Right now is one of — if not the most exciting time — to be an Age of Empires fan! Large scale tournaments have been running every other month since the beginning of 2020, with some sporting prize pools in excess of $50,000. This has helped fuel the growing Esports community in continuing to develop around Age of Empires, and we’re extremely excited for it! The leaps and bounds in growth over the last few years has shown there is no shortage of tournaments, content creators or individual communities to be a part of. As this scene continues to thrive, it is important we have somewhere to record and document the amazing history we are all creating together.

Age of Empires now has a Liquipedia!

What is Liquipedia?

In summary, Liquipedia is the Wikipedia of Esports: A community created and edited space for everything Esports.

Age of Empires will be joining other popular,competitive games such as StarCraft II, Overwatch, and Dota 2, who are all completely supported and represented within their own individual sections of the website.

The Liquipedia will offer a full documentation of the Age of Empires gaming scene including, tournaments, history, strategy and players!

Get Involved!

The community is already hard at work adding, editing, and creating content around a great portion of recent events! However, this is a large scale project aiming to document Age of Empires Esports activity as a whole, going back to the beginning! This is where all of you, our amazing community, comes in.

If you would like to be involved helping chronicle the history of competitive Age of Empires, you can join the Discord to begin contributing towards the project. Do you have a fondness for writing, conducting player interviews, or love digging up old information? This is the place for you to help!

Here’s some idea’s to get you started:

  • Add general game information to existing articles, or make a new one for topics that are missing.
  • Write portions of the history of an organization, tournament, player, or team and add references.
  • Develop new templates to keep the wiki consistent and make contributing easier.
  • List details, links, or information from player interviews to their respective page.
  • Add social media links on team and player pages.
  • Update with tournament results for teams and players.
  • Add match start times to brackets or groups.
  • Create and update strategy pages.
  • Create new pages for tournaments, players or teams.
  • ….and much more!

Discord AoE Liquipedia

Having a Liquipedia page is a great step for the competitive Age of Empires community by solidifying and documenting the growth we’ve seen along with what is to come. We couldn’t be more proud to see our community dedicating their time and talents by continuing to build Age of Empires along with us. Thank you!

— The Age of Empires Team

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  • kuoting August 1, 2020

    Congrat but the map pool is still bad...
    Blackforest is like the explored money map with infinite minerals in Stracraft. Yes it is very popular but it should not in the formal map pool. Besides half of our players only play one map, and I don't think it is healthy for a E-sport........

  • gregrising July 30, 2020

    We deserve to have AoE2 DE in the Liquipedia Thanks to both Hard-working Devs & Community contributions.


of 2 comments