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Age of Empires IV launches October 28th, available for Pre-order Now!

Recently we reached out to our friends at Escape Gaming. We asked them to share more about EscapeAoE and about the upcoming Return of the Kings 2v2 event.

Read below to see what they had to share!


Hello everyone!

There’s some amazing Age of Empires 2 tournaments happening right now and we’re proud to be a part of them. Escape Gaming is a group of gaming veterans who have come together to brighten your weekends by showcasing some of the best AoE on offer. We’ve recruited the best players in the world to take part and compete for thousands of dollars! Legends such as DauT who has been playing for 17 (yes that long) years, and TheViper who is undoubtedly the #1 player in the world right now and many others. These guys are making regular appearances in our weekend events, featuring brand new Rise of the Rajas civilizations and maps.

Behind the scenes are a team of Admins and up front are the most well-known tournament casters and analysts. That’s Escape Gaming in a nutshell and you’ll be seeing a lot more from us in the coming year.

We’ll be hosting the Return of the Kings 2v2 event, we’re incredibly thankful to Microsoft for sponsoring a prize pool of $5,000 and expect this to be the most exciting tournament yet. The theme for this weekend event is: Old vs New. This means that for the first time we’re going to see the original Age of Kings civilizations versus the brand new expansion Civilizations; all in the hands of expert players.

For anyone wanting to catch this live, we’ll be streaming at 15GMT onward on the 18th and 19th of February over on the EscapeAoE Twitch channel


What does it take to become a pro player?

Years of experience, the ability not to crack under pressure, being able to multi-task at lightning speed. There’s one man who can, and that’s DauT.

Profile: DauT.

UnDauTedly dominant between 2003 and 2010 and still one of the very best today; DauT is one of the oldest and most consistent players in the game. After a small break in 2015 he came back and quickly regained his seat near the top of the leader boards. DauT is up there with the most respected players in the history of Age of Empires.


Can you share simple tips for improving at Aoe2?

1.Never stop making villagers

If you’re playing standard settings (200 population) you should never ever stop making villagers until you reach 110-120 villagers. There is only one exception to this rule, and that’s when you need to research a technology from the Town Center.

2. Spend your resources

If you’re not at 200/200 population then you’ve still got a long way to go, any un-spent resources are slowing you down! You should never have more than 1000 of any resource saved unless you’re maxed out in population or you need the resources for a technology (such as advancing to the next age).


Thank you to Zak for taking the time to answer our questions!

If you want to learn more about the Return of the Kings 2v2 event during February 18-19, 2017, then tap here:

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