tell someone, to be accepted. I’ve had my fair share of rejection, and I know, along with the loneliness, how much it hurts. I don’t like to see people hurt. Taking that risk of telling others always presents other challenges, but the ones who really care will stick around and love you for who you are. Or at least, that’s what I’ve always tried to do. 

Kyle (He/Him) – World’s Edge

The World’s Edge team would also like to recognize and celebrate the members of the LGBTQIA+ community who tirelessly fought to bring our community to where we are today, including those who have been lost through the years, and those not yet ready to stand-out. We hope our messages of love and inclusion continue to light the way towards progress.

Do you have a Pride story you’d like to share? We would love to hear from our community, too! We’ve created a form to hear your stories and are interested in hearing people’s experiences for an additional Pride piece we have planned later in the month focusing on both Age fans and creators!

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