Age of Empires: Definitive Edition – Content Update 3

Hello again Age fans!

We’ve just released another content update for Age: DE, and version 5147 should be out to everyone within the next 2 hours!

Here is what the team has done so far:

  • Fixed a potential crash when starting a new single or multiplayer game.
  • Put in additional game checks to verify system requirements on game launch.
    • This may result in a pop up message if your PC is near the min spec (note: the message may be blank for some users if the check comes across a missing piece of info from the system).
    • To skip past this and continue to the game simply dismiss the dialogue box!
  • Added additional game logging to assist with future bug fixes.
  • Added a potential fix to help some users who needed an US additional language file for the game to start.

We should have our next content update out by next week, which is planned to include many of our larger fixes (crashing on launch, etc)!

We’re doing our best to keep you all in the loop, so be sure to keep an eye out here on our blog, social media, and on our support page.¬†We’re regularly updating it with new workarounds and fixes, so there may be something new that can help with any issues you are facing!