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Many of you not only shared the last time you invited everyone over for a LAN party, but you also asked how to create a LAN game in AoE II HD. Below are the quick and easy instructions on how you host a local game for you and your friends so you can enjoy low ping.



  1. You will need an internet connection to set up the game.
  2. Your friends will all need to be on the same local internet connection as you.
  3. Host a multiplayer game and have your friends join as normal.
  4. If all of your friends are on the same local internet connection and join the game, the game’s connection will then automatically turn local.

That’s it! Time to play.

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  • missedbark67691 November 27, 2019

    This is complete and utter horseshit and you know it. A LAN game should NOT require an internet connection; I mean, that's the definition of LAN as opposed to WAN. So if all my WAN connected friends are all on the same LAN, then "the game's connection will automatically turn local", but if they're already on the same LAN, they're already local anyway! The moment you need a WAN connection to create a supposed LAN game, it's already *NOT* LAN anymore, idiots.

    • jaxx0rrian December 11, 2019

      could not agree more.. but I guess they did it to prevent piracy... well I guess people will pirate even more ...

  • guggi-baba December 10, 2018

    Thank you soo much ....