Want to get involved in the competitive side of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition but lack experience? The Beginner Cup is for you!

The Beginner Cup, hosted by Artemiz and Debbie, has a maximum ELO allowance of 1100 and is designed to give newer players a tournament experience.

Players will compete across four rounds, playing multiple best of threes and best of fives.

Game one will always be played on Arabia, then players will have the choice from the tournament map pool which consists of: Arena, Team Islands, Oasis, Golden Pit, Four Lakes, Ghost Lake and Yucatan.

The prize pool consists of 100€, but more importantly, the finals will be cast live by TheViper! It is a terrific opportunity to have a highly skilled player watch and commentate your gameplay, providing a fantastic platform for improving your play. Plus, you can say that TheViper cast your matches!


  • Round 1: 18th-24th of May
  • Round 2: 25th-31st of May
  • Round 3:  1st-7th of June
  • Round 4: 8th-12th of June
  • Semifinals: 13th of June live casted
  • Finals: 14th of June live casted with TheViper

Sign Up!

As of May 14th, Sign ups have been closed due to an overwhelming amount of expected applicants! (Wow!)

You can, however, find the full list of rules and settings here!

We are very excited to watch these battles, and wish all of you who’ve entered the best of luck! Make sure you follow all the action and watch the final broadcast in the coming weeks!

The Age of Empires Team

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The Beginner Cup

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  • gaspardowen August 27, 2020

    Hello! Just wanted to know: Wil there be a new beginner cup ? If yes when?

  • mikeygunnzz May 25, 2020

    can we watch these games live anywhere?

  • oxdbaoe2 May 14, 2020

    "Signups are currently open and will close on the 17th of May!" Actually they closed sign-ups early because of the high number of players.

  • -182 May 14, 2020

    So how are higher elo players going to be stopped from just smurfing in this tournament with a new account? Players 1600< elo probably won't care but I bet there would be a few in the 1400-1500 range who would potentially do it

    • regnirak-2 May 14, 2020

      As peterpanda said you can see the history from the players on aoe2.net and if someone is playing definitely better than 1100 elo he'll be kicked out of the tournament

    • peterpanda May 14, 2020

      Or created a new account for example.

    • peterpanda May 14, 2020

      You can see the history of a Players rank on aoe2.net. Therefore you can easily identify if someone dropped below 1100 on purpose