Age of Empires III has an exciting late game with powerful units and game-changing cards to send. For those of you that want to end the game earlier, however, Steam user ~Bubs~ has compiled a list of hard-hitting early rushes for Japanese players to employ.

~Bubs~ has written detailed guides for the following rushes, designed to train large armies of powerful Japanese units by seven to nine minutes:

  • Ashigaru rush
  • Samurai rush
  • Ashigaru/Samurai rush
  • Ashigaru/Samurai/Sohei allies rush
  • Ashigaru/Sohei allies rush
  • Ashigaru/Samurai/Yumi archer rush
  • Daimyo/Samural rush into unit spam
  • Naginat riders/Samurai rush

Read through the full guide here. If you found it helpful, make sure to rate the guide and leave a comment thanking ~Bubs~!

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