Welcome Sven “Nili” Reichardt!

It is with great honor that we introduce Sven “Nili” Reichardt as our new Tournament Coordinator for the Age of Empires Franchise!

Nili has had a long-standing history with the community around Age of Empires. He started off playing the original Age, quickly snapping at the opportunity to play Age of Empires II as soon as it was released. Since that time, he has grown into an impressive influencer, player, and caster, amongst many other titles and efforts he has done for the community. Rated as one of the top 50 players in the world, he has participated in many top-tier battles and tournaments, including running a few of his own incredibly well-known community classics! With more than a decade’s worth of knowledge, he has even dedicated time to coach newer players in becoming stronger, well-rounded Age of Empires II participants. Before coming to work with Forgotten Empires, Nili has dedicated impressive amounts of time to initiating other Age of Empires projects, including the first Redbull Wololo, the Age of Empires II Liquipedia, and much more!

We hope you all are as excited as we are to have this addition in helping further support the passionate casters and players—just like Nili—in the Age of Empires franchise! Please, join us in giving him a warm welcome to the team!

The Age of Empires Team