A note from the Age of Empires team: Official Age titles

Age of Empires has been enjoyed by players all over the world for more than 20 years. At World’s Edge, we’re proud of our work to create and grow the Age of Empires games, and we are honored to have played a part in the history of both PC gaming and the real-time strategy genre.

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The Age of Empires team has worked with many partner developers all over the world to create new entries into the Age portfolio with appropriate legal agreements in place. We also love the passion that fan creators have brought to mods, maps, and tournaments, and we will continue to support and encourage them. Our partnerships with game developers and gamer creators have resulted in high-quality, immersive experiences that are true to both the Age of Empires brand and also the high standards of the Age of Empires community expects.

We also love the real-time strategy genre in general. It’s a big reason why many of us are here. We encourage any developer that is bringing new, original content to the space to do so, and on any platform. If you’re bringing a fresh, differentiated take to RTS, trust us, we want to play your game.

On the other hand, we don’t appreciate developers that use and refer to the Age of Empires brand and intellectual property in ways that mislead players into thinking their games are part of the Age of Empires franchise. Unfortunately, we are aware of games that are doing this. We can tell from the app reviews and comments that many players feel misled and frustrated when they learn the truth. We don’t like this any more than many of you. We’re writing this post to thank you for letting us know, and to let you know we’re aware, and exploring options that may be available.

We also thought it may help to clarify what is and isn’t officially part of Age of Empires. Currently, there is no Age of Empires mobile game available in any marketplace globally. Digital advertisements for mobile titles using assets from, or similar to, Age of Empires are NOT ours or those of any partner developer. Neither are the games behind ads that reference abbreviated versions of the Age of Empires brand, like “AOE.” The games behind these adverts are not part of the Age of Empires games franchise. We don’t want our loyal, passionate players to feel confused or misled when purchasing or downloading titles.

If you are ever in doubt as to the authenticity of any ad or game title that implies association with Age of Empires, please visit our website at AgeofEmpires.com. This is the destination for official Age of Empires news and product information. This is also a place where the genuine Age of Empires community engages with us, and each other.

Our “Buy Now” page will supply you with links to buy official copies of all our definitive editions and Age of Mythology.

— Sincerely, World’s Edge

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