Looking to learn more about what’s on the way with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition? Look no further!

Forgotten Empires’ Community Manager, Matthew Turk, gives us a look at the E3 2019 demo with an overview of the most exciting features and details coming your way. Check it out!

Here’s a synopsis of the features covered in the video:

  • Dynamic Zoom Controls
  • Stunning 4K graphics true to the look and feel of Age of Empires II
  • Fully Remastered Soundtrack
  • Simultaneous Research and Unit Build Queues
  • Global Queue at the Top of the Screen
  • Ability to Auto-Reset Fish Traps
  • Built-in Mods: Small Trees, Grid Mode, etc.
  • Additional Mod Support
  • Includes all DLC for HD
  • 4 New Civilizations (for a total of 35 Civs)
  • 3 Brand-new Campaigns
  • Over 200 hours of Campaign Gameplay
  • Integrated Leaderboard and Ladder
  • Balance Updates based on Player Feedback
  • Matchmaking Features
  • Scalable User Interface
  • Advanced Tutorials
  • Crossplay between Steam and the Microsoft Store

Additionally, players who already own Age of Empires II: HD will receive a 25% discount when upgrading to Age of Empires: DE (which will be available for $20 USD at launch). The Steam Summer Sale is happening now through July 9, making it the perfect time to pick up the HD edition and hone your skills before the release of the Definitive Edition later this year!

Join the Beta!

If you’re interested in stepping up to play a first-hand role in the development of the game, you can also sign up to join the beta now! As long as your computer meets our minimum specifications, you will receive an invite to the beta.

See you on the battlefield!

The Age of Empires Community Team

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  • cagycrescent749 July 1, 2019

    Waiting for BETA, is already done or not? COME ON

  • dario-cela July 1, 2019

    If can play it now Will cool but i'm not in the beta :(

    • evilsphere15350 July 12, 2019

      did you finally get the code??

  • richgamer23000 June 29, 2019

    I love this new characteristics of the game. My main concern is about the support for watch the matches if you are a caster in tournaments and what is your strategy to move all the players from Voobly to Steam or Microsoft store and unify all AoE community into just one on-line platform. For years the community has been separate and I think it is time to come all together for good of the RTS games. I hope my English was good enough to express myself correctly.

  • closedcloth70 June 29, 2019

    looks amazing! Can't wait for the game to be released. The content being implemented is truly fantastic which will bring new elements and excitement to the RTS game play.