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We’re back with another episode of our Community Highlight blog. This week’s blog shows some great work by deviantART user Hama-Girl.

The image that you can see below was created as decoration for ZeroEmpires’ YouTube channel, which I am sure most of you are familiar with. While you may have already seen the smaller version on YouTube, I think this piece of art deserves to be featured in full size, so that one can really appreciate the work that went into it. I especially like the color combination and dynamic created by the rearing horse.

What do you think of this image? Do you see any similarities between a particular unit in AoE? Do you know any cool creations that should be featured in one of our Community Highlight blogs? Let us know in the comments below.

Make sure to also take a look at Hama-Girl’s other work on her deviantART page.

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