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Hello, Community Highlight readers. It’s Tuesday, which means that the week-long wait to find out what great finds we would share is over. This week’s Community Highlight is mostly based on your suggestions.

We recently showcased an AoE II HD theme cover video by YouTube user xXRoyalBloodXx on our Facebook page, resulting in you guys submitting links to more great AoE covers with various instruments in the comments.

The first video is by user boozinwalsh, who impressed us all with his one-man band style cover. Check out his rendition of the AoE II HD song “Shamburger”:

Next, we have Musta Krakish with his guitar cover of the theme of the first game in the AoE series. I like the rock spin on the song.

Last but not least, we have the powerful AoE II HD piano cover of featured on our Facebook page by xXRoyalBloodXx for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

This short list is far from complete and we’d be happy to feature more videos, so make sure to link to your personal favorites in the comments and show your appreciation by commenting and liking your favorite out of the videos above.

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