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After a thrilling group stage and quarterfinals, only four teams remain in this $10,000+, 2v2 tournament! Two Pools 2 ushers in a unique twist for the usual 2v2 format; in every game, each team will select their civilizations from two pools: one that they choose themselves, while the other is drafted by the opposing team! This leads to unconventional civilization match-ups, featuring many rarely seen on the competitive scene!


Finnish professionals—Villese and TheMax—are one of the most experienced duos in the entire competitive scene! After a rough battle versus Tempo Storm, they finished second in their group. However, the two mounted a surprising upset versus TheViper and TaToH, a team that many expected to reach the Grand Finals!

Now, Suomi will have to defeat the expertise of Mr. Yo and Lyx, in what will be a rematch from the 2v2 World Cup 2020. At that time, Suomi fell short and now seeks revenge in the semifinals of Two Pools!

White Wolf Palace

One of the most dangerous pairs of the competitive scene, Mr. Yo and Lyx are an unusual team! Unlike others that feature distinct roles for archer and cavalry players, the WWP instead focuses on having Lyx cause chaos on the battlefield against both opponents, allowing Mr. Yo to build up his forces and finish the game. WWP won their group in an extremely close set vs SalzZ, which was followed up by a close 3-2 win versus Vietnam Legends in the quarterfinals.

With so many close calls, one has to wonder if they have the gusto to beat Suomi, the team that has shown impressively powerful gameplay in the quarterfinals!


The champions of the previous Two Pools Tournament in 2019, MbL and Nicov have an excellent combination of individual skills and team chemistry. Aftermath narrowly won their group with a 3-2 win over Heresy, followed up by another 3-2 win versus Gamerlegion B in the quarterfinals.

Their task won’t be easy, as they match up against their former teammates—Hera and Liereyy—who now fight under the banner of Tempo Storm!

Tempo Storm

The only team to have two of the top five players in the world on their roster, Tempo Storm is an exceptional combination of teamwork and individual skill. Hera and Liereyy have consistently been at least semifinalists in almost all major 1v1 events, and thanks to their excellent team chemistry, they are widely considered to be the strongest team currently in the world.

Winning their group in a convincing fashion, Tempo Storm has very few weaknesses! Their opponents will have to push relentlessly while they have Tempo on the less conventional maps of the tournament.

Tournament Schedule

Every match can be watched live on LidaKor’s Twitch channel, or you can catch up with previous matches on YouTube!

Semifinals Saturday, April 24 Starts at 14:00 UTC (16:00 CET / 7:00a PT / 10:00a ET)
Grand Final Sunday, April 25 Starts at 14:00 UTC (16:00 CET / 7:00a PT / 10:00a ET)


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