PAX East 2014 Recap

Hello everyone! We’re back at the Age of Empires headquarters in Redmond after an exciting weekend at PAX East in Boston, and we thought that it would be appropriate for us to do a short recap of what we did at the show and to share some pictures with you.

Our main reason for being at the show was to showcase Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, but we also had some of the guys from KLab answer questions about Age of Empires: World Domination and showed trailers for AoE II HD, AoE III, and AoE WD.

Here are some images of our booth setup.

One of the attractions that drew people in was the AoM EX demo that people were able to play on Surface Pro 2s. We had created a scored 5-minute scenario (which you can still play in the actual release) that involved killing certain structures and units on the map before the time ran out. It was great to see how much fun people had playing and what a wide variety of players we had. Some people were die-hard players of AoM, others had never played AoM or any of the AoE games before. Knowing that some players would be unfamiliar with the mechanics of the game, we made sure to be ready for questions. Once each person was done with the scenario, we had AoM-themed Kraken bandanas and Anubis pins that we handed out at the exit.

This is what the bandanas and pins looked like:

Players who were victorious and managed to destroy the enemy tower within 5 minutes also received a game code for AoM EX, AoE II HD and The Forgotten, or AoE III. The highest scores were recorded and made it onto our top ten leaderboard. At the end of the day, the players with the highest scores received prizes.

Here are our top winners for each of the three days:

Steven, Winner day one

Dominic, Winner day two

Patrick, winner day three and PAX demo champion

However, that wasn’t all. Besides the demo stations, we also had a photo booth that our friends at OneDrive helped us organize. People were able to take photos with weapons representing the different civilizations in AoM EX in front of a green screen, with different backgrounds being edited in. Besides everyone receiving a link to their picture on OneDrive, we also handed out bandanas and pins at the photo booth (although we did run out of pins for each day pretty quickly). The photos were a great success and it was impressive how many different poses people came up with.

Here are some of our favorite shots. As you can see, we had some fierce warriors posing for us:

We also had a Twitch stream with Ryz0n and Adam Dixon from the Surface team (starts at 20:02).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and those who helped make this awesome experience possible: The Surface team, who provided us with the equipment, the photographers, who took the great photos and never seemed to grow tired despite being on their feet all day, and the OneDrive folks, who worked with us to get the photos hosted and sent out.

Were you one of the many people visiting us at PAX East? What did you like best? What’s your favorite photo? Let us know in the comments below.