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LilTrouble Takes Over Xbox Twitch

Green hexagons and boxes on a green background. LilTrouble__ profile headshot. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition logo. Text reads: XBOX - Tuesday, March 8th - 9:30AM PT / 12:30PM ET - - Join us as we livestream Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Women's History Month streamer takeover with LilTrouble__

Join LilTrouble__ as she takes over the Xbox Twitch stream! Livestream starts at 9:30am PT / 17:30 GMT at

Who is LilTrouble__?

We’ll let her introduce herself:

My name is Bebe – I’m a Aussie streamer whose passion for gaming, music and meeting like-minded individuals has been brought together in the form of streaming Age of Empires 2 here on Twitch.

Since first picking up the game in February 2019 I have become addicted – participating in as many tournaments and events as I can, grinding rated 1v1s and TGs daily, and simply enjoying learning something new about the game every time I play.

Besides my absolute noob-like gameplay, you can also expect frequent jam sessions, Jackbox parties and other community-driven shenanigans here at my channel.

You can find more about LilTrouble__ including her past streams and videos over at LilT TV

What will LilTrouble__ be Streaming?

Watch as she plays through a community created campaign: Apranik – Last Warrior of the Ancient World. This mod is created by Hainaut183, a woman from the AoE community.

Apranik (645-655): Born into a dynasty of military commanders, a young Persian woman named Apranik aspires to become a great leader in an empire that celebrates gender equality. But though she has a natural talent for fighting, she soon inherits a Persia devastated by decades of war and internal dysfunction, leaving her with nothing but the need to survive. With the remainder of her cherished empire falling to Muslim conquest, can this naive girl transcend her dreams of personal glory and become one with Persia itself?

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