As we inch closer to launch day, we wanted to give you some of the best, high quality images of the game for you to enjoy. From in-game screenshots of updated campaigns to cut-scene imagery and videos, we’ve here to scratch that itch in preparation for November 14th, 2019! We hope you enjoy this beautifully remastered world as we take a visual look at Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

In-Game Screenshots:



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  • benjam1989 November 11, 2019

    Thanks for all your work !
    I would love to see the following options available:
    -small trees
    -short walls
    -original graphics
    -a light grid that doesn't change the rest of the grahics. I tried both grids they change all the visual not only the ground.
    -no snow mod.


  • narrowbubbles54 November 8, 2019

    Will buy game for real vietnamese culture architecture but hic 😢 so sad look at tech. Haha

  • joyzz22 November 6, 2019

    really good decision made by microsoft thanks to guys from forgotten empire.this isn't just a game its knowledge of the past for some people. but naming the Tamerlane and Timurids as tatars is so wrong. i see that historians who worked on this game brought sources from islamic world only. which is very 1 sided. islamic world were on its knees before mongols and today they always try to blacken mongol's history like most of other defeated nations. history is a dangerous subject so they really had to dig deep into it by learning from all sources and perspectives.

  • snakiestattic66 November 5, 2019

    I've seen Bulgarians gameplay on YT
    Looks cool

    -This smaller Castle (350stone) looks too big almost like normal one could take some size down to match the value.

    -framing around the farm when locating to place is to thick
    -some sounds could be adjusted like TC is a bit loud and annoying
    - TC glow hmm to fancy if you could see this in enemy then you could take action i'm up for this but if only for player himself then I can see upper red strap % loading really clear and enough
    -flags moves a bit to fast on the wind as there is no wind ;D
    -UI frame panel was better in ae2 HD thiner on the top and even and thiner on the bottom
    I'm happy that is not disappearing and appears lige ae de 1 but could be better designed

    awesome job!

    villagers seems to look better now!

  • snakiestattic66 November 5, 2019

    I think the haze should be not on the whole map but partially like a clouds in some map areas. I think it was nicely done in ae3 as I remember in some maps but not sure

  • joyzz22 November 5, 2019

    why still have no yurts (ger) for mongols as house? why mongols sticking with japanese houses? no idea how such small changes still can't be done...

  • joyzz22 November 5, 2019

    so tatars have steppe lancers but mongols do not? LUL

  • snakiestattic66 November 4, 2019

    amazing but
    I hope game will look more like on the screen shots and official presentation on the gamescom rather just more polished rather than on this long multiplayer video. On the presentation was much better and this demo campaign!

    Unit Health bars- got black framing a bit too thick or maybe whole bar is a bit to large
    Weather conditions - I really like the idea but could be more adjusted not that much green like in MP demonstration
    Ships could move/turn a bit smoother
    trebuchet folding animation could have a middle step and should cost more like 250/250
    cavalier/ paladin /hallabardier -not sure about this look a bit cartoonish
    trees animation -just a slightly or maybe some unique trees what moves a bit
    villagers - less cartoonish

    tech tree - civ description could have a texture like in original version
    unit miniature picture - could look a bit better they look a bit like from stronghold game or something.

    Anyway if the game will look like from gamescom presentation I will love it

    I can't wait. peace

  • typicfoot9 November 4, 2019