The Art of War missions are short challenges designed to help players who are looking to learn the basics of Age of Empires II.  The original five challenges helped lay the groundwork of your civilization: teaching you how to build an economy, grow your civilization rapidly, raise an army, defend against aggression from your opponents, and quickly progress through the Ages.

In our March update, four brand-new missions were added to help you continue building on that knowledge:

  • Land Battle: Learn about unit counters and basic maneuvers on the battlefield.
  • Destroying a Castle: Learn about early siege attacks against fortified positions.
  • Naval Battle: Learn about water combat and how to prevail on the high seas.
  • Battle Formations: Learn when and how to use formations to keep your troops alive and outmaneuver the enemy.

Give them a try, and then keep practicing until you can achieve a Gold medal in each challenge; this will ensure that you have the fundamentals you need to succeed on the live battlefield!

We’d love to hear your feedback or see your progress in these challenges. Leave a comment below or start up a thread to talk with others in the community on our official forums!

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  • carlospalma03 May 17, 2020

    Battle formations is impossible

  • soldeo April 13, 2020

    Is this the last addition to Art of War missions?

  • owwsso13 April 9, 2020

    Unable to locate update accidently am reinstalling game thinking it was the update clicking on the game in Microsoft store :(

  • mikeespain April 8, 2020

    They're great, really well planned out.

    Seeing the above comment could be a highlight for helping with those types of games?

    Other players enjoy the variety of maps and styles, so a Nomad, pre-walled, or bad start tutorial could really help.

    Sometimes the start of the game can be really tricky if you can't find your second boar, or if it gets lured, so maybe guides on how to deal with that?

    Either way, kudos for all the hard work

  • kuoting April 8, 2020

    Please remove the nomad, pre-walled, explored, and inconsistent start maps ( MegaRandom) from the map pool, so I can implement the Rushing/Defending and Fast Castle tactics which I learned from Art of War in the multiplayer games! I strongly suggest you revert the pool back to the first one last November and always rotate the pool with regular maps in the future!

    I llke you involve Naval Battle in Art of War because some people reject to play sea maps. Hopefully this little ship tutorial can encourage people not to cancel games when they get sea maps!

    Land Battle, Destroy the castle and Fomation tutorials are nice and practical. Thanks for your efforts!

    • kiddingclient83 April 24, 2020

      Sorry but do not agree.
      I played with a guy the map of arabia.
      He walled palaside first then stone walls for secon layer and then he upgraded walls. mean time he put krepost every corner of the risky place.
      Imposible to get inside before imperial age. and he got imperial before me because i have made bunch of CA. Then lost the game in ridicilous way. That is the sadest point of what you are talking about.