Do you love Age of Empires?

If you’re here, I’m sure you do! Maybe you have a massive amount of merchandise you’ve collected over the past several years, or maybe you’ve cosplayed as everyone’s favorite WOLOLO-ing priest! From artists, cosplayers, chefs, historians, and some of our biggest fans; we are here to highlight the exemplary amount of love you’ve dedicated to this community!

If you’ve spent any time on our social channels, you’ve probably seen the calls for our community to submit their art, photos, videos, writings, and collections! Now, we’re here to rebroadcast a few of them we’ve collected! Tab through the gallery- and if you like what you see, make sure to give the creators a follow!

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Thanks for being part of this amazing community and sharing your of love for this game!

Fan-Art and Cosplay:

|| Priest by Delcarmat || Good Match by Cachocrea || How do you turn this on? by IshmaelContreras || Town Center by Laksamana_Darat || Lego knights by Mauricioseal || Priest Cosplay by LilTrouble__ ||

Stories and History:

Asinus Docet has written an array of articles comparing History to the world of Age of Empires! How about some “Summer Reading Recommendations before AoE2 DE releases in the Fall?” or maybe you’d like “A Walkthrough and Historical Commentary of ‘The Maid of Orléans'”? Check out their entire “Age Of Empires 2” tag on their website for more incredible writings!

Collections and Photos:

|| LAN by Gonzalohp11 || Collection by Doug T (FB) || AoEII by leblogdesnoobs || Setup by Rodry B (FB) ||

Music and Videos:


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