Last week, the DE prophecy was fulfilled with Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, which launched on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Xbox Gamepass for PC! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve hand-picked some of our favorite aspects of Age of Empires III and fired them through time and space to a new era—all so you can unlock them during this month’s Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition event!

As with all of our events, we’ve created a new set of challenges for you to complete over the course of the next two weeks, as well as exclusive profile icons and new visual mods to expand your game. All of this is a part of the AGE OF EMPIRES III: DEFINITIVE EDITION LAUNCH CELEBRATION!

  • Unlock three new themed Profile Icons!
  • Unlock Capybara Cannonballs for your Bombard Cannons!
  • Unlock a bombastic Great Bombard statue for your Town Center!
  • Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition owners can also unlock an exclusive visual mod that changes your Hand Cannoneers to Musketeers!

New Rewards!

Starting TODAY through NOVEMBER 3rd, complete the in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock explosively fun themed goodies! Here are the challenges available over the next two weeks:

DAY ~ 🎯 Sign into Xbox Live.
🏆 Unlocks the Musketeer profile icon.
💾 *Required* if you want to save any rewards unlocked during the event!
🔒 Earn Achievement “Imperial Age” in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.
🧱 [Mod] Unlocks Hand Cannoneer visual replaced by Musketeer visual.
💾 Xbox Live Sign required in both games to verify achievement.
📝 The mod must be activated manually in Age II: DE when unlocked.

Each of the following challenges must be unlocked in order and on separate days:

DAY 1 🔒 Play Any Standard Game 
🧱 [Mod] Unlocks a statue of a Great Bombard under the Town Center.
DAY 2 🔒 Herd 8 livestock in one SP or MP game 
🏆 Unlocks the Capybara profile icon.
DAY 3 🔒 Cumulatively deplete at least 5 Berry Bushes in games 
🧱 [Mod] Replaces Cannonballs with Capybaras.
DAY 4 🔒 Kill 5 enemy Villagers in one game 
🏆 Unlocks the Maceman profile icon.
DAY 5 🔒 Cumulatively build at least 50 Farms in games 
🧱 [Mod] Replaces Sounds of Gunpowder units with the sounds from Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. 

Keep It All!

Remember: if you sign in to Xbox Live during the event, you’ll get to keep all of the mods and profile icons you’ve achieved! Sign in, earn your rewards, and enjoy the celebration!

We hope you enjoy the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Launch Celebration Event!  Again, don’t forget to sign into Xbox Live to ensure you keep everything you unlock!

—The Age of Empires Team

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  • sanjeev October 23, 2020
    I have AOE3:DE in Steam and AOE2:DE in Microsoft store. How can I get the Imperial age achievement? I am logged in to both games using the Microsoft account, but I did not get the achievement. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • sithlordsamael October 23, 2020
    Does anyone have any advice on how to complete the herding stage? For some reason I max out at 6 average.
  • neocyberlaw October 21, 2020
    "Earn Achievement “Imperial Age” in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition." Anybody know how to do it? I tryed it with AI and it's not work for me. I pick any race and upgrade to Imperial Age with 4k gold and food and it's not counts...
    • pwncakes6662 October 22, 2020
      oh and i set it to fast speed
    • pwncakes6662 October 22, 2020
      It took me a few tries. Here's what worked: Make sure you're logged into xbox live in aoe3. it should show your name in the corner - looks a bit different from aoe2's start in exploration age vs 1 easy AI. I did a treaty game just for old times sake. boom to imp, win. Check achievements Open aoe2 and enjoy the meh musketeer skin lol