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A Tournament of Every Color

The very best that Age of Empires has to offer is on display as our tournament season kicks off 2020 with a “wololo” and a “rogan?” Whether you are a fan of the first, second, or third installment in the franchise, we’ve got a tournament for you to watch or even participate! Check out what’s coming up and tune in to your favorite streams all this month.

Age DE: Classic Cup

The Classic Cup is a truly classic tournament for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. Players will compete over six unique stages throughout the year that will culminate in a championship event. Each stage is a Single Elimination tournament featuring focused settings; players earn seasonal points from each stage based on their performance.

Here’s a teaser from the host, WinstonWaffles:

“Classic Cup season 1 returns with the final stage before the Championship! Welcome, everyone, to Stage 6 of our season. This stage will be a Carthage mirror on Mediterranean! I look forward to seeing speedy transports sending villagers, slingers, and elephants to their doom.”

Schedule of Events

Qualifiers February 7-21
Top Sixteen February 22-23
Quarterfinals March 1-2
Semifinals March 8-9
Finals March 9, 15, or 16

Tune in over at WinstonWaffles (

Age 2 DE: Hidden Cup 3

Hidden Cup 3, hosted by T90, has been a prominent Age of Empires tournament in recent years. Eight of the world’s best players have been invited while the remaining eight spots are chosen during the qualifying rounds. There’s even a twist:

“Players will again be given pre-named accounts based on popular Age of Empires 2 characters and be seeded randomly. Players don’t know their opponents and viewers don’t know the competitors!”

The eight invited players will be:




The remaining eight spots will be chosen during the single elimination qualifier event, which starts with a round of 32. Players are seeded based on their current Age 2: DE rank.

Schedule of Events

  • Round of 32 | Feb 17-23
  • Round of 16 | Feb 24 – March 2
Main Event
  • Finals | March 19-22

You can tune in to all the action over at T90Official (!

Age III: ESOC 2020 Winter Championship

The ESOC Winter Championship 2020 returns with its most ambitious endeavor to date! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a place for you in the tournament; this is because competitors are split into four distinct divisions based on skill level: Pro, Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner.

Schedule of Events

Pro Finals
  • Gold/Silver: Hazza54321 vs Mitoe
  • Bronze: Kaiserklein vs Lukas_L99
Advanced Semifinals
  • The_LastSamurai vs Lord Raphael
  • PrinceofKabul vs KINGofOsmane
Sunday Feb 23 at 13:00 GMT
Intermediate Semifinals
  • Mongobillione vs hatamoto_samurai
  • Flonteir vs DDFantasy
Thursday Feb 20 at 19:00 GMT
Saturday Feb 22 at 14:00 GMT
Beginner Tier
  • Round of 8
Starting soon!

Tune in to matches for all four divisions on the ESOC Twitch channel!

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